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Kendradhipati Dosha: Unlocking Its Hidden Effects In Astrology

By September 18, 2023December 27th, 2023No Comments
Kendradhipati Dosha

Have you ever felt like there were unseen forces influencing your life? Maybe certain areas of your life seem strangely blocked or restricted in ways you can’t quite put your finger on. If so, you’re not alone. According to Vedic astrology texts, there are many hidden influences that shape our lives – and Kendradhipati Dosha is one of them.

We’re going to explore what Kendradhipati Dosha is all about, how to determine if you have it in your own chart, and what you can do to avoid its effects. Get ready to decode the mysteries of this little-known but powerful Vedic astrology concept. 

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What is Kendradhipati Dosha in Astrology?

Kendradhipati Dosha refers to the unusual positioning of the rulers of certain key houses at the Kendra or centre of a birth chart. In Vedic astrology, the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses are called ‘Kendras’ or quadrants or angular houses. And their rulers or lords are known as ‘Kendradhipatis’. These four houses, or Kendras, are the pillars of your life and make you who you are. 

If these houses are a little shaky, then you may not have the right balance in your life. This dosha is thought to bring obstacles, struggles and delays in the areas governed by those houses and planets. However, it may not necessarily be malefic; it can sometimes favour you in the presence of benefic planets.

Significance of Kendradhipati Dosha In Astrology

Kendradhipati Dosha is not a defect or a completely negative dosha in reality. It just alters how normally things work for you if you belong to one of the ascendants affected by it.

  • Kendradhipathi Dosha happens when Jupiter, Venus, Mercury or Moon seats in the first, fourth, seventh or tenth house.
  • However, if you look closely at the chart that Vedic astrology follows, you may find the first house is a part of both the quadrant (Kendra) and the triangle (Trikona), 
  • This saves the first house natives from the Kendradhpoti dosha and instead offers them auspicious Raj yoga, and the associated planet is called the Yoga karaka planet.
  • Kendradhipati dosha significantly influences the dual signs (Gemini or Virgo, Cancer, Sagittarius and Pisces). In this situation, the 7th house’s lord becomes a Bhadaka planet – one who creates unseen problems.
  • The Bhadaka planets are Jupiter and Mercury, usually in Kendradhipati Dosha. While Moon and Venus do not cause any hindrance in the life of natives despite causing Kendradhipati dosha.
  • It’s quite rare that benefic planets cause any sort of blockage to your path. However, Kendradhipati dosha makes it possible. These blockages eventually favour you unless not in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu.

How Is Kendradhipati Dosha Formed in a Birth Chart?

Kendradhipathi Dosha formation primarily includes the activities of four Kendra houses (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th) and the four planets (Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Moon). When consulting an astrologer, one can identify Kendradhipati Dosha in the following manner.

1. Jupiter and Kendradhipati Dosha

Jupiter is a planet of expansion, but its benefits are manipulated when it contributes to Kendradhipati Dosha. When Jupiter is present in the Taurus, Libra, Gemini and Virgo signs in any of the Kendra houses, then this dosha is formed. This can cause troubles to the native’s education, career or personal life during Jupiter’s transit. However, if Jupiter is sitting in the lagna and is lord to any of the Trikona houses (1,5,9), then Kendradhipathi’s effects do not show.

2. Mercury and Kendradhipathi Dosha

Mercury is the planet of communication, and if it is present in Cancer, Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces in any of the centre houses or Kendras, then Kendradhipati Dosha is formed. This can influence the talking style of the native. He or she may face trouble explaining their viewpoints and establishing discussions. However, if Mercury sits in Gemini and Virgo in the Gemini lagna, then this dosha effect will not happen.

3. Venus and Kendradhipati Dosha

Venus is the planet of love and luxury, and if it is present in Cancer, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius sign in any of the centre or Kendra houses, then Kendradhipathi dosha will be formed. This effect will start showing as soon as Venus’s transit happens in any of the zodiac signs mentioned. So, natives may face problems in their love life and also some problems in their business.

4. Moon and Kendradhipati Dosha

Moon is a site of emotions, and if it is present in any of the Kendra houses with Taurus, Libra, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces signs, then Kendrahipati may form in a native’s horoscope. The Kendradhipati dosha starts to show its influence as soon as the Moon marks its transit in any of the mentioned zodiac signs along with, of course, the Kendra houses. This dosha can mentally affect the natives and also cause them confusion, fear and a victim of manipulators.

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Ascendants Affected by Kendradhipati Dosha

Due to the association of some ascendants with the Kendra houses and their respective lords, they are likely to be impacted by the Kendrashipati dosha. They are as follows:

1. Gemini Ascendant

Mercury rules Gemini. If Mercury is placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th house in a Gemini ascendant chart, it leads to Kendradhipati dosha. Let’s take an example. If Gemini is the ascendant and Jupiter is setting in Virgo zodiac, then Virgo natives may face troubles related to communication and focus.

2. Virgo Ascendant

Mercury also rules Virgo ascendant. If Mercury is placed in malefic houses, it creates Kendradhipati dosha, causing similar effects as in Gemini ascendant.

3. Cancer Ascendant

If Cancer is the ascendant in a horoscope and Venus is seated in the Capricorn zodiac sign during its Mahadasha or Antardasha, then the natives of Capricorn may have to face the ill effects of Kendradhipati dosha like misunderstanding with partners, business loss, etc.

4. Sagittarius Ascendant

If Sagittarius is the ascendant and Moon is in Pisces, then due to its association with the Kendra houses, the natives of Pisces may face the Kendradhipati dosha in Moon’s Mahadasha or Antardasha. They may have trouble expressing emotions and also issues in mental health.

5. Pisces Ascendant

Moon also rules the Pisces ascendants. So, when the Pisces ascendant is connected to a zodiac, the natives of the zodiac may face similar issues to the one seen for Sagittarius Ascendants.

Top 5 Effects of Kendradhipati Dosha In Astrology

The Kendradhipati Dosha can influence different areas of your life in both positive and negative ways. Let’s explore some of the major impacts this hidden aspect may have on you:

1. Health

When your Kendradhipati Dosha is afflicted, it can lead to health issues related to the house it rules. For example, if ruling the 6th house of health and illness, you may face chronic ailments or diseases that are hard to diagnose. Ruling the 8th house it could indicate health issues related to reproductive organs or sudden health crises.

2. Relationships

The Kendradhipati Dosha’s influence on your 7th house of relationships may lead to troubled marriages or partnerships. There could be communication gaps, trust issues or power struggles with your spouse or business partner. However, if well-placed, it can indicate a stable, loyal and fulfilling long-term relationship.

3. Career

An afflicted Kendradhipati Dosha related to your 10th house of career may create obstacles in your profession. You could face politics at work, difficulty getting promotions or career changes that don’t align with your talents and skills. However, a well-placed Kendradhipati Dosha in the 10th can bring career success recognition and help you achieve a position of leadership or authority.

4. Finances

The Kendradhipati Dosha’s connection to your 2nd house of wealth could lead to financial difficulties if afflicted. There may be a loss of assets, excessive spending, or lack of financial savings or stability. When favourable, however, it can indicate good earning potential, steady financial gains over time, and the accumulation of wealth.

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Remedies for Kendradhipati Dosha Cancellation

The following remedies can be considered to eliminate Kendradhipati dosha impacts.

1. Remedy if Kendradhipati Dosha happens due to Jupiter

  1. Fast on Thursday, 
  2. Donate bananas,
  3. Distribute gram and jaggery on Thursday.

2. Remedy if Kendradhipati Dosha happens due to Venus

  1. Worshiping the small girls is the best solution. 
  2. Along with this, gift Suhag’s commodities to the married women on Friday.
  3. Conduct Grah Shanti Puja for Venus on Fridays.

3. Remedy if Kendradhipati Dosha happens due to Mercury

  1. Feed green grass to the cow on Wednesday.
  2. Wear green emerald gemstones.
  3. Fast on Wednesdays.

4. Remedy if Kendradhipati Dosha happens due to Moon

  1. Wearing a yellow sapphire gemstone
  2. Donating yellow-coloured objects
  3. Reciting Brihaspati stotra


So there you have it, a peek into the mysteries of Kendradhipati Dosha. Now that you understand the basics, you can explore your own birth chart to determine if this affliction affects you. Don’t worry – as with all things in Vedic Astrology, there are remedies you can perform to avoid its negative impacts. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What exactly is Kendradhipati Dosha?

Kendradhipati Dosha occurs when the lords of angular houses – 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses – are in mutual angular houses or have aspects of each other. This can lead to obstacles and struggles in life.

2. How can I identify if I have Kewhatndradhipati Dosha in my chart?

Check if the ascendant lord is placed in the 4th, 7th or 10th house. Or if the 4th, 7th or 10th lord is placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house. Aspects between these lords can also cause this dosha.

3. What are the effects of Kendradhipati Dosha?

This dosha can lead to struggles with stability in life, difficulty settling into a home or career, challenges in relationships, and health issues related to stress or anxiety. However, the severity depends on the planets involved and other strengths in the chart.

4. Can Kendradhipati Dosha be remedied?

Yes, remedies like gemstones, mantras, charity and puja can help reduce this dosha’s influence. Building self-awareness, cultivating stability and balance in life, and working to strengthen relationships are also effective remedies.

5. Does everyone with Kendradhipati Dosha suffer in life?

No, a strong chart and self-awareness can help overcome this dosha. And in some cases, the mutual aspect or exchange between lords of angular houses can give a boost to prosperity and success in life.

6. Should I worry if I have Kendradhipati Dosha?

Having awareness about this dosha is helpful, but try not to worry excessively. With self-reflection and effort to establish stability in life, as well as the use of remedies, Kendradhipati Dosha’s challenging effects can be managed and its helpful effects enhanced.

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