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Understanding the Influence of Vakri Graha in Kundali

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Vakri Graha in Kundali

If you think you hold the power to shape your destiny, you may be partly wrong and partly right. While you may hold one end of the string, the real control is in the hands of these planets. They are the ones responsible for writing the script of your life and deciding what twists and turns to send your way. But what if, instead of moving forward, these planets take a U-turn and go backwards? Let us introduce you to another interesting aspect of astrology called Vakri grahas, aka retrograde planets in astrology.

In short, having Vakri graha in kundali means inviting drama, chaos and mess into your life. So, what are you waiting for? Let us uncover the many layers of Vakri Graha in kundali and discover how they will impact your life. 

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What is the meaning of Vakri Graha in Kundali? 

The word ‘Vakri’ has been inspired by the Sanskrit word, which means twisted or indirect. So, instead of moving forward, these planets decide to move in the backward direction in a particular zodiac sign. The concept of retrograde planets in astrology has always been debatable. Some say that retrograde planets in kundli always show negative results, but some say that the results depend on their position in a particular zodiac sign. But don’t worry; we will make this concept easy to understand for you by giving a simple explanation. 

To understand the concept of Vakri graha in kundali, let’s imagine all these nine planets as students. Planets Sun and Moon fall under the category of frontbenchers, and planets Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are average students. And the troublemakers, Rahu and Ketu, let’s put them in the category of backbenchers. 

Just like the frontbenchers, the only goal of the planets, the Sun and Moon, is to move forward in a straight direction. For average students, nothing is fixed; either they can move in a forward direction or a backward direction. But being the backbenchers, Rahu and Ketu seem to be highly inspired by the word ‘back’ as they only move in a backward direction. So, being the frontbenchers, the Sun and Moon never go retrograde, but the troublemakers, Rahu and Ketu, are always in a retrograde direction. 

Planet  Duration of the Retrograde Motion  Stationary State of the Planet 
Saturn  140 Days  5 days before and after
Jupiter 120 Days 5 days before and after
Mars  80 Days 3 to 4 days before and after
Venus  42 Days 2 days before and after
Mercury  24 Days 1 day before and after

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Analysing the Effects of Retrograde Motion on Different Planets

Here comes the most interesting part: one by one, all the planets give you shocks by being in the retrograde mode in astrology. Some give you enough time to cope, while others leave no time to recover from these shocks and surprises. So, just to make you prepared in advance, let us decode the effects of retrograde motion on different planets. 

1. Saturn 

Imagine a person who works hard day and night tirelessly, not knowing when to stop. This is what you will become when Shani, aka Saturn, goes retrograde in the birth chart. In astrology, the planet Saturn revolves around hardships, obstacles and misery. So, with this, feelings like stress, anxiety, and depression become your constant companion.

Not only this, but the Shani vakri means making you transform into a greedy person, always desiring materialistic things. But not everything should be blamed on a person since the miseries or hardships he deals with make him a bit greedy and materialistic. Along with this, the blockage of Anahata Chakra makes him detached from everyone they were once close with. 

2. Mercury 

Wait for the chaotic and messy communication life when Mercury goes retrograde in your kundali. Either the Vakri grahas effects make you too talkative, like you don’t have the stop button or make you a quiet person. But why does it target your communication? The answer lies in the planet itself, Mercury being the planet of communication.

The energies of the Mercury retrograde planets in birth chart make you so intelligent that the others around you may develop an inferiority complex. But not only this, the retrograde Mercury may invite some money problems in your life. Since it blocks the Muladhara charka (responsible for the structure of the human body), you may expect minor health issues during this period. 

3. Mars 

Every two years, you get shocks and surprises in your power, nature and overall personality. Why? From an astrological point of view, Mars being the planet of aggression and power, goes retrograde every two years. Females with Mars retrograde planets in astrology struggle to figure out their masculine side since Mars is the one who deals with it. So, as a result, she either expresses or suppresses her masculine traits.

Also, the Mars retrograde blocks the Manipura chakra, which is responsible for balancing the energies into an individual. With an imbalance of energy and passion, there are strong chances that a person may get drawn towards illegal activities. 

4. Venus 

Having retrogrades planets in birth chart and not witnessing any major changes in love life seems hard to trust. Right? Meet the planet of love and relationships, Venus. When Venus goes retrograde in your kundali, it means that you are seeing all your relationships in a different light. Now, what does it mean?

If you were expressive before in your love life, this Vakri graha effects will make you a little shy when facing problems to share what you feel. Along with this, Venus retrograde messes up with the feminine levels of an individual. Either they act too feminine or get drawn towards the other side, which is masculinity. 

5. Jupiter 

Imagine the frustration when you know everything about a particular concept but are unable to express it to someone. Well, this is what happens when the planet of knowledge and wisdom goes retrograde in your kundali. The energies of Jupiter retrograde make you question your own knowledge and power.

Do you want to know the real reason behind all of this? The blockage of Vishuddha Chakra. This chakra makes you communicate and express yourself openly and confidently. Now, with the blocked Vishuddha Chakra, communication problems are obvious. 

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In your uninteresting life, Vakri grahas in kundali add a touch of magic and drama. Though at first, they seem a little problematic, having Vakri grahas in birth chart is no less than a blessing. For some, it would bring some chaos, but some would be blessed with growth and abundance. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What are the names of the Vakri Grahas?

In Vedic astrology, the Vakri grahas are the ones who move in a backward direction from the perspective of the Earth. Other than the Sun and Moon, the Vakri grahas are Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Mercury and Venus. Along with this, planets like Ketu and Rahu are always in retrograde ( vakri grahas).

2. What does a Vakri Graha means in astrology?

From the astrological point of view, when a planet goes vakri or retrograde, it feels like it is moving in a backward direction. Along with this, all its powers come to a halt, and usually, a vakri graha brings obstacles and challenges in an individual’s life.

3. What are the Vakri graha effects?

The Vakri graha effects depend on the nature of the planet as per astrology. For example, if the benevolent planet Jupiter goes retrograde, it usually enhances the good traits in an individual. But on the other hand, if the planet is malefic, such as Saturn, there is a strong chance that it will create hardships and problems.

4. What is Vakri and Margi in astrology?

The planets in astrology are categorised into three parts based on their movements. The first category is Margi grahas, which move in the direct direction from the Earth’s perspective. On the other hand, there are retrograde planets in birth chart, that move in a backward direction. Last is Atichari grahas, which move at a higher speed than usual.

5. What does a Shani Vakri means in astrology?

As per astrology, Shani Vakri means the planet Shani or Saturn moves in a backward direction from the Earth’s perspective. It is believed that if the planet Shani is favourable, it will attract good opportunities and fortune. On the contrary, if the planet is weak, then the individual has to bear losses in his life, be it career-wise or personal.

6. Are Vakri grahas good or bad?

Well, astrology says that Vakri grahas are not always bad or show malefic results. It totally depends on the nature of the planets that go retrograde. For example, if the malefic planet Rahu goes retrograde in birth chart, it will show negative results since the nature of the planet Rahu is to create obstacles in an individual’s life.

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