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Kalathra Dosha Effects And Ways To Remove Them!

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Kalathra Dosha Effects

Have you ever heard of Kalathra Dosham? It’s a concept in Vedic astrology that tells us about the influence of the planets in marriage. Kalathra Dosham can cause many problems as well as obstacles in a marriage. When we compare the Kundlis of the bride and the groom, we also look for this Dosham. We do this to remove the negative Kalathra Dosham effects so that a couple can experience a happy marriage. In this blog, we will learn more about Kalathra Dosham meaning, its ill effects and how to reverse them!

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Kalathra Dosham Meaning 

The seventh house of a horoscope is the Kalathra Sthanam. This means Kalathra house. The Kalathra house is the house of your spouse. It is also related to compatibility as well as other aspects of a marriage. Kalathra Dosh means the inauspicious formation of planets. The adverse Kalathra Dosham effects can cause various problems related to marriage. When a couple faces this Dosham, they can experience conflicts as well as misunderstandings. In some cases, this Dosha can also lead to death. Kalathra Dosh can bring unhappiness and misfortune to a marriage. 

How is Kalathra Dosham Formed

There are various planets in Astrology which have ill effects on a person’s horoscope. These planets are Sun, Mars, Rahu and Ketu. In astrology, they are known as Paap graha or malefic planets. This is because they strongly affect an individual’s life in a negative way. If the planets place themselves in the wrong house of a person’s kundli, they form doshas. 

  • When these unkind planets place themselves in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house, they form Kalathra Dosh.
  • However, this Dosham mostly forms when a negative planet influences the 7th house of the Kundli.
  • In the Male Horoscope, the seventh house is the house of Venus. Whereas in the female horoscope, the seventh house is Jupiter’s house.
  • When a harmful planet influences the ruler of the seventh house, it forms Kalathra Dosha.
  • If Venus, as well as Ketu, are in the seventh house together, it is a condition for the formation of this Dosha.
  • Kalathra Dosha is also formed when Ketu is alone in the seventh house or the Kalathra Sthanam.
  • Additionally, if there is no connection between the 2nd, 7th and 11th houses in the Kundli, it forms this Dosha. This means that there will be a major delay in the marriage.

Kalathra Dosham Effects

1. Delay in Marriage

This Dosha can have a negative effect on the time of your marriage. If you have a partner or fiance, you can face trouble getting married because of this Dosha. Your engagement can also get called off, or you may face problems finding a Shubh Muhurat for marriage. Therefore, this Dosham can postpone your marriage. It can also lead to the cancellation of your marriage.

2. Unhappy Marriage

The ill Kalathra Dosham effects can make your marriage unhealthy. It can lead to various fights as well as conflicts between a couple. You might find your marriage to be toxic. Furthermore, this can lead to either of the couple being disloyal. Therefore, none of the partners will stay happy or grow in the relationship.

3. Separation

This Dosh can cause many misunderstandings between a couple. Therefore, it can lead to separation or divorce. This Dosha makes it difficult for couples to tolerate each other. It can cause a difference of opinions as well as major fights and conflicts. Hence, they may drift apart or separate.

4. Death of Spouse

Kalathra Dosham effects can be very harmful sometimes. It can also lead to the death of a partner in some cases. Therefore, this is one of the worst Kalathra Dosham effects. The partners can also experience many serious problems related to overall health. This Dosha negatively affects the health and well-being of a couple.

5. Difficulty in Finding a Partner

Kalathra Dosham effects also make it difficult to find a partner. It can lead to breakups in a relationship. This Dosham creates many challenges in the way of getting married. You might not be able to find a partner or get married easily due to Kalathra Dosha. Therefore, you might not be able to marry according to your choice.

6. Family Problems

Additionally, because of this Dosha, you may face problems with your family. Your family members may disapprove of your partner. There can also be conflicts between your spouse and your family members. This can disturb the peace and harmony of the house. This Dosham makes it very difficult to maintain a positive environment at home.

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Remedies to remove Kalathra Dosham

When people face certain Doshas in their Kundli, they perform various remedies to cancel its negative effects. These remedies are also known as Pariharam. You can perform Kalathra Dosham Pariharam after marriage to reverse the negative Kalathra Dosham effects.

1. Kalathra Dosha Nivaranam 

This Pariharam is a very effective remedy to reduce the ill effects of Kalathra Dosham. You can perform this on Fridays and Sundays. This will give you maximum benefits and help you avoid conflicts and other issues which are caused by Kalathra Dosh.

2. Marriage with Banana Tree

Couples with Kalathra Dosha in their Kundli can marry with a Banana tree before marriage. Astrologers suggest this because it transfers the ill effects of this Dosha to the tree. Therefore, doing this can help a couple reduce the negative effects of this Dosha.

3. Kumbh Vivah

Kumbh is a Kalash or a pot which is auspicious. People use the Kalash in many religious events in Hinduism. Therefore, people marry Kalash before the actual marriage. This can help a couple gain prosperity and peace in their married life.

4. Anna Danam 

Doing charitable deeds can also reverse the effects of KalathraDosham. Therefore, you can donate food to those who are in need. This is also called Anna Danam. You can do this on Fridays as they are auspicious days to perform donations.

5. Pray to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati

Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati can bring prosperity to a couple. By praying to them, you can seek their blessings. Therefore, this will cancel the ill effects of Kalathra Dosh, and you can bring happiness to your marriage.

6. Visiting Temples

There are temples which can remove this Dosha from your Kundli. Sri Kalahastheeswara Temple, Andhra Pradesh, Sri Naganatha Swami Temple as well Keezhaperumpallam, Tamil Nadu, are some of the Kalathra Dosham Pariharam temple.

7. Helping a couple

Additionally, to reverse the Kalathra Dosham effects, you can help a couple in need. You can do so by helping them get married. You should also pray for their happiness and the success of their marriage.

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Kalathra Dosham Pooja Vidhi

The couple can perform this Pooja to get rid of Kalathra dosha effects. 

Before Starting any pooja, Hindus pray to Lord Ganesha. He is the god of auspicious beginnings. Therefore, people perform Vinayaka Pooja or Ganesh Pooja to receive Lord Ganesha’s blessings.

In Hindu rituals, Kalash holds a lot of significance. People bring Kalash to their homes and pray to it. This is because doing so can bring positivity to your house. Hence, your Kalathra Dosh pooja will be done in a pure environment.

Afterwards, couples perform the Kalthara Jaap. It is a Mantra that reduces the effects of this Dosham. People chant this Jaap so that they can have a happy and successful marriage.

Then, they perform the Navgraha Homam. People perform Navgraha Homam to correct the wrong positions of the nine planets in their Kundli. Therefore, doing this corrects their ill effects.

After any Pooja or Ritual, Hindus perform Purnahuti. In this ritual, they offer a mix of ingredients to the holy fire. Doing this is the most auspicious way to finish any rituals and seek the blessings of the gods.

Afterwards, they distribute the prasad to the entire family. This gives the benefits of the Pooja to the whole family. It also helps maintain good relationships with family members.


In conclusion, knowing about these doshas can help us eradicate their ill effects in advance. Kalathra Dosh has various negative effects on marriage. However, by finding out this Dosha in Kundli, we can ensure a harmonious and peaceful marriage. We at InstaAstro have our Pandits and astrologers to help you with Kundli matching and Identifying these Doshas. Visit our website and download the app!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to know if you have Kalathra Dosham?

You can know if you have Kalathra Dosham by observing your Kundli. If Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th house from the Lagna or moon, then there is Kalathra Dosha.

2. What is Kalathra Dosham for Female?

Kalathra Dosham for females can cause problems in their marriages or getting married. It happens when a negative planet influences Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet in their seventh house.

3. How do I remove Kalathra Dosham?

You can remove Kalathra Dosha by consulting an astrologist. You can also perform remedies like Kalathra Dosha Nivaranam Pooja, donate to the needy as well as visit temples to remove the negative effects.

4. Can Kalathra Dosham cause permanent marital problems?

While Kalathra Dosham brings challenges to married life, it does not guarantee permanent marital problems. You can get rid of those problems by performing remedies to reduce the effects of this Dosham.

5. Is Kalathra Dosham more common in certain astrological signs?

Kalathra Dosham can occur in any astrological sign depending on the placement of planets in the birth chart. It is not specific to particular signs.

6. Can a person with Kalathra Dosham marry someone without the dosha?

Yes, a person with Kalathra Dosham can marry someone without the dosha. However, you should perform rituals like Kumbh Vivah or Marry to the banana tree to transfer the negative effects of this Dosham.

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