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What Does Seeing Lion in Dream Mean as Per Astrology?

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Seeing Lion in Dream

Astrology is filled with mysteries, and dream interpretation is one of those interesting aspects of it. A dream could mean a lot more than you could actually imagine. Even a single dream could mean several different things according to different cultures and people. Moreover, the interpretation also changes as per the gender aspect of it. It could mean a clear warning regarding something unfortunate in the future or a new beginning. 

Today we will take a specific case of seeing lion in dream. What does it mean? Does it have an astrological or mythological significance? To find out, keep reading this InstaAstro blog. For more information on any astrology-related topic or guidance, visit our official website, “InstaAstro”. Moreover, you could contact our in-house astrologers directly from the website by clicking the chat or call tabs on the page’s top right corner. If you are a first-time user, then you could book your first consultation for just Rps 1/-.

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Astrological and Mythological Significance of Lion

The lion is the king of the jungle. Its ferociousness and wilderness captivate most of us with amazement and a bit of fear as well. But what does it signify astrologically? A lion in astrology means power, passion, success, leadership, and drive in life. 

Mythologically, a lion is a ride of Goddess Durga, who fights off all the evils from our lives. So, a lion is a symbol of warding away your enemies. But still, there are a few hidden meanings of seeing lion in dream. So, let’s dive deep right into all the possibilities for “What if lion comes in dream?” 


Astrological interpretations of seeing lion in dream

If we look for a general interpretation of seeing lion in dream hindu mythology, then it could possibly mean:

  • You will get more power and authority. 
  • There could be a job promotion or a financial raise.
  • A definite defeat for your enemies.

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Positive interpretations of seeing lion in dream 

Seeing a lion in a dream is good or bad? Of course, it could be either of the two things, but let’s first see all the possible positive interpretations of seeing a lion in dream as per astrology.

  • If you are married and see a lion couple in your dream, then this dream interprets a good sign for your married life. It means all your misunderstandings will disappear, and you will start afresh in your relationship. Moreover, your bond with your partner will grow even stronger this time.
  • However, if you are unmarried, then this same dream of a lion couple brings the possibility of love and romance into your life. You will either meet someone special or get a commitment from your current partner. It is also a positive sign if you are willing to marry the love of your life.
  • If you see an entire family of lions (lion, lioness and their babies) or just lion babies in your dream, this dream decodes to getting a promotion or change from your current position or job. 
  • If you see a thirsty lion drinking water in your dream, this means fetching your old jobs. Any work that is pending or stuck because of some reason will get done in some time. Moreover, success is waiting for you in every aspect of your life.
  • Although it might sound scary if you are petting a lion with love or caressing its hair, this means you will win over your enemies. You will gain confidence in whatever you do in life and will defeat any competition coming your way.
  • If you see yourself sleeping next to a lion, you will have a healthy life ahead. Furthermore, if you have any prolonged disease, those will be healed, and you will become fit and fine.

Positive interpretations of seeing lion in dream

Negative interpretations of seeing lion in dream 

Seeing lion in dream could also mean a warning for the future. So let’s talk about the possible problems a negative interpretation of this lion in dream could bring.

  • If you see yourself being attacked or killed by a lion, then there will be major difficulties in your life. Situations will become highly unfavourable to you in future. Everything that you will work hard for won’t happen. You could feel extremely unmotivated and lost in life.
  • You are moreover, seeing a lion run after you also depict a hard time in future. Be it professionally or personally; you won’t achieve any success.
  • Seeing a lion roar at you is horrifying, isn’t it? It would feel the same way, even in a dream. This dream is a clear warning to stay alert from your enemies, as they would try to ruin your position and stature in life. Also, this could mean physical harm to them.
  • If you see two or more lions fighting each other, then it means you will also get into a fight with someone. So, stay calm and patient and avoid provoking situations, as the stars clearly do not favour you.
  • A lion entering your house? It doesn’t seem pleasant, Right? The interpretation of such a dream could also fill your heart with extreme fear as it could mean an immediate death of the dreamer or a significant personal loss in their life.
  • If you see yourself riding a lion, you feel shivers all over your body. But, then, it’s not a positive signal. Instead, it means there will be back-to-back difficulties coming your way. Also, you might feel an emotional detachment and become frustrated at the end.

Negative interpretations of seeing lion in dream 

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Exception of seeing lion in dream

So, apart from all the negative and the positive interpretations of the seeing lion in dream astrology, here’s an exception as well. However, the interpretation is very positive, but Seeing a white lion is pretty unusual, as is the interpretation of this dream. However, it means any misunderstandings in your personal or professional relationships will soon be gone. New beginnings are awaiting you.


Astrology and mythology give us answers for every possible dream we see. Just like every coin has two flip sides, and so does every dream, as we have already discussed all the positive and negative outcomes of seeing lion in dream.

So now we know that Seeing lion in dream meaning could be calming or scary at the same time. It depends what are the other details you see in your dream. Only a good astrologer could help you know the real meaning of your dream. You can contact our astrology experts for just Rs 1, to know of any other possibilities or different aspects of seeing lion in dream. Just visit our official website and click on the call or chat tabs in the top right corner. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Where could I find astrology help for dream interpretation?

InstaAstro is a platform where you can find genuine Astrologers who are trusted by millions of people. You could simply visit our website by searching for “” on Google. Further, in the top right corner are two different tabs for calling and chatting with our in-house astrologers. Moreover, if you are a first-time user, then you could get your first-ever consultation for just Rs 1/-.

2. Seeing lion in dream is good or bad?

Astrologically and mythologically, seeing lion in dream could mean both things. Although lion means power, authority, success and passion, it could vary per the details of your dream.

3. Seeing lion in dream Hindu mythology meaning?

Mythologically we all know that Goddess Durga rides a Lion. Moreover, Goddess Durga is known to protect us from all the evils and negatively charged influences in our lives. So, seeing lion in dream Hindu mythology means warding off your enemies and evil eye from your life. Also, it means a boost in our inner confidence to beat the competition and reach on top.

4. What does riding a lion confidently mean as per astrology?

Confidence is another name for a lion, as being the jungle king, it always owns up the space. So, if you or the dreamer is watching his/herself ride a lion, then this means absolute authority in relationships, career, and majorly on all aspects of your life.

5. Which Goddess has her vehicle as a lion?

Goddess Durga, according to the story of Devi Mahatmya in Skanda Purana, rides on a lion. She is the goddess of fighting away all the evils. Astrologically, the temper of a lion is also the same, which could be why it is also called the jungle king.

6. What does seeing a lion in dream means if you are married?

If you are already married and encounter a lion pair in your dream, this scenario is seen as a positive omen for your union. It implies that all of your misunderstandings will be resolved, and your relationship will begin again. Additionally, your relationship with your partner will get even closer this time.

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