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Sports Career In Astrology: Unlock Your Destiny In Sports

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Sports Career

Do you also dream of being a famous sports star, but something is always pulling you down? You might wonder that even after having good physical fitness and professional practice, you are unable to make it, right? So, according to vedic astrology, every aspect of your life is influenced by astrological factors. Therefore, sometimes, even if you have good physical strength and are mentally fit, the malefic astrological alignments do not allow you to move ahead.

Well, there are some of the major planets, such as Mars, Mercury, Rahu, Sun and Moon, that have to be perfectly aligned in your birth chart to support your sports career in astrology. So, if you are among those sports enthusiasts, then you must not miss this. Read till the end to know what needs to be taken care of. 

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Do Astrological Factors Impact a Career in Sports? 

If you are in a delusion that a fit body, regular practice, and confidence are enough to give you good wealth, fame and recognition in the field of sports. Then, my friend, you are on the wrong path or have been given misinformation. Not denying the fact that having good fitness, stamina, confidence, and the ability to play well will help you gain victory in sports, but astrological factors play a great role in shaping your career in sports and athletics. 

Moreover, be it individual sports, partner sports or team sports, all types of sports require positive arrangements of planets and heavenly bodies to help you achieve success and gain good wealth in sports. If you have a malefic planet in your birth chart or the required planets, which are responsible for your career, are not available in your horoscope, you will always face direct or indirect failure in your athletic career. Now, breaking the curiosity, let’s get into knowing the favourable planets that allow success in the field of sports. 

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Major Planets Responsible for Sports Astrology 

Here are some of the most effective planets responsible for sports in astrology. If you feel these planets align with your choice of sports, then you have to read below to know about it in detail. 

1. Mars: Strength and Determination

The first and foremost significant planet that needs to be placed in your birth is the planet Mars, which indicates passion and strength. Having a positive placement of Mars in your natal chart allows you always to be determined to achieve good fame and recognition in the field of sports. Moreover, the planet Mars is usually responsible for making individuals excellent at indoor games. Also, Mars placed in 3rd House in your birth chart makes you competitive in nature, allowing you to find ways to improve your skills that cater for your desire to be a good athlete. 

2. Mercury: Critical Thinking and Social Skills 

Having a positive placement of Mercury in 1st House in your horoscope is equally important as having the desire and passion to be a sports person. If you are pursuing your career in sports, you need to have a proper placement of Mercury because it allows you the capability to foster critical and social skills, work in a team effectively and enhance your cognitive abilities. Moreover, all sports require proper planning and analysis so that you can execute your game well. This planet allows you to make wise decisions in your sports career, which can be beneficial for your overall development. 

3. Rahu: Success and Fame 

Many people among us view the planet Rahu as the shadow planet that brings malefic influence into individuals’ lives. But to clear your misconceptions, the planet Rahu is responsible for giving you an athlete spirit. This energy and vibrancy can uplift you to turn your passion for sports into a successful career choice, bringing both wealth and fame. Moreover, the factors required to become a good and skilled athlete are diligence, discipline, practice and raw hard work, and that can be offered to you by the proper arrangement of Rahu in your birth chart. 

4. Moon: Goodwill and Wealth 

Injuries are common when you are a sportsperson. No athlete wants to get injured in the middle of the game and be in bed for days and months. Well, if you are a sports person, small injuries are common, but if you are getting frequently harmed, you need to take this into account. If this is happening to you, it’s time to strengthen the Moon in 6th House of your horoscope because the malefic Moon in your birth chart can cause you deadly injuries. It can also lead to giving up on your dream of becoming a professional sportsperson and earning goodwill, reputation, and wealth. 

5. Sun: Physical Fitness and Achievements 

The presence of Sun in 1st and 6th House in your birth chart indicates fame, recognition and courage in a sports career. It gives you the ability always to have a sharp vision to accomplish success in sports. This positive planet in your chart keeps you physically fit and strong. It always protects you from failure and breaks all the barriers to climb the ladder of success. Moreover, Sportsmanship requires a lot of sacrifice, and the planet Sun can help you manage the financial and mental pressure that comes with it. 

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Planetary Alignments of Virat Kohli as a Sportsman 

Now that we have discussed the planets responsible for sports in astrology, let’s take the example of Virat Kohli the captain of the Indian Cricket Team’s kundli. You’ll understand how favourable planets have been bestowing him with success and prosperity in his cricket astrology career. 

Here are the birth details of Virat Kohli 

  • Date of Birth: 5 November 1988
  • Birth Time: 10:28 AM
  • Sun Sign: Libra
  • Moon Sign: Virgo
  • Nakshatra: Uttara Phalguna

Astrology and sports go hand in hand in Virat’s kundli, which has taken him to a place where he has gained immense success and abundance in his life. Obviously, it’s the hard work and dedication of Virat, but the favourable Mercury in 11th House has not left any stone unturned to make him a star. It always kept the passion, luck and dedication alive that have shown him better results in his career as a sportsperson. Moreover, Rahu is posited in the 3rd house which always enabled him to stay strong and brave to pursue his passion into a career choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Does astrology and sports have any connection with success?

Yes, astrological factors play a major role in helping you achieve success in sports. The proper alignment of planets is very necessary when it comes to achieving fame and fortune in the field of sports.

2. Which planet is responsible for career in sports?

Mars, Mercury, Moon, Sun and Rahu are the most significant planets responsible for sports in astrology that need to be positively aligned in your birth chart to help you gain fame and wealth.

3. Is strong Saturn important to excel in sports?

A strong Saturn gives you the capability to fight the challenges that come your way during the process of achieving victory in sports.

4. What is planet Mars responsible for in sports?

The planet Mars makes individuals competitive in nature, making them have an optimistic attitude towards their goals and objectives that align with their sportsmanship.

5. What if my Sun is weak in sports astrology?

The weak Sun in your birth chart as a sports person brings a lot of challenges and downfall despite trying hard to gain success in this field.

6. Which houses play a significant role in being a booming athlete?

Some of the major houses that should be strong in your birth chart to make you a skilled sports player are 1st, 3rd, 6th and 10th House.

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