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What If We Marry Without Kundali Milan?

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Kundli Milan

Many people as “is horoscope matching necessary for marriage?” Kundali Milan or kundali matching is one of the most popular traditions in our Indian society. It is one of the most auspicious dos to have a happily married life ahead for the couple. Like the Saat pheras, it is also an old rasam or tradition in our Hindu tradition. Let’s examine why is kundali matching important for marriage within this InstaAstro blog.English CTR

Why is Kundali Matching is important for marriage?

As per vedic astrology, these celestial bodies govern our lives in a significant way. And when an individual is born under a certain alignment of stars, nakshatras, planets and more. These factors lead to the individual’s personality, career, relationships, destiny, etc. 

While doing the kundali matching, various factors must be considered to make a perfect match. How many gunas should match? What happens if the kundlis don’t match? Is astrology true for marriage? Which yog people could overlap in their kundali matching? Each of these questions could quickly be answered, but first, let’s check out what kundali milan reasons we should look for. 

kundali matching

1. Guna Milan

We have all heard of “Guna milan” or “Gunon ka milna”. Is successful marriage without horoscope match a myth? Gunas are astrological characteristics of a person, which could be categorised into 36 basic categories. These characteristics are Varna (Caste), Vashya (dominance), Tara (birth star), Yoni (animal symbol), Gana (temperament) etc.

It is often said that the maximum number of guna milan means more compatibility. What is the ideal number for good compatibility? Is it 12 or 16 out of 36 guna match? However, the basic score should ideally be 18; if it’s less than that, there are further upayas. 

2. Mangalik Dosh

Mangal Dosh or Mangalik dosh defines how strong the placement of Mangal (Mars) is in our birth charts. So if a person has a mangal dosh, it becomes one of the most crucial kundali milan reasons to check for compatibility. 

Moreover, a vital placement of the malefic of this planet could affect the longevity of the couple’s relationship and health, and most importantly, could lead to the death of your partner. Although there are remedies or upaya for this dosh, it depends on how severe the effects are.

Mangalik dosh

3. Other planetary placements

Is Kundali matching is important for marriage? Let’s answer this with certain planetary positions. Planets which are considered auspicious apart from the malefic of Mars are Venus, Jupiter and Moon. Venus, the planet of love and abundance, regulates sensuality and romance. Jupiter, the planet of communication, governs love and relationships. 

Moreover, the Moon is the planet of unconditional love and emotional bonding. Therefore, a potent combination of these three planets allows an immense flow of love and happiness in the native’s life. 

4. Impact of Seventh House

The Seventh House of Astrology, or Kalatra Bhava, indicates the yog of marriage and partnerships in our lives. The natural indicator of this house is Venus (discussed above) makes this house a crucial factor for kundali matching. 

Moreover, it also regulates the further impact on one’s married life. Compatibility, conflicts, the longevity of marriage and other factors could be detected within the implications of this house in our natal chart. This could also result in 12 out of 36 guna match in your natal chart.

Kundli In Seventh House

5. Kundali Dashas

Dashas are planetary periods and are impactful for only a specific duration of time. So it is crucial to know if you have any kundali dashas per your natal chart compatibility. Also, how it will affect your married life and all the possible remedies. 

6. Other influential factors

Your birth chart speaks much more apart from these astrological factors, your personality traits, choices, lucky colour, spirituality and much more. So, before marrying someone, you should see how your compatibility scores per your Kundli matching. 

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How does kundali matching affect your marriage?

We looked upon the factors that should be considered for kundali matching. Also, is kundali matching is important for marriage? Or Successful marriage without horoscope match is a myth or not? And now, we will see how it could affect our married life and future. 

1. Compatibility and longevity of marriage

Is 36 Guna matching good or bad? Is kundali matching necessary for love marriage? Marriage without kundali matching? These are some of the few possible questions for anyone needing clarification on kundali matching

Kundali matching or kundali milan is something which not only has an astrological influence but a personal influence too on our lives. Our kundalis decide much about our personalities, values, temperament, goals, lifestyle and choices. Also, similar is valid for the person we are considering marrying. 

So, by analysing both birth charts, the compatibility gets decided, and we know the actual reasons for it. Like what kind of things your partner wouldn’t want you to do or what is their core nature, knowing such things eases out the entire journey of marriage. Moreover, things like santan yog (child having possibility) are among the most asked aspects of kundali matching. 

Compatibility and longevity of marriage

2. Family compatibility score 

Marriage isn’t just about two individuals getting involved for the rest of their lives but also the complete involvement of their families. A successful marriage requires happy families too. Kundali matching could reveal several parivar doshas too. Knowing any such malefic effect in advance could be cured with remedies. 

Moreover, it could help you deal with building your relationship with your in-laws. Sometimes, despite our good deeds, it is hard to differentiate between what went wrong; believe it or not, your stars could be responsible. So, in the long run, the answer to “Is kundali matching is necessary for marriage” should be yes!

3. Identifying upcoming risks

Kundali matching is one of the oldest traditions in various cultures. It not only allows you to check on the compatibility of the couple. But it also puts all the upcoming risks in your married life in the limelight. Marriage is a lifetime commitment; knowing any conflicts or adversities in advance could make it easier. 

Should We Believe in Astrology for marriage?

Astrology could give you answers for many aspects of your life, including marriage. So, if you are about to get married, getting your natal charts matched by an astrologer becomes a must. Let’s look at what could happen if your natal charts don’t match.

  1. There could be conflicts and arguments between you and your partner. However, if you had known of any doshas before marriage, then remedies could have been done.
  2. Health issues could arise for you or your partner. See, we talked about doshas and dashas as per kundali matching. There are several factors which could significantly either improve or deteriorate your or your partner’s health.
  3. If your stars don’t match as per your kundali charts, then there could be a financial crisis too.
  4. Moreover, there could also be various other factors not supporting your marriage, such as possible conflicts between your families, child-related problems, and much more.


What happens for marriage without kundali matching or kundli match without name? It is subjective, but as per astrology, it is believed to be one of the most crucial steps before marriage. This blog mentions all the reasons and factors considered while kundali matching. Read and analyse for yourself which side you want to choose. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Can I find authentic astrologers for kundali matching?

InstaAstro is a platform where you can easily chat or call our astrology experts for kundali matching, birth ceremonies, naming ceremonies, reiki healing and much more. Additionally, if you are a first-time user, then book your consultation in just Rs 1/-

2. Are 36 Guna matching good or bad?

In various cultures, it is believed that “Opposites attract”, but they don’t have to be poles apart as this could also lead to conflicts and fights within the couple. As a result, a number between 18 and 36 is considered a good number.

3. Is kundali matching necessary for love marriage?

Kundali matching is auspicious before marriage, be it love or arranged marriage. Moreover, there could be slight issues or remedies if your kundlis don’t match in a love marriage, but it depends on various other factors.

4. Which guna, according to kundali, is matching crucial for marriage?

There are various aspects in a kundali match, out of which the most crucial are Naadi Dosha, Bhkoot Dosha, Gana and Graha Vichar. These five vichars decide whether this marriage will work or not.

5. What is the most crucial thing in Kundali Milan?

For a successful marriage per Kundali Milan, at least 18 gunas should match the bride and groom. Moreover, the Moon’s position in both individuals’ natal charts defines their relationship after marriage.

6. Which house is responsible for a successful marriage?

As per astrology 7th house is considered the most auspicious for marriage. Venus is this house’s natural influencer, which governs the love, romance, emotional bonding and communication between the married couple.

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