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Vastu Shastra For Stairs - Attracting Fortune

We all are very concerned when it comes to designing houses. Did you know you can not build stairs in the southern direction? I have read this somewhere in the Vastu book. A building's interior design is an integral part of its overall architecture. Each piece of a building has a specific function that contributes to the whole structure. Just like this, one of the most important aspect of a building happens to be its stairs. Stairs are an essential part of any building's design as they connect different levels of a building's interior. Using vastu for stairs can help you attain favourable and beneficial outcomes in your life.

Vastu, the ancient Indian architecture tradition, is a design principle system that promotes harmony and balance within a home or building. Generally, an east facing house in Vastu is considered auspicious. While some believe that stairs should not face east, south or west. A home's Vastu can be easily maintained by following some simple guidelines. As vastu helps us keep our house in such a manner that it attracts positive vibes and keeps the environment pleasant. Did you know that your house’s staircase as per vastu can also help benefit you in your life and keep your house filled with positive vibes?

According to vastu shastra for staircase, stairs should not face specific cardinal directions. For example, the left side of a house should avoid stairs to avoid negative energies. Additionally, steps should not be placed directly under windows as this would create pollution in energy. Stairs should also never cross another staircase, which could cause an accident as the steps would be hidden from view.
Furthermore, stairs should not pass through doors as this would obstruct peace and disturb sleepers. Lastly, walkways should not have parallel staircases as this would cause tripping hazards.

In addition to giving your home a clean start, this also allows you to clean your home's basement or floor several times per year without disturbing your upstairs living space. Read further to learn about some valuable tips for making your home Vastu compliant and follow our InstaAstro app and website for more updates.

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Vastu And Stairs

Vastu also dictates that every individual who enters a home must take at least one step down into the home's basement or ground floor. This is called 'Haath Nirrudhhaan' in Hindi and is considered the foundation of your home's Vastu. It ensures that all negative energy flows upwards and exits your home via your baseboards and ceiling fans.
To ensure your stairs' safety, it is recommended that you perform a 'home base' once every four years to renew your home's Vathu position. To do so, you will need a ladder and a spot on stable ground far from any noise or disturbance sources such as windows or doors. Your base will need to have at least four steps and cannot have any obstacles, such as gardens or benches. After setting up camp and performing puja (an ancient form of Hindu ritual), you will then complete a full sweep down each flight of stairs before returning home from base camp.

As you can see, maintaining your home's Vastu is very easy with just a few adjustments to standard etiquette. Keeping stairs facing east, south or west compromises their safety, while monthly Vastu cleans keep them clean and free of unwanted energy patterns.

Vastu Tips For Stairs

  1. Position of outdoor staircase at home :

Are you also wondering about the most ideal staircase location as per vastu or want to know the vastu for staircase outside house? Well mentioned below are some tips that will make your staircase ideal and most perfect according to vastu. These tips include:

  • Keeping the staircase very close to the entrance of the house
  • For outdoor location; southwest, south and west are the most auspicious and best location of stairs in house.
  • Moreover, for housing having south facing fronts, staircase in south east is the best suited place. Also, the direction north west staircase vastu and west can also be considered as beneficial locations for the placement of staircase. These are termed to be the best place for staircase as per vastu.
  • However, on the other hand, northeast location is termed to not be the best location for staircase as per vastu.
  • A staircase should always be in a clockwise direction. An anticlockwise staircase can bring bad luck into an individual’s life.

  1. Position of indoor staircase at home :

Listed below are the most auspicious and beneficial locations according to vastu for staircase inside house. Following these vastu tips will surely increase positive vibes in your house and will bring beneficial outcomes for you. These vastu tips include:

  • According to vastu, the middle of the house is the most inappropriate location for the placement of stairs.
  • Pooja room under staircase vastu is never considered to be auspicious for an individual. Moreover, store rooms, pooja rooms or mandir and kitchen should never be under stairs.
  • According to vastu, a staircase that directly faces the visitors is not considered to bring beneficial outcomes for the natives.
  • Additionally, it is also recommended that one should try to avoid the spiral shaped staircase.
  • Lastly, an individual should immediately get their broken staircase fixed in order to avoid the attraction of negative vibes.

  1. Position of external stairs at home :

If you are also wondering the ideal staircase direction as per vastu for outdoor locations then mentioned below are some options for you:

  • The southeast corner of your house will be the most ideal if your property is facing east.
  • The southwest corner of the house will be the most suited when the property is south or west facing.
  • The northwest corner of the land will be the most ideal if the property is north facing.

  1. For east facing home:

According to Vastu Shastra, in an east-facing dwelling house, the stair should be built to face southwest, west or south. The staircase should never be erected in the northeast as it allows the sun's rays to enter the House. In addition, the stairs should be taken in a clockwise direction to bring good luck into the House.

If you want to build an internal staircase in your east-facing House, it should go east-west or north-south. Going the other way will not be beneficial for the health of family members. The orientation of the steps should be noted as it is a crucial part of the Vastu staircase.

  1. Staircases Vastu :

If you are also wondering what will be the ideal staircase shape in your house according to vastu, then the answer is right here. According to vastu, the best and most ideal shape for a staircase to attract positive vibes in your house will be of the shape square or rectangle. Moreover, it should also be noted that this shape of the staircase will be suited for both indoor and outdoor staircase locations.

  1. Colours of stairs :

Staircase colour as per vastu can be any light tone or hues of a light colour. According to vastu one must avoid the use of dark colours for their staircase. Moreover, you can also use wallpapers for the staircase but remember to choose a light colour in order to maintain the positive aura and environment of your house.

  1. Ideal number of staircases in House:

When ascending a flight of steps, the typical person usually places his right foot first. The user's right foot must touch the ground at the conclusion of the flight. Only if the staircase has an odd number of steps is this conceivable.

Vastu Remedies For Stairs

Vastu, the ancient Indian science of architecture, deals with construction and design principles that promote balance and harmony within a home. It is believed that by adhering to these principles while building or renovating your home, you can achieve peace, prosperity, and good fortune in your life.

Vastu for homes should ideally take into account the five elements of space: under Vayu (air), Jala appears (fire), Agni teer (water), and Prithvi mool (earth). Depending on your home's layout, there are several fundamental rules to follow when designing a house with a Vastu Architecture plan.

A well-maintained stairway also ensures everyone making trips down your front porch walks with confidence and avoids footfalls that could disturb sleepers. Thanks to Vastu, everyone walking down their stairs should feel at home- whether on the first floor or basement or want a vastu remedy for stairs in front of main door. Here are some remedies for stairs:

  1. According to Vastu experts, family portraits should never be hung on the wall next to the stairs. In addition to causing rifts among family members, doing so would be bad for their health. Instead, think about using images of mountains, paintings of lush greenery, and scenes of blooming flowers on the walls of the staircase, all of which are recommended by staircase Vastu.
  2. On the side of the staircase, you might also think about adding potted plants like peace lilies, money plants. Be careful not to use thorny plants for this. Additionally, Vastu advises avoiding placing a mirror in front of the stairs or up against the adjacent wall since these locations are unlucky. You might also think about lighting the stairs.It is forbidden to hang picture frames with depictions of deities on walls.
  3. The staircase must never be erected around the Brahmasthan area because it is the holiest section of the house.The Brahmasthan is located in the middle of a house and emits an endless amount of energy. Because it is the source of the energy that is distributed throughout the House, Vastu experts advise keeping this area of the House empty and devoid of any structures.
    The positive energy that creates a warm and welcoming home would be blocked if the staircase were built in the Brahmasthan or the centre of the House.
  4. Inside the House, a staircase needs to be built towards the southwest. An internal staircase must be constructed in a north-to-south direction from the beginning. As an alternative, it might begin in the east and move westward.
  5. Never build a staircase in the middle of the House for an excellent staircase Vastu. The native's life is impacted by unwarranted fears when this happens. According to Vastu, the centre of the House makes a good location for a living room. It's also a good idea to avoid building a kitchen, storage space, or pooja room near the top or bottom of the stairs, according to Vastu principles.

Thus, Making the most of the space under the stairs is usually a smart move because the living space is already getting smaller. In fact, most people frequently do it, especially in tiny households. However, the astrologer warns that not everything you keep under the stairs is Vastu-friendly. In order to choose what to keep under the stairs, one needs to consult Vastu's advice.

According to Vastu experts, the area under the stairs should only be used as a place for storage. Building a kitchen or bathroom under the stairs is strictly forbidden because doing so brings bad luck to the family members. In fact, some people store trashed stuff under the stairs, including worn-out or torn-up shoes. But this isn't considered good, according to Vastu. You can fill the space using plants but in this case, too avoid using thorny plants. Never place water fountains or aquariums under the steps.

For any further questions or information on Vastu, you can connect with India’s Best Vastu Experts at InstaAstro.

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of steps in a staircase should always be odd, so choose odd numbers whenever possible (15, 17, 19, or 21). Never let the number conclude with a zero.
Astrologers claim that Vastu might cause problems during pregnancy.
Anything that restricts a person's ability to move around the House might have a negative effect on his health and well-being. Therefore, the Vastu fault should not be disregarded.
The connections between the many rooms and areas of your House determine the flow of positive energy there, and the stairs are crucial in making these connections. As a result, the staircase Vastu becomes essential.
Yes, avoid steps which are at even numbers, and also try that the stairs do not end at the foot of the wall. It is not recommended to build stairs anti-clockwise as we go up.
Yes, if the stairs are in the west direction of the home, opt for a metal handrail on an excellent staircase Vastu. And if the stairs are in the southwest direction, the material should be made up of stone like marble.
If stairs are in the south and east direction of the dwelling or apartments, use a wooden handrail for good home Vastu to flow positive energy clockwise.
The ideal number of steps in a staircase according to vastu should be an odd number like 11, 13, 15, 17, and so on.
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