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Importance of Vasya Koota in Kundli Matching

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Vasya Koota in Kundli Matching

Have you ever wondered how astrology could tell the compatibility between two individuals? Ancient learning has given us marriage astrology. It can predict the success as well as the nature of a marriage. In Hindu traditions, people give a lot of importance to Kundli matching. Vasya Koota holds great importance in this process. But what exactly is Vasya in astrology, and what importance of vasya koota in kundli matching? Keep reading to know the answers.

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What is Vasya Koota in Kundli?

In Astrology, people match the Kundlis of a couple before they marry. Ashtakoot matching is the process of matching eight kootas, which means eight parts or divisions. Therefore, eight kootas have a total of 36 points. These points are matched when we match kundlis. The couple with the highest score lead a happy and also harmonious married life.

The second Koota out of the eight is Vashya. Vashya means ‘to be in control’. Astrologers determine Vashya in Kundli by comparing the zodiac signs of the bride and groom. Therefore, Vasya in astrology represents the mental compatibility of a couple. It also indicates the power dynamic between the couple and their ability to influence each other in the marriage.

The person whose zodiac sign has control is more dominant in the marriage. Therefore, the purpose of checking Vashya is to prevent possible conflicts between the couple in the future.

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Importance of Vasya koota in Kundli Matching

In ancient times, people used Vasya Koota for different reasons. It was to determine if a husband would have control over his wife. However, nowadays, it’s used to check if a couple has a compatible relationship. 

As society evolves, old principles and ideologies are being replaced. But, many astrology enthusiasts and strong devotees still give importance to Vasya Koota in kundli matching even today. According to Vasya in astrology, marriage is successful if the husband’s Vashya is superior to the wife’s.

Understanding Compatibility

Vasya Koota helps us understand the power dynamics of a marriage. It can assess the level of dominance and control between partners. Therefore it gives us valuable knowledge of the balance of power within the relationship.


Vasya in astrology can tell us about how well partners communicate and make decisions. It also helps them negotiate and find common ground. Understanding Vashya in Kundli influence can lead to better communication and a smooth relationship.

Identifying and Resolving Issues

Vasya Koota in marriage can help a couple identify their problems. Additionally, it tells about the areas the couple needs to pay attention to. It is a guide for couples to identify areas of conflict, make healthy boundaries, and also work on developing a relationship.

Types of Vasya in Astrology

There are five types of Vasya in Astrology. Each of them symbolises different characteristics and personality traits. Therefore, All twelve zodiac signs fall under each of the five Vasyas.

  • Chatushpada (Quadruped) – First half of Capricorn, Taurus, Aries, Second half of Sagittarius.
  • Nara (Human) – Virgo, Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, First half of Sagittarius.
  • Jalchar (The water dweller) – Pisces, cancer, Second half of Capricorn.
  • Vanacara (Wild beast) – Leo
  • Keeta (Insects) – Scorpio

Chatushpada Vasya

This Vasya in astrology is stubborn in nature. People with this Vasya are usually headstrong. Therefore, they can have certain issues with adjustment because of their non-flexible nature. Aries, Taurus, the First half of Capricorn and the Second half of Sagittarius fall under Chatu Vasya in astrology. These people are best fit with fellow quadrupeds. However, they can also adjust with Naras and Keetas. They are the most incompatible with Vanacaras.

Nara Vasya

Nara or Manav Vasya in astrology are empaths. They think of other people and also the society. People belonging to Nara Vashya in Kundli are driven and also practical in nature. These include Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius and the first half of Sagittarius signs. Naras are the most comfortable with Naras themselves. They can also accommodate Jalchars.

Jalchar Vasya

Jalchar Vasya people are usually kind and passionate. However, they can also be anxious and restless by nature. The signs Cancer, Pisces and the second half of Capricorn fall under the water dweller Vasya in astrology. They are also flexible in nature. Therefore, people having Jalchar Vasya can go well with any other Vasyas.

Vanacara Vasya

Vanacara means wild beast. Leos are the signs which fall under the Vanacara Vasya. The lion is the symbol of the zodiac, which indicates its fierce nature. Therefore, people falling under Vanacara Vasya in astrology are great leaders and can be controlling. Since other Vasya animals are the food of wild beasts, Vanacara people have problems adjusting to other Vasyas.

Keeta Vasya

Keeta or the insects like to keep their feelings hidden. They are also ambitious and passionate individuals. Scorpio is the zodiac falling under the Keeta Vasya in astrology. People belonging to this Vasya are the most comfortable with fellow Keetas. However, they can also adjust with humans or Nara Vasya in Kundli.

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How to calculate Vasya Koota compatibility 

Vasya Koota in marriage is based on the Moon Sign at the birth of an individual. We are already aware of the meaning of Vasya, that is, control. Therefore, Vashya Koota also considers the nature of various zodiac signs. Vashya matching, also called Vashya Koota, aims to identify which zodiac sign can effectively influence the other in a relationship. This involves comparing the moon signs of both the bride and groom.

Bride Groom

Chatushpada Nara Jalchar Vanacara Keeta
Chatushpada 2 1 1 1.5 1
Nara 1 2 1.5 0 1
Jalchar 1 1.5 2 1 1
Vanacara 0 0 0 2 0
Keeta 1 1 1 0 2

Interpretation of Vasya Koota compatibility

  1. In Vashya matching, if both the Bride and the Groom have moon signs that belong to the same group, they will receive a perfect score of two points.
  2. According to Vashya matching, one point is awarded when the groom’s Vasya has control over the bride’s Vashya.
  3. When the Bride’s Vasya is eatable by the Vasya of the groom, a half-point is given.
  4. In the rest of all combinations, no point is given.

Harmonious score 

Two or one and a half are extremely good, as well as harmonious scores for Vasgya in Kundli. This score signifies the highest level of compatibility. It is because the male partner’s Nakshatra holds influence over the female partner’s Nakshatra. Therefore, having Two or One and a half as a score indicates a harmonious and balanced relationship. There is also a strong sense of mutual understanding, respect, and cooperation in such a relationship. This score suggests a high potential for a successful and also fulfilling relationship.

Moderate Score 

A score that represents good compatibility, as well as some obstacles, is one. While not as ideal as the previous one, this score still represents a favourable level of compatibility. There is usually a decent level of understanding as well as compatibility between the partners. Although, there might be occasional challenges that may arise in the relationship. With effort and effective communication, the relationship has the potential to thrive and, therefore, it can be successful. 

Inauspicious score 

Zero is the least score of Vashya in Kundli. This score indicates the lowest level of compatibility. It represents a highly inauspicious match. Therefore, it suggests a high level of arguments and also clashes between the partners. Such a relationship may face significant challenges and obstacles. Therefore, it is important to carefully evaluate the compatibility with other Kootas and seek guidance before proceeding with such a match. 

Though zero represents the lowest compatibility, there are certain exceptions. In these rare cases, Kundlis are not considered incompatible despite having a score of zero. It happens under the following circumstances-

  • The lord Moon sign of the bride and groom’s zodiacs is the same
  • If the Lord Moon signs of the bride and groom’s zodiacs are friendly
  • According to Navamsh Kundli, if the Lord moon signs of the two zodiacs are friendly or compatible

In conclusion, Vasya Koot plays a crucial role in determining compatibility in Kundli matching. There are five Vasyas—Chatushpada, Vanacara, Jalchar, Keeta, as well as Nara. They provide insights into the dynamics as well as harmony between partners. Therefore, marrying according to complimentary Vasyas can be very beneficial. At InstaAstro, we have exceptional astrologers who can guide you if you are planning to marry. Visit our website and download the app!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is Chatushpada meaning in astrology?

Chatushpada is the Vasya that has four-legged animals or creatures as its symbols.

2. What is Vashya meaning in English?

Vashya comes from the Sanskrit word, which means ‘control’.

3. What is Vasya Dosha?

Vasya Dosha is a condition that arises in Kundli matching when there is a lack of compatibility between the Vasya Koota of the partners. Therefore, It is considered an inauspicious factor because it may bring challenges or obstacles in the relationship.

4. Are there any remedies for unfavourable Vasya Koota scores?

Vasya in astrology has 2 points out of the 36, which should match. It is because, due to changing times, gender roles have been blurred significantly. Therefore, even if you have a low Vasya Koota score, you do not have to worry.

5. What does a high Vasya Koota score indicate?

A harmonious and balanced relationship is evident from this score. Therefore, it indicates a strong sense of mutual understanding, respect, and cooperation between the individuals.

6. What are the types of Vasya in astrology?

There are five types of Vasya in astrology- Chatushpada, Naram Jalchar, Vanacara and Keeta.

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