Vastu Shastra For Positive Energies

We have always seen people asking how to create positive energy at home. The answer to it is by following Vastu Principles. Now, let's see, what is the significance of the term Vastu? Vastu is an ancient science for positive energy which gives us a clear insight into our entire environment for well-being. It has been observed that the placement of things can disturb the environment. The vastu for positive energy at home can help one to achieve success and become fortunate in terms of everything.

The goal of Vastu is to provide a positive energy flow, which provides peace and prosperity to the people living in the house. We'll go over tips on decorating with items that attract a lot of positive energy and recommend some items for increasing energy and positivity. Positivity depends upon the direction of the thing we put in, some direction may bring you negativity, and one should make sure that they contact Vastu experts.

An important component of a healthy and happy living space, according to Vastu, is positive energy. You can bring positive energy into your home or location of business by putting specific Vastu principles into practice. These recommendations include keeping areas tidy and uncluttered, encouraging natural light and airflow, utilising hues that are uplifting, and applying particular Vastu remedies.

Additionally, practising spiritual disciplines like prayer, chanting, or meditation can promote tranquillity and an optimistic outlook. You can create a positive and harmonious living or working environment that encourages health, happiness, and wealth by implementing these Vastu principles.

According to Vaastu principles, the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space make up everything in the cosmos. It is believed that by following Vastu principles, we can align ourselves with these elements, resulting in a positive and harmonious environment.
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Direction for positive energy

As per Vastu, direction plays an important role-

  • North-East (NE): According to Vastu, the northeast path is the most auspicious one. This direction is linked to wealth, health, and mental development. It is advised to keep this area clear of clutter and dirt and to keep heavy furnishings and storage items out of the way.
  • North (N): Opportunities, financial security, and job advancement are all related to the north direction. To encourage the free movement of positive energy, an open area facing north is advised.
  • East (E): The east orientation is linked to well-being, tranquillity, and optimism. To let natural light and fresh air into the room, it is advised to have windows or doorways facing east.
  • Southeast (SE): The southeast region is regarded as prosperous and wealthy. It is advised to keep this space clear of debris and steer clear of any obstacles, such as large pieces of furniture.
  • South (S): Success, notoriety, and renown are all connected to the south direction. To produce a secure and reassuring environment, it is advised to have a sturdy wall facing south.
  • West (W): The west direction is connected to social ties, creativity, and innovation. In order to let natural light and fresh air into the room, windows or doorways facing west are advised.

Benefits of Creating a Positive Energy Home

Creating a positive energy environment in your house is an excellent approach to enhancing your health, wealth, relationships and overall quality of life. Research shows that the environment around your home can significantly impact your mental and physical health. A home filled with positive vibes can help one make feel better, be less stressed and anxious, and have a more robust immune system.

  • Boost Productivity and Creativity- One can enhance one's productivity and creativity by living in a home with positive energy. It can increase your motivation and focus by promoting relaxation and lowering stress levels. A house full of cheerful energy can foster creative thinking and innovation by providing a nurturing and supportive environment for new ideas and inspiration.
  • Enhances Relationships - Relationships play a significant role in the life of people by promoting harmony, balance and positivity. One can create an environment which is supportive and can help to maintain stability. It helps improve communication, increase empathy and understanding, and promote togetherness and solidarity.
  • Increase prosperity and abundance- According to Vastu, a home with positive energy will attract wealth and abundance into your life. It will bring in abundance and attract positive opportunities and experiences into your life by harmonising the energy flow of your home with the natural elements of the universe.
  • Creates a Sense of Harmony and Balance- Enjoying meals together, playing games, and sharing experiences can help in maintaining harmony and balance in one's professional as well as work life.
  • Enhances Physical Health- A person's physical health can only be benefited by living in a positive environment. Promoting relaxation exercises and reducing stress by doing meditation can result in a lot of improvement. One can improve the quality of your sleep and strengthen your immune system. Going to the gym or jogging in the park will help one get rid of any type of disease.
  • Improves Mental and Emotional Health- Playing spiritual Mantras and having a talk session with family members can help one fix Mental health. It can help one feel relaxed and happy throughout the day. Studies have shown that journal writing and meditation are the most effective ways to manage mental and emotional well-being.

Things that bring Positive energy in home

  • Practising gratitude- Practising gratitude is a powerful way to promote positivity and energy in your home. Take time each day to think about what you are grateful for and display gratitude reminders in your home, such as inspirational quotes or gratitude journals.
  • Display Art and Photos- Putting up artwork can help one promote positivity, and photos related to spirituality or any creative art form which can make the environment stable are great ways to instil happiness,
  • Aromatherapy- Aromatherapy is the use of scents to promote pleasure and a positive spirit. Using essential oils, candles, and aromas helps in creating a calming, stimulating scent in your home. Scents that promote positivity and relaxation include Lavender, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus.
  • Play Music- Music can turn one's mood from sad to happy and make one feel positive. Create a playlist of your favourite songs and play them throughout your home to create a fun and energetic atmosphere. Spiritual Music also helps one to tune one's mind and establish good relations with friends.
  • Creating a peaceful space- There should be a place in one's house where one can unwind and relax. It could be a comfortable chair or a meditation area. So that can promote peace and positive energy.
  • Using Colour- Consider adding colours like yellow, green and blue, which are known to promote positivity and relaxation. Every colour has a different ability to cheer on one's mood.
  • Adding Greenery- Plants can improve the quality of air. They also create a calm atmosphere. Therefore, add plants to resolve the problem of negativity with the advice of Vastu experts.
  • Adding Lighting - Natural light has been proven to improve mood and energy levels. Keep the drapes and blinds open all day. Choosing products that appeal and make one feel good is the most crucial step in fostering pleasant energy in your house to let in as much natural light as one wants.
  • Decluttering- A cluttered environment can result in a cluttered mind. Discarding broken items to maintain peace and stability.

Positive energy items to wear

  • Bright colours: Bright and vibrant colours can help promote positive energy and lift one's spirits. It is worth using colours that make one happy and confident, such as yellow, orange or pink. Adding these colours to one's daily routine will add up more charm to one's face.
  • Lucky charms: Many cultures believe lucky charms can bring positive energy and happiness. Carrying a lucky charm or symbol which has relevance in one's life, such as a horseshoe, four-leaf clover, or the evil eye, will result in a better future.
  • Essential oil diffuser Jewellery: Essential oils can help promote relaxation and positive energy by dispersing them. Consider wearing jewellery that functions as an essential oil diffuser, such as a necklace or bracelet made from lava stone or another porous material containing essential oils.
  • Gemstone Jewellery: Certain gemstones are believed to have healing properties and can help promote positive energy.E.g.-Rubya and Quartz.
  • Clothing with positive affirmations: Positive words or affirmations imprinted on clothing can increase mood and confidence. It can help one to feel calm. Select clothing which has a message which can lift one's mood and make one happy.

Positive energy items for home

Incorporating these items into your decor can help create a peaceful and welcoming environment that promotes positive energy and well-being.

  • Mirrors- Mirrors can assist in reflecting positive energy and promoting a good mood. One should hang a Mirror in the area which receives light and can promote stability.
  • Candles- Lighting up candles in one's home can help in creating a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. One should consider lighting up candles with natural scents such as Lavender or Eucalyptus to promote relaxation and positive energy.
  • Himalayan salt lamps- Himalayan salt lamps are thought to purify the air while also promoting relaxation. These lamps emit a warm, soothing glow that contributes to the creation of a peaceful environment in your home.
  • Inspirational art- Displaying encouraging art or quotes can create a positive and uplifting environment. Choose artwork or quotes that inspire you and promote good energy.
  • Feng Shui items- Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese art that aims to balance the energy in a space. One should consider incorporating Feng Shui items into the item of decor to encourage better energy flow, such as a wind chime or a crystal tree.
  • Crystals- Specific crystals are thought to have therapeutic benefits and can aid in the promotion of positive energy. Clear quartz, for example, is believed to detoxify energy, whereas citrine is attributed with an enormous amount and prosperity.

Vastu tips for positive energy in home

Creating positive energy home decor can help one maintain stability. These are the following Vastu tips for positive vibes home decor.

  • Artwork- Art can help you create a positive and welcoming environment in your residence. According to Vastu, artwork should be placed in the north or east direction of the house, and it should be selected depending on the emotions and mood it conveys.
  • The direction of the rooms- According to Vastu, each room in the house should face a specific order to encourage positive energy flow. The living room, for example, should be in the northeast, north, or east, while the bedroom should be in the southwest or south.
  • Mirrors- Mirrors can help facilitate the optimistic flow of energy in one's household, but they must be utilised accurately. Mirrors shouldn't be put next to the main door or the bed, according to Vastu, as this might result in negative thinking.
  • The centre of the house- The Brahmasthan is the centre of the house and is an essential part of the house. Vastu recommends keeping this area free of obstructions and heavy furniture and using it as an open space for meditation or prayer.
  • Staircase- Stairs should be built on the south or west side of the house, where they will be well-lit and unobstructed. Avoid constructing the stairs in the centre or northeast of the house, as this can disrupt energy flow.
  • Pooja room- The pooja room is a house of worship in the mansion and must be kept tidy and clean. In accordance with the responsibility, the pooja room should be located in the northeast or east part of the house and constructed so that natural sunlight and good air quality can enter.
  • Water features- A fountain or fish tank, for example, can help promote positive energy in one's home. According to Vastu, water should be placed in the northeast or east direction of the house, and they should keep it clean and well-maintained.
  • Main door- The house's main gate is considered the entry point for energy transfer. It is essential to keep the entrance door clean and focus on ensuring that it opens up inward and is clear of obstacles.
  • Placement of furniture- The furniture arrangement in your home might impact the energy flow. Vastu recommends placing the bed in the southwest corner of the bedroom and the kitchen in the southeast corner of the house.
  • Colours- Colors can make a big difference in your house's energy. Consider using colours like yellow, green and blue, which are believed to promote positivity and relaxation.
  • Dreamcatchers- Dreamcatchers are believed to keep negative vibes and intrusive thoughts at bay while promoting positivity and good luck. To add a unique and cheerful touch to your decor, hang a dreamcatcher over your bed or in your living room.
  • Mandalas- Mandalas are circular patterns that can encourage calm and happiness. A mandala rug or pillow can be placed in one's living area, or one can hang a mandala tapestry on the ceiling.
  • Nature-inspired decor- The beauty and spirit of nature may be brought into your house by using design items like a wall hanging made of driftwood or a vase filled with organic branches.
  • Salt lamps- Negative ions, which are believed to be released by salt lamps and cleanse the air, can help people feel calm and optimistic. Consider setting up a salt lamp in your bedroom or living area.


In order to improve one's health, creating a positive energy atmosphere in your home is highly recommended. Wealth, relationship issues, and overall life quality. Designers can build spaces that work with the natural elements of the universe by using the ancient Indian architectural technique known as Vastu Shastra. There are many Vastu tips to help you build a positive energy home, such as placing a fan in the northeast corner of your home and decorating it with bright and cheerful colours.

There are other components individuals can carry or keep in one's residence that are believed to attract joy and happiness, such as gemstone bracelets, Buddha statues, and crystals. Eventually, individuals can promote good energy in their homes by performing regular energy clearings, keeping their homes clean and clutter-free, and spending time outside. Make sure you also keep the environment positive by lighting up the aroma and by playing some peaceful music to maintain the divine energy in the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

A tranquil and upbeat atmosphere can be produced in your house by attracting energy and enthusiasm. The following advice can assist help in bringing good energy into one's home
  • Declutter- In a home, clutter can block the flow of energy. To create a transparent and open atmosphere, be sure to organise and declutter one's space.
  • Cleanse your space- Smudging, salt, or sound are all effective ways to purge the energy in your house. Burning sage or palo santo, placing salt in the corners of each room, or ringing a singing bowl or bell can all be used to cleanse the space.
  • Let in natural light- One's mood may be lifted, and one might feel more upbeat when there is natural light. Increase the amount of natural light entering the room by opening the drapes and shutters.
Even if strictly adhering to all Vastu rules can work against the promotion of positive energy in a home, it is not obligatory. Instead, understanding the Vastu fundamentals and modifying your environment to foster optimism and well-being are more crucial.
No matter the architecture of the building, whether it be a contemporary or a traditional Indian home, Vastu principles can be used. The secret is to design an area that is in tune with nature and encourages the flow of positive energy.
Using natural materials in decor, maintaining adequate air and light movement, and keeping the area tidy and clutter-free are some Vastu guidelines for fostering positive energy in a home. The excellent colour schemes, furniture arrangements, and room orientations are also crucial in accordance with Vastu principles.
Vastu is an ancient Indian architectural philosophy that seeks to balance the constructed and environmental environments. Vastu principles are thought to encourage a space's happiness and positive vibes.
Bring in some natural elements: Nature can fill a space with uplifting energy. To foster a sense of tranquillity and well-being, incorporate natural elements such as plants, flowers and natural materials such as wood and stone.
Utilise colour: Colour can affect a space's energy level. Choose bright and comforting hues, like blues and greens, or welcoming and warm, like yellows and oranges.
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