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Water Dream Meaning, Significance And More

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Water Dream

We see millions of dreams throughout our lifetime, but we are often unaware that these dreams hold meaning. Like other dreams, seeing water holds meaning in dreams. We often ignore dreams, but some dreams tend to stay with us. Seeing Water in dreams is one such dream.

Seeing Water in dreams is one of the most common dreams and is seen by almost the whole population. It’s now time to know whether seeing water in dream good or bad. Let’s look into seeing water in dream meaning. 


Water Dream Meaning 

Seeing water in a dream means different things, and it varies from one dream to another. Water symbolises different things, ranging from free-flowing nature to depth. Water is the symbol of freedom, free spirit, depth, calmness, cleanliness, chaos, creativity, etc. The nature of the dream highlights the symbol of water the dream is trying to emphasise. 

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It’s time that we look into some of the symbols that Water in Dream talks about. 

1. Calm Water 

It is an indication of peace in life. It is a symbol of contentment in life. It also indicates that the life you are living is the one that gives you the feeling of being settled.

2. Flowing Water 

Flowing water in dream is a symbol of life going in natural flow. It highlights that life is flowing at the right pace. 

3. Turbulent Waters 

Turbulent water is a symbol of confusion and issues in life. It indicates that the life is not going in right direction.

4. Flood or Tsunami 

It is an indicator of intense emotions. It can also represent an overwhelming situation in life. It can be a sign that you are not able to control your life. 

5. Ocean or Seas 

It can be a sign of the vastness of thoughts. It can be a sign indicating a need to understand your inner self and explore the world. 

6. Waterfall 

It signifies a sudden release of emotions or creativity. It can be a sign representing transformation and change in life. 

7. Rain 

Rain is a sign of cleansing emotions. It is a sign representing the renewal of self and change from past emotions and relations. 

8. Frozen Water 

It is a sign of emotional coldness. It represents cold emotions or a state of hurdles. It is representative of a state where your emotions are not let out.  

9. Swimming 

It represents a state in which you have already adapted to the situation and show peace with life, where you know how to deal with it ideally. 

10. Drowning 

It indicates that you are unable to deal with the situation. It represents the feeling of being suffocated. 

Significance Of Water In A Dream 

Water in dreams holds various significance in different cultures. These significances are positive, and at times, they are negative. These signs are representative of emotions that you feel while you are awake. Seeing water in dreams is a dream that close to everyone has seen, but understanding what the dream is trying to convey is essential. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Water In Dreams 

Seeing water in dream meaning has a spiritual turn to it. It is essential and important that we understand the true spiritual meaning behind these dreams. Understanding spiritual meaning helps us gain an in-depth understanding of dreams. The spiritual meaning of water is usually related to healing and is representative of free flow in life. 

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Seeing Water In Dream Good Or Bad

Seeing water in dream can have both good or bad meaning to it. It is essential that one understands the true meaning of dreams. 

To understand whether seeing water in dream good or bad, it is essential to know the whole situation of the dream and the nature of water. Let’s look into some common dreams of water to understand if seeing water in dream good or bad. 

1. Swimming In Clear Water 

It signifies balance in life. It is also a representative of control over life. It shows that you know the direction in which your life is leading.

2. Walking On Water 

It is representative of confidence and also shows that you take responsibility for your life. It indicates that you have control over your life.

3. Drinking Water

It indicates that you are not getting enough care and you are in dire need of self-care. It shows that you have been currently suffering either emotionally or physically. 

4. Water Turning Into Blood 

It represents that you need to resolve issues in your life. It signifies deep-seated anger and turmoil that needs to be let out. 

5. Crossing A River 

It represents transition. It shows some important changes in life, probably changes that will have a huge impact on your life. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is seeing water in dream good or bad?

It can have both good and bad meanings, and it all depends on the type of dream you are having and the form of water you see in your dream.

2. What is water in dream meaning hindu?

Water in dreams has various meanings, and these meanings can be either good or bad; it all depends on the overall dream you are dreaming.

3. What does it mean when you dream about water?

Dreaming about water can have more than one meaning, ranging from freedom in life to the feeling of being stuck in life. The dream must be taken as a whole to understand the true meaning of water in the dream.

4. Does dreaming of water mean pregnancy?

Although it doesn’t mean that one is pregnant, if you dream of water while being pregnant, then there are chances that it might be an indication that you are close to your due date.

5. What does it mean if you dream about lack of water?

It is an indication of feeling depressed. It also means that you might be feeling empty from the inside, or you are in deep pain, and you can’t tell anyone about it.

6. Why do I keep having dreams about falling in water?

It could indicate a deep-seated fear of water or emotional turmoil in your personal life.

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