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Virat Anushka Son Akaay Kundli Analysis

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Virat Anushka Son Akaay Kundli Analysis

A new excitement fills the air and calls your attention as Virat and Anushka announce the birth of their second child, Akaay. The word “Akaay” means no shape or form but a presence of divine blessings and manifestation. Some people in Hinduism also link this name with Lord Shiva, indicating his formless avatar. 

Well, being born on 15th February 2024 (Thursday), let’s see how favourable astrological factors have been during his birth. Take a glance at Virat Anushka Baby, Akaay’s kundli analysis, to understand the placement of planets and Yogas. 

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Birth Details of Akkay Kohli 

  • Date of Birth: 15th February 2024
  • Day of Birth: Thursday 
  • Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom 
  • Sun Sign: Aquarius 
  • Moon Sign: Aries 
  • Birth Number:
  • Rashi Lord: Saturn (Shani) 

Akaay Kohli Kundli Analysis: Planetary Transit during his birth 

Here is a kundli analysis of Virat and Anushka Sharma baby birth, examining the placement of planets and Yogas during his birth. Read below to know how planets will be influencing his life in the coming years. 

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1. Sun Sign: Aquarius 

Being born in the Aquarius zodiac sign, Akaay will have very unique qualities. He will be blessed with the traits of his parents, which will allow him to achieve great heights in life. His child’s life will be filled with happiness, prosperity and comfort. Akaay will be sharp-minded and creative, but as Virat is a Scorpion, he is a little proactive and intense. So, these traits of his father might be passed on to him. 

2. Moon Sign: Aries 

As Akaay is born with the Moon sign in Aries, ruled by planet Planet Mars, the hot-headed planet, he will be a little impulsive and bold in nature. He will be a determined and passionate individual, passing on the footprint of his parents. He will be focused towards his goals and ambitions in life, which will allow him to hustle for what he wants in life. 

3. Gajakesari Yoga in Aries (Conjunction of Jupiter and Moon) 

Born as the Aries ascendant, with Gajakeshari Yoga where there is a placement of Jupiter and Moon in Akaay kundli. He will be courageous and successful in life. He will enjoy all the material comforts and luxury in future. He will grow up following the footmarks of his parents.

Also, the presence of Gajakesri yoga in Akaay kundli already suggests that he will gain immense fame and recognition in future; after all, he is a star kid. Moreover, the influence of Gajakesari Yoga gets stronger with time, benefiting him as he grows up. 

4. Sun and Saturn in Aquarius 

The strong energy of Saturn and the Sun will greatly influence Virat and Anushka Sharma baby. This is a very significant astrological arrangement that allows Akaay to be responsible, filled with wisdom and seek the blessings of Shani. This is a conjunction that occurs once a year, and it’s so auspicious that Akaay was born during this placement.

However, the conjunction of Saturn and the Sun can be both positive and negative, but the other favourable placement of planets will allow Akaay to overcome challenges. 

5. Transit of Mars, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn 

The transit of Mars, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn in Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma baby can have a significant impact on his kundli or birth chart. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is associated with discipline, hard work, and responsibility. When Mars, Mercury, and Venus transit in Capricorn, it can bring a sense of seriousness and focus to the baby’s personality. He may be dynamic, reliable, and hardworking from a young age. 

Virushka Baby Name Akaay Meaning 

After Virat and Anushka took to the internet to announce the news of their second child after Vamika, fans and paps have been eagerly waiting to know the name. Virat and Anushka have finally revealed the name of their son as “Akaay Kohli”, meaning no shape or form. Kaay means a body, so Akaay means a form of a thing that has no shape or is formless. In Hinduism, this word is also related to Lord Shiva due to his formless avatar. 

Moreover, it has been found that the word Akaay also has a Turkish meaning, which means a shining moon or moonlight. This perfectly expresses the emotion of Virat and Anushka as they consider their baby to be a shining light in their life. The internet has been flooded with love, affection, and blessings for a newborn baby boy named Akaay. 

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How will Akaay’s Birth Favour Virat and Anushka? 

The birth of Virat Kohli baby has been a blessing for Virat and Anushka. After Vamika, they welcomed their new baby boy, who had a lot to offer. Akaay was born on the auspicious day of Saptami Tithi of Shukla Paksha, which is a favourable day to seek blessings and beneficial for a child’s future. The birth of Akaay brings goodwill, fortune, and prosperity to Anushka and Virat’s lives. 

Moreover, it indicates that the favourable placement of planets and the presence of Yoga during Akaay’s birth will impact the overall family. Both Virat and Anushka will achieve more fame, fortune and opportunities. This bundle of joy have added more happiness and prosperity to this power couple’s life. These new parents have expressed their joy over the internet for welcoming a new blessing into their lives. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. When and where was Virat and Anushka baby born?

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s baby Akaay was born on 15th February 2024 in London, United Kingdom.

2. What is the sun sign and moon sign of Akaay Kohli?

The Sun sign of Akaay Kohli is Aquarius, which indicates cleverness, high wisdom and intellect. On the other hand, his moon sign is Aries, which represents impulsiveness and aggression.

3. What is the meaning of Akaay?

The word “Akaay” refers to something that has no shape or form but the presence of divine blessings. Some people in Hinduism associate this name with Lord Shiva, signifying his formless avatar.

4. What is the birth number of Akaay?

Akaay Kohli’s birth number is 6, a number ruled by the planet Venus, indicating goodwill, fortune and enjoyment in his life. Moreover, being born under this number,  he will have a harmonious and peaceful nature.

5. Which yoga was present when Akaay was born?

While Virat and Anushka’s baby took birth, he was born with a Gajakesari Yoga in his kundli. This is a favourable yoga that allows him to be ambitious, disciplined and responsible.

6. Which is the favourable planet in Akaay Kohli Kundli?

Some of the favourable planets present in Akaay Kholi kundli are Sun and Saturn in Aquarius, Transit of Mars, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn and Jupiter.

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