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Thrissur Pooram Festival 2024: Celebrating Unity In Diversity!

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Thrissur Pooram Festival 2024_ Celebrating Unity In Diversity!

The Thrissur Pooram Festival is the most awaited and magnificent Hindu festival celebrated in Kerela. This festival is an excellent reflection of Kerala’s cultural diversity and attractiveness. The Thrissur Pooram is also known as Asia’s most significant festival and is celebrated annually. So, to bring forth the festive mood, let’s learn more about this festival. 


Thrissur Pooram Dates and Timings 

  • Thrissur Pooram 2024 date: 19th April (Friday) 
  • Venue: Thekkinkadu Maidanam in Thrissur District 
  • Pooram Nakshathram Begins: 10:57 on Apr 19, 2024
  • Pooram Nakshathram Ends: 14:04 on Apr 20, 2024

What is the Thrissur Pooram Festival? 

Thrissur Pooram is a prominent and grand Hindu festival celebrated in April or May every year. The Malayalam calendar celebrates it on Pooram when the full moon is in transit through the Purva Phalguni or Pooram Nakshatra. This festival marks the unity between the people of Kerala, who come together to celebrate this temple festival. 

Moreover, as it falls in the summer, this festival is called the Summer Harvest Festival. Its celebration began 200 years ago, during the era of the ruler of the kingdom of Cochin, Shakthan Thampuran. Every year, people worldwide come to witness the beauty of this festival and have excellent experiences. 

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History behind the celebration of Thrissur Pooram

Let’s take you back to the 18th and 19th centuries when the celebration of Thrissur Pooram was not yet established. It was during the time of King Raja Rama Verma, who ruled over the kingdom of Cochin. He initiated the celebration of Arattupuzha Pooram and made it the only Pooram festival in the region. 

However, during the celebration of Arattupuzha Pooram, the people of Thrissur were late due to heavy rainfall. They were restricted from entering and celebrating the festivals when they reached the venue. All the people were angry and disappointed and thus asked for justice from King Raja Rama Verma. 

Hearing this, King Raja Rama suggested the people of Thrissur celebrate their festival in their region. He asked the people of Thrissur to bring all the dieties of nearby ten temples to Vadakkunnathan Thrissur Pooram temple and celebrate their temple festival. It is how the origin of Thrissur Pooram started, and it turned out to be the most massive and beautiful celebration. 

Why is the Thrissur Pooram Temple festival Celebrated? 

Some of the essential factors that make the festival of Thrissur Pooram more significant and splendid are: 

  • The festival is celebrated in the Vadakkunnathan Temple, where people gather from nearby villages and bring their dieties along. It is a way to pay homage to Lord Shiva and seek blessings for the overall community and the upliftment of the state. 
  • The unity between the people who come together to celebrate this festival and make it auspicious and grand. All the neighbourhood natives join for the celebration, where they meet, and a vast community is built.
  • During this festival, many cultural shows are presented, such as fireworks (Vedikkettu), elephant parades, and musical festivals (Chenda Melam and Pancha Vadyam) that represent and showcase the beauty of Kerela. 
  • Thrissur Pooram has been declared the most extensive festival with huge gatherings, and almost everyone worldwide comes to witness it. This makes it an attractive tourist destination where people get a glimpse of cultural beauty. 

How is Thrissur Pooram Celebrated? 

When you visit the Thrissur Pooram temple festival, you can witness many cultural shows and other activities that make the festival successful and extravagant. So, let’s take a look. 

1. Kodiyettam (Flag Hoisting) 

The celebration starts with flag hoisting, which takes place seven days before the festival. This flag-hoisting ceremony, known as the Kodiyettam, announces the beginning of Thrissur Pooram.

2. Poora Vilambaram (Opening the door of Vadakkunnathan temple) 

The second celebration is the Poora Vilambaram when the decorated elephant pushes the south entrance gate of the Vadakkunnathan temple. This ceremony occurs while the elephant carries Neithilakkavilamma, the idol, on its back. 

3. Vedikettu: First Round of Fireworks

The first round of fireworks is presented as a rehearsal on the fourth day of Pooram festival. This firework is performed for one hour, competing between Thiruvambady and Paramekkavu Devaswoms, representing five temples each. 

4. Caparisoned Elephants

The Caparisoned elephants are beautifully decorated with gold ornaments and flowers. This is the most attractive show, where over 50 elephants stand in a parade line to showcase their talents and creativity. 

5. Kudamattom (Exchange of Umbrellas) 

The major activity witnessed during the Thrissur festival is exchanging umbrellas between the two temples. This is a fun and competitive event where natives of different temples represent their beautifully decorated umbrellas. People spend a huge amount of money and time designing umbrellas. Also, the fascinating thing is that new umbrellas are made from scratch every year, showcasing people’s competitive nature. 

6. Ilanjithara Melam (Musical Show) 

The Ilanjithara Melam and Panchavadyam start early in the morning when almost 200 music artists come to participate in and perform in this huge festival. The artists’ performances take place at the Ilanji tree in Vadakkunnathan temple. This is also a significant attraction, and people worldwide come to witness the talent and art of musicians representing the culture of Kerela. 

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7. Pakal Vedikkettu (Final Round of Firework) 

On the seventh day of Thrissur Pooram, the final round of the fire show is presented, and Thiruvambady and Paramekkavu compete. The show lasts for many hours, and the sky is brightened with beautiful colours and fireworks, adding excitement and energy to the festival. This round marks the end of the Thrissur Pooram festival. 

8. Punacharam Cholli Piriyal (Closing Ceremony) 

The Thrissur Pooram festival ends when the ten respective idols of dieties bought from the nearby temples are sent back with huge fireworks, accompanied by decorated elephants, music, and dance. This is how all the ceremonies of Thrissur Pooram are completed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What are the 2024 Thrissur Pooram timing and dates?

The Thrissur Pooram festival 2024 will be celebrated on 19th April  (Friday). The timings for the ceremony begin from 10:57 AM on Apr 19 and will end at 02:04 PM on Apr 20, 2024.

2. Where is the Thrissur pooram festival celebrated?

The Thrissur Pooram festival will be celebrated in Thekkinkadu Maidanam in Vadakkunnathan Thrissur Pooram temple in Thrissur District.

3. What makes the pooram festival special and unique?

The Thrissur Pooram temple festival is a great celebration in itself, and people from all over the world come to witness its beauty. It shows the unity among the people as people from all religions put in all their efforts to make this festival a huge grandeur.

4. What are things to witness in Thrissur pooram 2024?

A lot of interesting activities and ceremonies make the festival of Thrissur pooram grand and extravagant. You will get to witness the art of musicians, captivating fireworks, exchange of umbrella ceremonies, an Elephant parade and much more.

5. What is the significance of celebrating the Thrissur temple festival?

The main significance of celebrating the Thrissur festival is to honour Lord Shiva, who is present as a deity in Vadakkunnathan. It is also known as Asia’s greatest festival due to its huge cultural beauty and tourist attractions.

6. Who initiated the celebration of the Thrissur temple festival?

King Raja Rama Verma, also known as Sakthan Thampuran, initiated the Thrissur temple festival. He suggested that the people of Thrissur celebrate their own separate temple festival by gathering the people and the deities of their temples.

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