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Why Does Shani Dev Bless Hanuman Bhakts

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Whenever someone has the dasha of Shani Dev on them, they are asked to pray to Lord Hanuman to please him. Shani, or Saturn, is a strict planet according to astrology. It represents rules and restrictions for the karmic life of a person. Moreover, any person who has a weak or malefic Shani in their charts ends up facing multiple hassles and setbacks in life.

How do opposites of Lord Hanuman and Shani Dev negate negativity in life?

Spiritually, the representation of Lord Shani and Lord Hanuman is opposite to each other. Shani represents ego, while Hanuman signifies selflessness. Moreover, Saturn or Shani Dev is symbolic of self-righteousness. Consequently, Hanuman is known for his devotion. The planet governs servitude, and Hanuman is the utmost symbol of selfless service to the Lord. Hence, to balance out the karmic effects of Shani in one’s charts, invoking Lord Hanuman is a must. 

There are multiple folklore that try to shed light on this interesting relationship between the two Lords. The most famous amongst them features the Lanka King, Raavan and his obsession with aligning the planets to his benefit, including Lord Shani. 

Story Of Shani Dev And Lord Hanuman

The feud between Raavan and Lord Shani

According to the tale of the epic Ramayana, Lord Hanuman and Shani Dev’s story goes like this. After getting Vardans from Brahma, Ravan captured many holy spirits and Gods. Moreover, he also prisoned the 9 planets. He had placed them in 9 steps ascending to his mighty throne. Every day, he would climb the steps, causing the planet much disrespect and grief. Adding to this, his son Meghnad was to be born. So, Ravan ordered the 9 planets to align so that the young boy would gain immortality.

Lord Shani knew the disaster it would cause. He intentionally shifted himself in such a way that he was affecting the 12th house, thus making Meghnad’s death certain. This angered the Lanka King, and he put Shani in a dark cell with no windows to ensure he wouldn’t be able to look at anyone and cause them hardships. 

The twist in the tale: Hanuman’s Entry

A year later, Hanuman visits Lanka to release Devi Sita from Ravan’s prison. After reaching there, he heard Shani’s cry for help. He decided to help the imprisoned planet Lord. To help him escape, Shani Dev gave hanuman a Vardan. It stated that anyone who worshipped Hanuman would be relieved of ill effects by the planet Lord. As Hanuman released Shani from the prison, Shani’s gaze fell upon Ravan.

Eventually, he brings the ill effects of the planet to Lanka, Naresh. This affected the fair colour of the Monkey Lord. Apparently, every person born on Earth has to face Shani’s effects (bad or good), and Hanuman was no exception to the Divine rule. Moreover, Hanuman became curious as to what effects he had to face. Shani said that the young God will have to take him on his head, which will make him leave all familial relations and luxuries and get into servitude.

Association of Lord Hanuman and Shani Dev

Hanuman had no wife or children and only wanted to serve Lord Ram. He happily agreed to let the planet Lord reside on his head. With this arrangement, Hanuman continued on his journey to wreak havoc in Lanka, breaking boulders and building columns with his head, knowing well that Shani was on his head. This caused Shani an immense amount of pain, and he finally yelled out for mercy. Hanuman let him come down from his head and offered him mustard oil to relieve his pain.

Therefore, This brought great comfort to Shani. So, he further added to his previous boon that offering mustard oil to him or lord hanuman would bring blessings to the natives. The ritual of offering mustard oil to Shani Dev and Humans is followed. Therefore, this eases out the negativity associated with the planet lord. Also, brings certain benefits of worshipping Shani Dev.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to get Shani Dev's blessings?

Ans. According to ancient folklore, offering mustard oil and honey to the Shani Dev pleases the planet lord.

2. How are Lord Hanuman and Shani dev connected?

Ans. When Hanuman was in Lanka to rescue Goddess Sita. He heard Shani Dev’s cry for help and rescued him, too. Therefore, the monkey lord was given the blessing and a vardan by the Shani Maharaj.

3. Did Lord Hanuman fight Shani Dev?

Ans. No, they didn’t fight.

4. What is the most powerful Hanuman mantra?

The most powerful Hanuman mantra is the Hanuman Chalisa.

5. How did Shani dev and Hanuman become friends?

Lord Hanuman once saved Shani Dev from the capture of Ravana. Thus, Shani dev blessed Hanuman and said that one who worships Hanuman will never face Shani’s wrath.

6. Which God can control Shani?

Lord Hanuman is the only God who can control the wrath and anger of Shani Dev. TGhe natives who worship Lord Hanuman never have to face the anger of Shani Dev.

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