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Get to Know Why Shani Dev and Surya Dev are Enemies

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Shani Dev

 Shani Dev and Surya Dev Story

There are several questions to be answered regarding Surya Dev and Shani Dev’s father-son relationship, including the fact that these two never had a relationship? How did the two become opposites of each other? A story narrated in Kashikhand relates how Lord Vishwakarma’s daughter ‘Sangya’ married the Sun God, ruler of the planets. The brilliance of the Sun God, who gave light to the whole world, was such that the noun used to be frightened by that brilliance. Shortly after marriage, Suryadev and Devi Sangya had three children named Manu, Yamraj, and Yamuna.

Shani Dev

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She was scared of her husband Surya Dev’s brilliance after becoming the mother of three children. To have the option to bear the brightness of the sun, Sangya opted to atone and made her copy sanvarna, i.e., Chhaya. Then, Sangya handed over the responsibility of looking after her children to Chhaya herself and went to her father’s house. Then, when the father did not listen, she appeared as a female horse in the forest and remained intact in retribution. Again, with Chhaya being a structure, the sanvarna had no problem with the Sun God’s brilliance. Then, when the father did not listen, she appeared as a female horse in the forest and remained intact in vengeance. Again, because the shadow is a structure, Sanvarna did not have any problem with the brilliance of the sun god.

Shani Dev Repented Deeply to Take Revenge on his father.

The rivalry between Surya Dev and Shani Dev did not end here. To get his father back, Shani pleased Shiva by repenting harshly. When Shiva asked him for a boon, Shani said that Father Surya had troubled him by insulting my mother Chhaya, so grant me the boon of being more remarkable and revered than Father Surya.

Surya dev

Then, Lord Shiva gave a boon that along with attaining the highest position, you will also be the best judge and magistrate. Lord Shiva helped Shani Dev that the standard people and Devas, Asuras, Siddhas, Vidyadhars, Gandharvas, and Nagas would be afraid by his name.

Conclusion: –

Shani Dev is the most powerful of the planets and the giver of complete achievements. Shani Dev holds an inexplicable iron weapon in his hands. The gravitational force of Saturn is greater than the gravitational force of Earth. Consequently, when we think positive or negative thoughts, they arrive at the strength of Shani’s power. The terrible impact is viewed as unfortunate from a visionary perspective. Yet, the consequence of good deeds will be great. Thus, we should get God Shani Dev as a friend, not an enemy. And for evil deeds, he is Sade Saathi, calamity and enemy.

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