Vastu Shastra For Peace

A home can never be a place of happiness and joy until there’s stability and peace in your home. We build our own homes to live happy and peaceful lives with our family members. Here we’ll be discussing specifically the importance and vastu tips for peace and calmness. Moreover, have you ever wondered why one should follow Vastu Shastra or who should follow Vastu?

Having a big and spacious home is not enough, but a peaceful house full of positivity and laughter is the most important aspect of a cheerful and peaceful home. No one wants a house that is full of negativity and chaos where you can’t even sleep, eat and live peacefully. Moreover, every individual wants a small and beautiful home where they can return home after a hectic day and feel pleasure and positivity.

We have specifically explained vastu on our pages, but still, there might be some people who are in a dilemma about the importance of vastu. However, if we have to give you some examples, there are many people who follow many rituals, go to temples, and perform prayers and pujas at home, but still, they are facing issues at their homes with their in-laws, spouses, children etc.

Do you really think this is merely because of human nature, personal energies, or the energies of the building or house in which they reside? No, you are facing such issues because of the vastu dosh.

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Additionally, we human beings are very weak because when things are not in our favour, we always tend to blame our destiny or assume that the other person must have had a bad eye on our homes. To be very honest, our destiny and hard work go hand in hand, but Vastu plays a major role in our lives. However, Vastu doesn’t change anyone’s destiny.

Besides, everyone has their own fortune, and they have to go through their karma. In fact, Vastu doesn’t have anything to do with your fate, but you can take Vastu Shastra as a support system because the positive effects will be multiplied, and it can show great results.

Furthermore, we humans tend to forget to worship or believe in things that can improve our lifestyle until we have a very peaceful life, but humans are only tested when hard times come into our lives. During good times everything seems to look pleasing, and no one believes in Vastu.

In fact, people even forget to pray during good times. However, when people face hard times, they immediately remember God and tend to bow to him. But why?
It’s because the moment one faces bad times, the same moment one realises what Vastu Dosh is in their house.

With that being said, we are trying to explain that Vastu does not change your destiny, but it reduces your suffering. So, if following some remedies and tips can bring happiness and joy to your home, why not take advantage?

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Best Directions For Home

The Vastu Shastra states that directions are crucial in bringing harmony to the home. We will, however, mention the relevant directions for your houses.

Entrance: Your home's entry should always face the North East direction, according to vastu. The entrance to your home should face this way since it promotes longevity and prosperity. Thus, it is also thought to be God's will.

Living Room: The living room is your home's largest, most open space. However, it does ensure that the flow of bad energy doesn't centre on your house. Hence, it guarantees that positive energy will continue to flow in your house.

Kitchen: The Lord of Fire rules in this direction, so it’s usually advised to keep the kitchen facing southeast.

Dining Table: The dining table should always be positioned to the south, west, and east, where at least all members of the family should sit to have one meal a day together.

Bathroom: The northeast and west directions are the best locations for placing your toilets or bathroom. Also, positioning the washroom in a southern direction can be advantageous, but avoid doing so in an eastern or northeastern direction.

Home office: Since it promotes growth and prosperity for your organisation or business, the workspace should face west or southwest.

Vastu Tips For Peace At Home

There are several remedies to follow and also a few things that you must avoid to make your home a happy and peaceful living. We’ll suggest some of the important things that can work in your favour as vastu tips for happy home. The following vastu tips for peace and prosperity at home can help you build the life of your dreams!

  • According to Vastu, one should always avoid keeping a plant that has a sharp prick, such as Cactus, because it prevents personal growth. However, you can place an aloe vera plant and colourful flowers with good fragrance, which can enhance the environment of your home as well as your health.
  • Remember to place it on the front side of your home and not toward the back side. These small mistakes can be a hindrance in your life.
  • Avoid keeping garbage and dustbins at the entrance of your home. Instead, keep the entrance always clean, as it brings the flow of positive energy into your home.
  • It’s very auspicious to place a statue or poster of Lord Ganesha, Maa Laxmi and make a swastika on the wall of your entrance as it spreads prosperity and good fortune around your home, and it’s one of the vastu for family peace.
  • It’s always recommended to keep a tulsi plant in the front portion of your home, which draws away the diseases and negative energy from your home. Also, make sure to keep that area neat and clean.
    Money plants can be very auspicious and optimistic if you place them on your bedside table, study table, workplace etc., as it attracts a good vibe and positive energy.
  • Avoid keeping a water tank or placing any huge pillars in front of your home, as it has proven to be inauspicious and can be a blockage for the entrance of positivity energy and vibration, according to vastu.
  • Always avoid keeping paintings or statues of things that look scary such as frames of snakes, lions, eagles, etc., which can bring hatred and ill feelings among the families and lead to daily conflicts and arguments.
  • Sometimes, if you’ve noticed, when there’s a small crack in a cup or a glass, we tend to overlook it, but avoid eating and drinking with such broken utensils is recommended. Also, avoid eating in the kitchen or the bed where you sleep.
  • Avoid painting your walls in red colour as it can increase the anger of a person. So according to vastu tips to reduce anger, placing red cloth or red wall can increase the anger level and lead to extreme quarrels in your home.
    Additionally, chanting the mantra ‘OM’ for at least ten minutes every morning can calm down your mind.
  • Burning camphor (कपूर) has a lot of mental and religious advantages.
    Moreover, it symbolises happiness and harmony and cleanses the home from all negativity.
    It also relaxes our mind and body as it has a powerful effect if we inhale it.
  • You can also perform a vastu shanti puja, where you perform rituals to ask forgiveness from the Vastu Purush so that he forgives all the mishappenings caused during the construction of homes. We also have the facility of providing online puja where you can consult our astrologers and perform the rituals sitting at your home.
  • Playing soothing spiritual songs or Aarti every morning can fill your home with positive energy, and all the family members will be energised and calmed, which can prevent quarrels and avoid feelings of bitterness among the family members.

Vastu Remedies To Bring Peace At Home

Using the five elements: earth, fire, water, space and lastly, the breath of life itself air can have a positive impact on your house. We are living a very uncertain and challenging life where we can’t predict what can come our way, which is almost out of our control, leading to stress, anxiety and fear.

So Vastu provides life-saving methods and techniques, or call them a precaution, that can make your life easy, peaceful and happening. Mentioned below are some of the decorative items you can keep in your home to enhance the look as well as the environment of your home.

  • Kamdhenu cow with calf: Place this particular statue that can fill your home with happiness, good health, success and prosperity. It’s believed that Kamadhenu, along with its small calf known as Nandi, accomplishes all your desires that you have been dreaming of. Thus, the ideal direction for placing the statues of this idol is the North East direction, and most importantly, it should be kept in the place of worship (pooja room).
  • Salt Lamp: Burning a salt lamp can be very beneficial if you are facing insomnia because it calms your mind and puts you off to sleep. However, it can improve your mood as the warm and calm reddish light can fill the house with positive energy. Moreover, it’s recommended to place it in the North East and South West directions.
  • Metal Tortoise: The metal turtle is one of the most common and beneficial decorative items you should keep in your home as it drives away negative energies. According to vastu facts, it’s especially important to place in a house that has elderly parents and grandparents as a tortoise is considered to have a long life span. So keeping them at your home or in the room of elderly people can increase the lifespan of your elderly parents.
  • Statue of lord buddha: Statue of Gautam Buddha is more than just a decorative piece as it denotes enlightenment and prosperity. It can enhance the energies and vibrations of your home and fill your home with calmness which also works as a remedy to stop quarrels at home.
  • A square piece of silver: Benefits of keeping square piece of silver in your pocket or wearing it around your neck can strengthen the influence of the planet Moon and Venus and safeguards you from the malefic effects of Rahu, which can have a favourable influence on your life.
  • Laughing Buddha: Keeping a Laughing Buddha statue for home is considered very promising as it can draw away all despair from your life.
    Moreover, Laughing Buddha has a strong significance in attracting wealth, good luck, happiness and success. Placing a statue of Laughing Buddha in your office, shop counters, or living room can help you attain victory and fortune.
    However, according to Vastu Shastra, Laughing Buddha should be placed in the east direction of your home.
  • Horseshoe: According to Vastu, the metal of a horseshoe represents luck, protection and a positive environment. It can create a welcoming atmosphere for the people entering the house. Nevertheless, hanging horseshoes on the doorways of your house and workplace is a centuries-old tradition for enticing fortune and guarding the place from evil spirits.
  • Dream catcher: This is one of the attractive and colourful handmade decorative items to enhance your house as well as protect from the evil eye, and it should be placed in the southwest direction of your room. Also, if you have a window near your bed, you can place it in the middle of the window. This not only brings positive energy to your house but also removes nightmares helping you to wake up with positive thoughts and energy.
  • Crystal Lotus blossom: Lotus represents a symbol of beauty, attraction and love. Moreover, Lotus signifies beauty and calmness, so place it in your living room for a peaceful, loving and harmonious relationship between the family.
  • Metal hanging bell: These bells help to lure good luck, fortune, and positive energy and suppress negative energy. Additionally, when the five copper bells of a wind chime crash against one another, it makes a very soothing sound like the bell of a church, which can console your mind and soul.
    According to vastu, the best way to enhance the uncertainty of your child and family is by hanging a wind chime in the west direction. It will also divert harmful energy and replenish your life with happiness.


In conclusion, these were some of the Vastu remedies and tips, so if you have been wondering how to bring peace into your home and deal with all misfortunes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Kamadhenu is one of the best decorative items to keep at home but remember to place it in the North East direction for Vastu for peace and prosperity at home. However, this enables peace, prosperity and a good environment in your house.
Here are some of the things that bring peace at home:
  • Make sure you have proper communication among your family members.
  • Keep in mind that you should at least have one meal of your day together to cultivate a feeling of togetherness, love and harmony.
  • Avoid destroying electrical lights and broken glasses as it can directly affect your relationship with your family members.
According to Vastu, placing bright or pastel curtains, attractive plants, decorative items, bright and warm lights etc., are some of the minor but desirable things that can benefit your home and your lifestyle.
Building a home, placing decorative items and mirrors, directions, colours of the wall, and many other things, if done according to Vastu, can greatly impact your life, leading to a prosperous and positive well-being.
However, InstaAstro has bought vastu experts and consultants for you so that you can take their recommendation and avail of the full benefits.
Vastu has changed the life of many individuals. It has been followed since the Vedic periods, so there might be some benefits because it has gained so much popularity and importance. Moreover, people have been practising vastu as it works as a support system to live a happy and healthier life.
Vastu can be beneficial in every aspect of life as it deals with various categories such as building a home, love life, health, marital life, wealth, career etc. Additionally, it’s recommended to consult Vedic astrologers or vastu experts for excellent results.
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