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Significance of Arudha Lagna in Kundali Reading

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InstaAstro welcomes you to the world of astrology with another exciting topic, “Arudha Lagna”. What is Arudha Lagna? Are you curious to learn about this important aspect of Kundali reading? Then let’s start! Arudha Lagna is one major lagna as kundali reading, depicting how society acknowledges you. These people could be associated with our regular or professional lives. Moreover, you could also define career rise and success as per this Lagna.

If you wish to know everything in detail, keep reading this blog until the end; we will share the importance and analysis of Arudha Lagna. This blog also contains calculations, analysis and certain implications of Arudha Lagna as per astrology. Moreover, to learn more about astrology, you can visit our official website, “InstaAstro”. We also have live sessions and in-house astrologers if you want help related to kundali bhagya reading and remedies. If you are a first-time user, you could get your first consultation for just Rs 1/.

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What is Lagna in astrology?

Are you wondering what is lagna in vedic astrology? Well, Lagna, or ascendent as per Vedic astrology, is the rising sign on the eastern horizon when a person is born. Let’s simplify with an example; as we all know, the Sun rises from the east and sets in the west. Similar is the case with stars. Every rising star or Lagna rises from the east and sets in the west. However, because of the Sun, we can’t see stars rising throughout the day. But they keep rising and setting for 24 hours every day.

So if we calculate mathematically, every star has a duration of almost 2 hours in the sky. This placement of a star during our birth decides our Lagna or rising star. Moreover, as we all know, the earth rotates around the Sun, and this changes the lagna with time and location. Hence, this is why kundali reading needs a person’s actual birth time and location to see the correct lagna.

Lagna in astrology

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What is Arudha Lagna?

Let’s start with a simple question, “What is Arudha Lagna?”. As per Vedic astrology shastra, Arudha Lagna is very important if you want to know how your social life will be. This is because a person has three sides to his personality, one with the outer world (people we regularly meet), one with the safer world (our loved ones: family and friends) and lastly, one that he shares with himself only. 

But these are the aspects where we try to represent ourselves. You could also seek changes you must make to improve your social status as per this Lagna. However, with the help of Arudha Lagna, you could see how people see you and what impact your personality and contact make on them. 

Moreover, this lagna in your kundali could depict the best profession for you and your success rate. Celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra Jones, and more have strong implications for Arudha lagna. Also, you could say they have chosen their careers according to their Arudha Lagna. 


Arudha Lagna: Significance of Arudha Lagna in kundali

“Arudha Lagna” is one of the most important lagnas in astrology. In this section, we will speak about what is the significance of Arudha Lagna in our lives. Let’s take a look at different sections affected by the strong influence of Arudha Lagna in our Kundali. 

Significance of Arudha Lagna for Social Status

Arudha Lagna interprets how the outer world sees us. Also, what impression do we leave on others through our words and actions? Like if you are a shy and introverted person but it may be possible that others see you as an arrogant and egoistic individual. Someone who doesn’t like to open up to everyone; however, the reality is not what they see. With the depiction of your Arudha Lagna, you could improve or change what others think of you. You could certainly make them see what you want to be in front of them. 

Significance of Arudha Lagna for Career 

People who want to pursue public speaking or become a public figure but aren’t sure where they should start with? Then astrology might give you certain answers by revealing what your Arudha Lagna in Kundali states. Another very important use of this Lagna is depicting which career is best for you, or you could change from where you are to what you want to be. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Well, astrology is filled with such surprises.  

Significance of Arudha Lagna for Love and Relationships

Love could be hard to get, Right? But how about we say that you could totally impress someone by using astrology? Well, it’s very true. Your Arudha Lagna could tell how bad or good an impression you made on the person you are trying to impress. Moreover, could you suggest changes that you could make so that you could have that second date? Even if you are in a committed relationship then too this Lagna could give you answers to all your queries. 

Arudha Lagna for Love and Relationships

Arudha Lagna: Calculation and Analysis 

In this section, we will take a look at how to calculate Arudha lagna. We will also talk about what this lagna means as per your zodiac with examples. Let’s scroll down and read more in detail.  

Arudha Lagna Calculation

How can you calculate your own Arudha Lagna? What does it imply? What are your Arudha Lagna Predictions? In this section, we have simplified the process of calculating it in the following steps:

  • We will see through an example: Like if we want to Calculate Arudha Lagna for a person having Scorpio Zodiac. We will first look for the ruling planet of the Scorpio Zodiac, i.e. Pluto.
  • Now, we will look for where Pluto is placed in your kundali. Suppose it is in the eighth House of the birth chart; then, we have to calculate eight houses ahead of the eighth House.
  • After calculating, we will finally reach the third House. Hence, the individual has Arudha Lagna in 3rd House, i.e. Gemini. Similarly, you could find Arudha lagna for any zodiac sign by knowing the placement of its ruling planet. 

Arudha Lagna analysis as per zodiac astrology

Arudha Lagna defines our character as per the people’s eyes in our surroundings. You might not be who they see you as, but this is how Arudha Lagna works. But what does it mean astrologically? For example, if your Arudha Lagna falls in the 8th House, then your Lagna is “Scorpio”. This suggests that people will see you as a “brave, honest and secretive person”. Similarly, if you have an arudha lagna in 3rd House, then your lagna is “Gemini”; you will be seen as a “good communicator, social and energetic person” by everyone you meet. 

Secretive Person

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Arudha Lagna: Specific implications of Arudha lagna

There are a few negative and positive implications of Arudha Lagna. Let’s look at them one by one:

  • Astrologically, it is never possible that Arudha Lagna falls in the 2nd, 6th, 8th and 12th House of your birth chart.
  • If Malefic planets are present in the 3rd and 6th House of your kundali, you will be blessed with immense courage or, in other words, would be seen as a courageous person per society.
  • The presence of a strong Moon or Venus in the Arudha lagna in 4th house brings a lot of property as in House or villas in your birth chart.
  • If benefic planets are in a strong position in the 2nd House of your Arudha Lagna, you will be seen as wise and wealthy in your surroundings. Therefore, people will easily trust you and could also ask for emotional or financial help from you.  
  • If you have high Jupiter, Moon or Venus in the 2nd or 7th House of Arudha Lagna. You are most likely to be seen as a wealthy person in your society.  
  • If Rahu/Ketu are present in the 2nd or 7th House of Arudha Lagna, you could have severe stomach problems. Moreover, you will look older than your age and physically you won’t feel fit most of the time. 


Here, we have discussed in detail “What is Lagna in astrology?”, “What is Arudha Lagna?”, Arudha Langa Predictions and everything you need to know about this specific lagna. Moreover, if you want to know your Lagna and its implications, contact our “InstaAstro” astrologers. You can also get a Free kundali Bhagya report from our official website. If it’s your first time with us, get your consultation for just Rs 1/.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the difference between Rashi and Lagna?

Lagna or Ascendant or Rising sign is depicted by a person’s time and place of birth. However, Rashi is calculated by the placement of the moon during the time of birth for a person. Moon remains for two and a half days in a rashi or sign, but Lagna changes with a duration of two hours and location.

2. How many Lagnas are there in astrology?

According to vedic astrology, Lagna is the rising sign from the eastern horizon during an individual’s birth. There are, in total, nine lagnas, and every specific lagna has a varied impact on our life. Those nine astrological lagnas are Chandra Lagna, Hora Lagna, Ghati Lagna, Arudha Lagna, Karakamsa Lagna, Sree Lagna, Varnada Lagna, Indu Lagna, and Pranapada Lagna.

3. Where could I find genuine astrology experts for my kundali reading?

InstaAstro is a platform where you can find genuine astrologers, numerologists, and Tarot card readers. Moreover, you could chat or call our in-house astrology experts through our official website, “InstaAstro”. Moreover, if you are a first-time user, then you could avail your first consultation with our experts at just Rps 1.

4. What does Arudha Lagna in 3rd House mean?

If you have Arudha Lagna in 3rd House, then you are most likely to be seen as a “good communicator”, “energetic”, and “social” person by everyone around you. Moreover, it will help them make a mixed impression of you.

5. What does Arudha lagna depict as per Jamini Jyotish?

Arudha Lagna is one of the most important Lagnas in kundali reading. It predicts what other people think of us and how well we are likely to perform in our chosen careers. This Lagna could also help you get answers to improve your social status. Moreover, it could help you choose the right career to be fully successful in.

6. What is the exception for Arudha Lagna?

Whenever Arudha Lagna falls in the 1st or 7th House, shifting ten houses ahead is considered the actual Lagna for the native. However, this exception is very rare while kundali reading.

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