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Seeing Snake In Your Dream? Here’s What Astrology Says

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Seeing Snake In Your Dream_ Here’s What Astrology Says

Have you woken up terrified by a dream of a moving snake recently? Don’t worry; many people frequently dream of snakes. As unsettling as these dreams can be, did you know that according to Hindu astrology, dreams of snakes can actually carry important messages? If you’ve been straining your brain trying to decode what that snake in your dream might mean, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re going to take a look at what the ancient science of Hindu astrology says about seeing snake in your dream and their spiritual significance. You may be surprised at how insightful these interpretations are. Keep reading to discover the deeper meaning behind your dream of snakes.

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Snake Dream in Hindu Astrology: Meaning and Symbolism

Astrologically or spiritually, snake dreaming can mean a lot of things. Snakes may represent some difficult situations in life or emotions. Seeing them in a dream also symbolises the unconscious, i.e. you are going through a healing process or resolving issues. In fact, Snakes signify spiritual aspects. They appear in our dreams when we are going through a transformation, either for the good or bad. Moreover, a snake in dream Hindu astrology indicates something unsettled or unresolved.

Sigmund Freud, a great psychologist, even regarded snakes as a symbol of fertility (phallic). Hence, it is also linked to sexuality and desires. On the other hand, in Hindu mythology, snakes often denote enemies. Overall, seeing snake in your dream meaning indicates a warning, conflict, change, fighting off obstacles, getting into a new skin (new beginnings) and intuitive power gifted by spiritual connection. 

Types of Snake Dreams

Seeing snake in your dream can have many meanings, according to Hindu astrology. Here are some of the common interpretations:

1. Snake Bite Dreams

If you dream of being bitten by a snake, a snake bite dream meaning indicates that you have an enemy who is jealous of your progress and success. The snake bite is an indicator of the “sting” of cruel words or traps set by your enemy to hinder you. Having the dream of snake bite may also mean gaining mysterious knowledge or insight, which can also be difficult to grasp.

2. Snake Attack Dream

An attacking snake can signify that you have a health issue or emotional wound that requires healing. The aggressive snake is a reminder to address health or relationship concerns that you have been ignoring. It may indicate feelings of being overwhelmed or a loss of control over some situation. The attack is a warning to deal with issues before they grow further. 

3. Snake Entering House In Dream

A snake entering your home in a dream points to worries or troubles in your personal life or relationships that threaten your peace of mind. Deal with issues directly in a constructive way. Do not ignore problems, but also do not overreact. Respond with understanding and empathy to a slithering or circularly moving snake or issues as it can hint at death or new life.

4. Seeing Two Snakes in Dream

Dreaming of Two Snakes, especially if they are fighting, suggests there are two toxic people in your life competing for influence over you. Stand up for yourself and set clear boundaries to protect your independence and well-being. Their drama is not your problem to solve. However, it can be a positive hint as well, i.e. someone is going to guide you to the right path.

5. Dream of Snake Chasing Me

If a snake is chasing or following you in a dream, it signifies that you are avoiding dealing with a difficult situation or emotions in your waking life. Face your fears and anxieties head-on before they become more problematic. You have the power to overcome what is troubling you, as that’s how seeing snake in your dream can be given a positive end.

6. Multiple Snakes in Dream

Seeing many snakes in a dream indicates that there are many dishonest people or hidden attractions around you. The snakes reflect the cunningness and manipulation you feel surrounded by. This dream is cautioning you to be very careful of others’ motives and not be misled by tempting or attractive offers that seem too good to be true. Be cautious of the snakes!

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Interpretations of Snake’s Colour And Location In Dream

Let’s shed some more light on Snake in dream astrology.

1. Snake Colour In Dream

When a snake appears, moving around you or entering your house but not biting or attacking you in your dream, their colour can mean different things.

  • Dark-Coloured Snake: The dark colour represents the unknown and the hidden. The black or any dark snake is alerting you to address this issue before it strikes unexpectedly. 
  • White Snake: The white colour signifies purity of thoughts, and the snake represents wisdom and healing. It symbolises transformation and spiritual growth. 
  • Yellow Snake: The yellow colour represents vibrancy, energy and optimism. It signifies these unpredictable chances will lead to greater prosperity and abundance. 
  • Green Snake: A green snake in your dream signifies health, fertility and regeneration. It is hinting at new beginnings, healing, harmony and balance.
  • Multicoloured Snake: A multicoloured or patterned snake like a Rattlesnake or Gartner in your dream means you need to incorporate more creativity and diversity into your life. Your dream is prompting you to shed old habits and patterns of thinking. 

2. Snake Location In Dream

The location where you see the snake in your dream provides additional context. Read on to find out.

  • Snakes emerging from water or the ground represent the unconscious mind.
  • A snake entering your home warns you to be aware of what’s going on behind the scenes that could affect you or your family. 
  • Snakes high up in trees indicate aspirations or higher wisdom. 
  • A snake chasing you signifies you’re avoiding dealing with a difficult situation in your waking life.

Signs of A Snake’s Dream 

Snake is a symbol of wisdom and intuition. Therefore, dreaming about them can’t always be negative. Let’s explore its negatives as well as positives.

1. Is A Snake’s Dream A Negative Sign?

A dream of a snake chasing, biting or attacking you can have negative definitions. You may also wonder if the snake bite in dream good or bad. It may suggest there are untrustworthy people around you or betrayal by someone close to you. A snake bite in a dream could also reflect inner turmoil, unexpressed anger or hidden feelings that need to be brought to the surface. These dreams serve as a warning for you to be cautious of trouble ahead and exercise wisdom in your decisions and interactions.

2. Can A Snake’s Dream Be a Positive Sign?

An ancient Hindu text called Swapna Shastra has analysed snake dreams and claims that they have positive meanings as well. If the snake does not harm or attack you in the dream, it is usually seen as a positive symbol. It could indicate healing, transformation, and personal growth.

Snakes represent rebirth and renewal because they shed their skin. Dreaming of a snake entering your house may signify the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Seeing two snakes in a dream is also considered auspicious, indicating success in business or career.

What to Do When You See a Snake Dream?

Follow the below tips to relax yourself from a snake dream.

  • Examine what the snake means to you. Think about which meaning relates most to your current life situation.
  • Look for patterns. Notice frequent symbols, colours, locations, or actions in your snake dreams. 
  • Address anxieties and face your fears. Repeated snake dreams may be a sign that there are fears or anxieties you need to confront. 
  • Repeating dreams can also sometimes signify being stuck in an unhealthy pattern or relationship. Look for ways to improve your situation, like exercising and meditation, to avoid getting such dreams.

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Dreams of snakes can represent everything from transformation to fertility to fraud. The meaning is personal to you, so take some time to reflect on what rings true based on your own life and experiences. Sweet dreams!

Greetings! I’m Ritu Mahali, a content writer at InstaAstro. Your positive feedback motivates me to continue creating valuable content. If you found this blog beneficial, feel free to connect with our in-house astrology experts by clicking here and gain insights to stay ahead of life’s challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does snakes mean in a dream spiritually?

Snake in dreams symbolises transformation and healing. These two concepts are associated with gaining spiritual knowledge.

2. Is it good or bad to see snake in a dream?

Seeing a snake in dream is usually considered to indicate trouble. However, if it is not biting or attacking or may be shedding its skin, it can mean a fresh start or a new beginning of a balanced life.

3. Why do I keep seeing snakes in my dreams?

Seeing Snake in dreams often represents hidden fears and threats. But it is fine until it attacks or bites you in your dreams.

4. What does it mean when you dream about too many snakes?

Seeing too many snakes may mean that you feel overwhelmed or out of control in some areas of your life. It indicates a trap of a bunch of problems.

5. Is seeing a snake good luck Hindu?

Seeing a snake in real life is considered good luck in Hindu astrology. However, dreaming of a snake usually refers to fear, worries and hidden enemies.

6. What happens if we dream of snake biting?

Seeing snake in your dream biting you indicates anxiety and a threat to your life in some way. It can represent something painful you are dealing with.

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