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Importance Of Yoni Koota In Kundli Matching

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Yoni Koota In Kundli Matching

Do you know how stars can predict the overall future of your marriage? Well, according to Vedic Astrology, they certainly can! In hindu traditions, we match the Kundli of the Bride as well as the Groom. This is because the positions of their planets can influence their married life. One such aspect of Kundli matching is Yoni in Kundli. Yoni Koota in Kundli matching is a fascinating tool which tells about the overall physical compatibility of a couple. Therefore, to find out if you and your partner are compatible, keep reading to learn all about what is yoni in astrology!

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What is Yoni in Kundli?

In Vedic Astrology, people match the kundli of both the bride and groom. Basically, this is done according to Ashtakoot. Ashtakoot is divided into eight parts which further divide into thirty-six gunas. Therefore, this yoni compatibility chart predicts the compatibility of the couple in their married life. Furthermore, according to Ashtakootas, if more than eighteen gunas match, then the couple is a suitable match to get married.

Yoni Koota is the fourth aspect of kundli matching, according to Ashtakootas. Astrologers match the Yoni in Kundli of the bride and groom to predict the overall compatibility between the partners. Furthermore, it is in terms of sexual or physical attraction. Yoni koot in kundli gives us valuable information about the compatibility, harmony and also health of the offspring. 

Importance of Yoni Koota in Kundli

Yoni undoubtedly Holds a lot of significance while matching the kundlis of a couple. This would tell them about how physically as well as mentally compatible they are. Yoni koota gives us insights into many valuable things which can lead to a harmonious as well as fortunate marriage.

Sexual Compatibility

Yoni Koota matching certainly plays a crucial role in assessing the sexual compatibility between a couple. It determines their ability to connect well in a physical sense. Astrologers match Yoni Koota so that the couple can get an idea about their probable sexual dynamic.

Preventing Conflicts

Incompatible Yoni Kootas may signify potential conflicts as well as challenges in relationships. People can, therefore, identify these issues early on through Yoni in Kundli matching. This can help them gain a better overall understanding and effectively manage potential conflicts. Therefore, promoting a healthier relationship.

Mutual Attraction

Yoni in astrology matching certainly helps establish the level of attraction and chemistry between individuals. This indicates the presence of a strong physical as well as bond. This also indicates the future or the nature of the marriage in terms of physical attraction. 

Relationship Satisfaction

A favourable Yoni Koota match generally contributes to a more satisfying and calm relationship. This is because partners who share compatible sexual characteristics are more likely to understand as well as fulfil each other’s needs.

Rooted in Tradition

Yoni Koota matching holds a deep significance in traditional and cultural beliefs, especially in Vedic astrology. Many individuals and families follow these practices to ensure long-lasting marital happiness as well as compatibility. Additionally, Learning from ancient wisdom and teachings.

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Types of Yonis in Kundli

Do you want to know all about the types of yoni in astrology? Well, there are fourteen Yonis in vedic astrology. They basically come from the birth Nakshatras of an individual. Furthermore, these Yoni’s are classified according to the types of animals. Afterwards, they are further divided into males or females depending on the birth nakshatra of an individual. Each Yoni in Kundli further represents different characteristics, sexual urges and compatibility with others.

Yoni Name Yoni Type Nakshatras
Ashwa Yoni Horse Ashwini, Shatbheesha
Gaja Yoni Elephant Bharanu, Revati
Mesh Yoni Sheep Pushya, Kritika
Sarpa Yoni Serpent or snake Rohini, Mrigsheera
Shwan Yoni Dog Mool, Arda
Marjara Yoni Cat Ashlesha, Purnavasu
Mushaka Yoni Rat Magha, Purvaphalguni
Gau Yoni Cow Uttara Phalguni, Uttara Bhadrapad
Mahisha Yoni Buffalo Swati, Hasta
Vyagrah Yoni Tiger Vishakha, Chitra
Mriga Yoni Deer Jyeshtha, Anuradha
Vanara Yoni Monkey Purvashada, Sharavana
Nakul Yoni Mongoose Uttarashada, Abhijeet
Singha Yoni Lion Purva Bhadrapad, Dhanishtha

What Each Yoni Name Represents?

Now, let us find out what each yoni name represents:

  • Ashwa (Horse) This Yoni represents strength, energy, as well as passion. Therefore, individuals with this Yoni have a strong sexual drive and a desire for adventure.
  • Gaj (Elephant) Gaj Yoni symbolises loyalty, stability, as well as emotional depth. Individuals of this Yoni are, therefore, gentle, patient, and committed in relationships.
  • Mesha (Sheep) Mesha Yoni is characterised by a strong as well as a dominant nature. Individuals associated with this Yoni are passionate and also driven.
  • Sarpa (Snake) Sarpa Yoni represents sensuality, intensity and also transformation. Individuals of Yoni have deep emotional connections and also a mysterious aura.
  • Shwan (Dog) Shwan Yoni is associated with loyalty, devotion, and companionship. Hence, these people are faithful, protective, as well as supportive in relationships.
  • Marjara (Cat) Marjar Yoni meaning represents playfulness, independence, and also sensuality. People of this Yoni are charming, adaptable, as well as expressive in their relationships.
  • Mushaka (Mouse) Mushaka Yoni basically has a curious nature. Individuals connected to this Yoni are adaptable, intelligent, and also quick to explore new experiences.
  • Gau (Cow) Gau Yoni represents nurturing, stability, as well as abundance. Individuals of this Yoni are caring, patient, and also devoted in relationships.
  • Mahisha (Buffalo) Mahisha Yoni is associated with strength as well as determination. The individuals of this Yoni are hardworking and also protective.
  • Vyaghra (Tiger) Vyaghra Yoni in astrology represents power, courage, and overall dominance. Individuals of this Yoni are bold as well as passionate.
  • Mriga (Deer) Mriga Yoni represents grace, gentleness, as well as sensitivity. Therefore, these people are compassionate and nurturing in their relationships.
  • Vanara (Monkey) Vanara Yoni particularly represents playfulness, wit, and curiosity. Individuals with this Yoni in Kundli are lively, adaptable, and also fun-loving partners.
  • Nakula (Mongoose) Nakula Yoni is associated with agility, intelligence, and overall adaptability. Individuals of this Yoni are flexible as well as communicative.
  • Simha (Lion) Simha Yoni represents leadership, confidence, and strength. Individuals with this Yoni in Kundli are passionate and particularly protective of their loved ones.   

Calculation of Yoni Compatibility

Yoni in Astrology means the overall sexual compatibility between a couple. Therefore, the calculation of the Yoni in Kundali gives us information about how in sync a couple would be. So, we can find out the compatibility of a couple by observing the points in the chart. The combinations of yonis of the bride and groom match to give specific scores.

If a couple receives 4 points, they are surely the most compatible. This is the highest score of the Yoni Koota matching. Whereas if a couple receives 0 points, they are a highly incompatible match. Here is a Yoni matching chart for marriage and to check your overall compatibility.

Calculation of Yoni Compatibility

Interpretation of Yoni Koota Compatibility 

  • When the animals in the couple’s Kundli are friendly, it is a compatible match.
  • The couple can also be compatible if their Yoni animals are Neutral in nature.
  • A couple would not be compatible if the animals of their Yoni in Kundli opposed each other.
  • The groom’s Yoni in Kundli should have a male animal
  • Whereas the bride’s Yoni in Kundli should have a female animal. This combination gives great sexual compatibility.
  • The couple experiences average compatibility if both the Kundlis of the husband as well as the wife have both male or female animals. 
  • When the groom’s yoni animal is female, and the bride’s yoni animal is male, It is surely an inauspicious match. Therefore it means that both would end up bitter about their sexual relationships.
  • The match is highly inauspicious, according to Yoni in astrology, if both of their animal signs are enemy signs.

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The Five Types of Yoni Combinations in Kundli 

Same Yoni – If both couples have the same Yoni, they will basically receive 4 points. This is the best condition. It is because it signifies the highest level of compatibility.

Friend Yoni– If a couple’s yoni animals are friendly to each other, then they will get 3 points. Hence, this match is also a good match for sexual compatibility. 

Neutral Yoni – If a couple’s Yoni in kundli has neutral animals, then both of them have a moderate level of compatibility. In such a match, they receive 2 points.

Opposite Yoni – If a couple’s Yoni in kundli has opposite nature, then this is not an ideal situation. It may mean conflict during their relationship. 1 point is given to such a match.

Enemy Yoni– If a couple’s Yoni has animals that are enemies, o points are given. Hence, this is a highly incompatible match. This can also lead to certain health problems.


In conclusion, Yoni Koota matching, as part of Kundli matching, plays a significant role in assessing sexual compatibility. While it holds importance in traditional astrology, individuals should also consider other factors and make decisions about their relationships based on personal preferences, compatibility, and shared values. Planning to get married soon? We at InstaAstro have our dedicated pandits to help you with Kundli matching and other auspicious ceremonies. Check out our website and download the app!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Yoni in Kundali meaning?

Yoni Koota in Kundali means the possible overall sexual compatibility between a couple. It signifies a healthy as well as fortunate relationship.

2. How many types of Yoni are there?

The yoni koot has 14 classifications: Horse, Elephant, Sheep, Snake, Dog, Cat, Rat, Cow, Buffalo, Tiger, Hare/Deer, Monkey, Lion, and Mongoose.

3. How many points are good for Yoni?

Four is the highest score of Yoni Koota in Kundli. Furthermore, it means the highest level of compatibility.

4. Is it necessary to have a high Yoni Koota score for an overall successful relationship?

A high Yoni Koota score indicates a higher level of compatibility in terms of sexual and emotional connection. However, a successful relationship depends on multiple factors. Other aspects of Kundli matching and the overall compatibility should also be considered.

5. How is Yoni matched?

In Yoni Koota matching, the yonis of the partners are compared. Some yonis are considered compatible, while others are not. The matching score is determined based on these comparisons.

6. What does sarp Yoni mean?

Individuals with Sarp Yoni in Kundli have characteristics like that of a snake. They are faithful as well as extremely loyal. People with this Yoni make great sexual partners.

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