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Who is Shani, the Lord of Karma?

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Lord Shani Dev

We welcome you to our exciting blog on Shani, the Lord of Karma, at InstaAstro. What comes to your mind when we ask you about who is Shani? We bet you can think of words like karma, discipline, and Sade Sati. Shani Dev is also known as Lord Shani, god Saniswaran, or Shaneshwara. He is a Hindu god who is considered to be the god of karma and discipline.

Shani Dev is associated with the planet lord Saturn and is the son of Surya Dev and Chhaya. Known for his strict and unforgiving nature, Lord Shani is said to be the flag bearer of misfortune. However, Shani Dev is the god who brings justice and balances out the good and bad deeds of an individual’s life. 

The position of Saturn (associated with Lord Shani) in a person’s kundli can determine their fate and the outcome of their actions. Therefore, the placement of lord Saturn is said to be important in an individual’s horoscope. If placed in a strong position, Saturn blesses a person with rewards. On the other hand, if placed in a weak position, Saturn punishes a person for their bad deeds. Folks, come with us as we take you on the exciting journey of Shani, the God of Karma. Find out how he got his powers and his origin stories in this scoop. Sit back and relax. 

Famous Legends About Shani: The Lord of Karma 

In Hindu mythology, there are many stories and legends about the power of the god of karma, aka Shani Dev. Let us look at some of the most prominent ones. 

Shani Dev Story 1

The first legend about the power of Shani Dev is related to King Vikramaditya. Vikramaditya was a legendary emperor who ruled over a vast kingdom in ancient India. He was known for his honesty and fairness. However, his pride and arrogance were not hidden from anyone. Once, he challenged Shani Dev to come and test his power and integrity. So, upon being called by Vikramaditya, Shani Dev appears before him and tests his power.

Interestingly, despite several chances, Shani Dev could not defeat him. Shani Dev realised that King Vikramaditya remained true to his word. As a result, Shani Dev granted him many blessings.

King Vikramaditya

Shani Dev Story 2 

Another popular story about the power of Shani Dev associates with a poor farmer. The farmer was poor and struggled to make ends meet for his family. He had a daughter who was blind. So, he prayed to Shani Dev and asked him to help her regain her eyesight.

As a result, Shani Dev appears and asks for his daughter’s eyes instead. Confused and clueless, he reluctantly agreed to give the eyes of his daughter. Seeing this, Shani Dev was pleased with the farmer and returned his daughter’s eyes. With Shani Dev’s blessings, she could see; thus, she regained her eyesight. 

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Origin of Shani 

In Hindu mythology, the story of the birth of Shani is an interesting one. We bet that you must be thinking about who is Shani Dev father and mother. Be with us as we tell you about Shani Dev family. 

It is said that Lord Surya was blessed with two sons, Shani and Yama. Yama’s appearance was regarded as majestic. His good looks were not hidden from anyone and became the talk of the town. On the other hand, Lord Shani was born with a dark complexion. Lord Surya did not like his dark complexion and refused to acknowledge Lord Shani as his son. Also, Lord Surya accused his wife Chhaya that Shani is someone else’s son. 

As a result, Shani grew up feeling neglected and unloved. All of this made him resentful towards his father. The indifference between the son and father can be seen in astrology too. For instance, if these two planets are placed in an individual’s kundli, it would affect his relationship with his father. 

One interesting fact about God Saniswaran is that he has not one but nine vahanas or vehicles. Here are the nine Shani Dev ka vahan: Horse, Jackal, Crow, Elephant, Lion, Peacock, Donkey, Bull, and Swan. 

God Saniswaran 

Powers of Shani: The Lord of Karma

Let’s talk about the powers and abilities of Shani, who is the God of Karma in this section of the scoop. 


The most well-known power of Shani Dev is his ability to govern the law of karma. According to Hindu belief, every action has a consequence, and Shani Dev is responsible for ensuring that individuals receive the appropriate consequences. He is a strict disciplinarian and a fair judge who rewards those with virtuous lives and punishes those who have not.


Shani Dev associates with discipline and self-control. It is believed that by following the principles of self-discipline and control, individuals can avoid the negative effects of Shani’s gaze and live happy and successful life. In this sense, god Saniswaran is seen as a teacher who can guide individuals towards a more righteous and fulfilling life.

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Despite his fearsome reputation, Shani Dev is a protective deity who can shield individuals from harm. By invoking Shani Dev’s name and following his teachings, individuals can ward off negative influences and attract positive energy into their lives.

Lord Shani Dev

Remedies and Mantra to please Shani : The Lord of Karma 

In modern times, many people still worship Shani Dev, ask for his blessings, and offer prayers. If you face challenges and obstacles in life, pleasing Shani Dev can help you overcome them. Read along to know more about how to please lord Shani Dev. So, the following are some remedies and mantras to attain his grace. 

  • Light a sesame oil lamp:

Lighting a sesame oil lamp (diya) in front of Shani Dev’s idol or picture is auspicious. This should be done on Saturdays, which is believed to be Shani Dev’s day.

  • Worship Lord Hanuman 

If you want to please god Saniswaran , never forget to worship Lord Hanuman before him. Legend has it that once Ravana, the demon king, captured and imprisoned Shani Dev. When Lord Hanuman came to know about this, he could not help but fly to Lanka (Ravana’s kingdom) to rescue Shani Dev. 

The belief is that if you want to please Lord Shani, you should devote yourself to Hanuman first.

  • Offer black sesame seeds: 

Next in the list of how to please lord Shani Dev is fond of black sesame seeds. So offer them to him on Saturdays to please him.

  • Wear black or dark blue clothes: 

Shani Dev associates with black or dark blue. Therefore, wearing these colours on Saturdays can appease him.

  • Donate to the needy: 

Donating to the needy, especially on Saturdays, is a good way to please Shani Dev. You can donate black clothes, black sesame seeds, or other valuable items to poor people. 

In Hindu mythology, chanting mantras is a powerful way of connecting with the Almighty and seeking their blessings. So, along with the remedies, here are some mantras that are effective in pleasing Shani Dev and reducing the negative effects of Lord Saturn. 

  • First mantra to please Shani Dev is Om Shan Shanaishcharaya Namah
  • Om Pram Prim Praum Sah Shanaishcharaya Namah
  • Om Nilanjan Samabhasam Raviputram Yamagrajam Chaya Martandasambhutam Tam Namami Shanaishcharam.


In conclusion, Shani Dev is a deity who is both feared and revered in Hindu mythology. He is the lord of karma and associates with the Lord Saturn. However, despite his reputation as a bearer of misfortune, Shani Dev is a fair deity who balances out the effects of good and bad deeds. Therefore, god Saniswaran Shani Dev is an important god in Hindu mythology, and his stories and legends still continue to inspire and fascinate people to this day. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What happens when Shani gets angry?

When the god of karma, Shani Dev, gets angry, he can cause negative effects on an individual’s life based on their good or bad deeds. Some of the negative effects are delays and obstacles, money loss, health issues and family or relationship problems.

2. Which god can control Shani?

Shani Dev is the lord of karma and discipline. As per Hindu mythology, Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva are the two gods that can control god Saniswaran.

3. Which Shani Mantra is powerful?

If a person wants to remove challenges and obstacles from his life, chanting the Shani beej mantra brings happiness and prosperity in one’s life. Shani Beej Mantra is Om Pram Prim Praum Sah Shanaishcharaya Namah.

4. Who is Shani Dev afraid of?

As per the legends, Shani Dev is afraid of peepal (sacred fig). Here is an interesting story behind why Lord Shani is afraid of peepal tree. Once Surya Dev gave responsibilities of different worlds to his son as per their capabilities. But, Shani Dev captured more than one world and refused to leave it. Confused and helpless, Surya Dev asked Lord Shiva to intervene in between.So, Lord Shiva had to fight with Shani Dev. After defeating Shani Dev in a fight, Lord Shiva hung the god of karma from a peepal tree upside down for 19 years straight. This is why Lord Shani is always afraid of peepal tree.

5. What are the signs of bad Shani?

Hair fall, money loss, debt, and relationship problems are some of the signs of bad Shani in an individual’s life.

6. What happens when Shani is good?

Usually, Lord Shani is said to be a malefic planet. But only a few know that Shani dev also bestows blessings as per our good deeds. Its effects are not only malefic but also beneficial. Some of the good signs of this malefic planet are good luck, prosperity and fortune.

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