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Shrapit Dosh In Kundali: Its Effects, Causes and Remedies!

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Shrapit Dosh In Kundali_ Its Effects, Causes and Remedies!

Ever heard about the concept of karma? We assume that you are aware of the concept of karma that acts like a thread and weaves all our actions in, whether good or bad. Good deeds bless us with good luck, fortune, happiness and peace in our lives. On the other hand, bad karma or bad deeds leads us to problems. This is what leads us to another exciting aspect of astrology that is associated with the idea of karmic deeds: Shrapit Dosh. One of the most inauspicious yogas in astrology, Shrapit Dosh, lets you lift the weight of baggage of the past bad karmas.

Shrapit Dosha in kundli takes place when the two malefic planets decide to team up in the same house of the kundli. But here is the catch! The house in which they decide to live is associated with different problems in life. For some, it may create financial troubles, or for some, it may snatch away their peace and calm from life. So, get ready to discover the mysteries of Shrapit Dosh that tag along with it. 

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What is Shrapit Dosh? 

It is fair to say that the name of Shrapit Dosh is synonymous with troubles, problems and setbacks. First, let us try to understand the concept behind Sharpit Dosh in kundli. The word ‘Shrapit’ is derived from the Sanskrit language, which means Shapit. The meaning of Shrapit in English is ‘cursed’. A person gets a Shrapit Dosh in their horoscope on the basis of their past karmic deeds. You can also think of this as a cosmic balance sheet, where every action of yours is recorded and deeply analysed. Moreover, when the planets Rahu and Saturn decide to take a seat in certain houses of your kundli, it gives birth to Shrapit Dosha.

As per astrological beliefs, the placement of Shani and Rahu in the 1st, 4th, 7th and 8th house brings negativity and harmful effects. So, a person can be affected in the form of financial issues, unstable or unsuccessful marriage or career. And if you are wondering how long does Shrapit dosha lasts, then pay attention to what we say next. One of the factors that make this yoga more inauspicious is that it passes down from one generation to another. This is why it is important to break the chain of past bad karma and perform suitable measures to remove it from your kundli. 

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Effects of Shrapit Dosh in Kundali 

Ever wondered how this inauspicious yoga brings clouds of negativity into your life? Does it bring some ups and downs in your love life? Or does it trouble you with some financial problems? How does this single dosha present in your Kundli shape your destiny? Put a full stop to all such questions by discovering the negative effects that tag along with Shrapit Dosh in your kundali. 

1. Money Problems 

The presence of Shrapit yoga makes a person surrounded by money problems. No matter how hard they try to make ends meet, Shani and Rahu in kundli create hurdles. This is why a person gets tangled in a never-ending cycle of money problems. Even in their business, problems such as lack of resources, low income or sales never leave their side. And if this weren’t enough, the person is forced to take the help of loans or debts for survival. 

2. Problems in Married Life

If the combo of the malefic planers decides to take a rest in the 7th house of an individual’s kundli, then their married life has to suffer. The negative influence of Shani and Rahu can even lead to the chances of separation and divorce. Unnecessary fights, jealousy, lack of communication, compatibility issues or lack of understanding become a common problem in the presence of Shrapit dosh. The disruption in married life also takes a huge toll on the person’s mental health. Rahu and Saturn in th 5th house can give birth to problems such as miscarriage or abortion. As a result, a couple trying to start their family faces problems. 

3. No Peace of Mind 

Talking about mental health, concepts such as peace and comfort in life become a memory. This is because all sorts of problems surround a person, be it professional or personal. Rahu, being a malefic planet, plays with the mind of a person and makes him more prone to depression, stress and anxiety issues. Moreover, such a person always lives in a state of impatience and hurry and often takes the wrong path in their professional life 

4. Difficulty in finding a suitable partner

If you are single and crave a suitable marriage proposal, then the Shrapit Dosh in your kundli will make sure to bring obstacles or hurdles in the way. Moreover, it creates delay and even complicates the search for a life partner for a person. It also creates several doubts and confusion in your mind, which makes you a bit choosy, making the process of finding a life partner even more difficult. 

Shrapit Dosh Remedies For a Brighter Future 

Do you want to say goodbye to the negativity caused by Shrapit Dosh in your life? Are you looking for ways through which you can stay one step ahead of this inauspicious yoga in astrology? If yes, then these super simple and effective remedies might come to your rescue. So, without wasting any moment further, let us discover the ways through which we can tackle the obstacles created by Shrapit Dosh. 

1. Gemstone is the KEY 

Wearing a gemstone for Shrapit Dosha is one of the ways through which you can keep all the problems and hurdles one mile away from you. But here is the catch! Not every gemstone would work for the reduction of the negative effects of Shrapit Dosh as per Lal Kitab remedies for Shrapit Dosha. To please Saturn, you can wear Neelam (Blue Sapphire), and for Saturn, wearing Gomed (Hessonite) is the best option. These gemstones will act as a shield and protect you from the negative energies of the Shrapit yoga. 

2. Fasting on Tuesdays and Saturdays 

Keeping a maun vrat (vow for silence) on Tuesdays and Saturdays might help remove the harmful effects of Shani and Rahu from your horoscope. In Hindu mythology, the act of keeping silent is seen as a charity. Moreover, one can fulfil all their desires by keeping calm and silent. This is why Shrapti Dosh remedies talks about keeping a maun vrat and reducing the ill effects of Rahu and Shani from the kundli. 

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3. Donation 

Last but not least on the list of Shrapit Dosh remedies is donation. In Hindu mythology, donating essential things to the needy blesses you with prosperity, victory and good luck. But in this case, donating to the poor might fade away the clouds of negativity bought by the Shrapit dosh in your life. You can donate food, clothes and other essential things to curb the ill effects of Shani yoga. However, you can also donate black gram split (urad daal) in the name of Lord Shani and Rahu. 

4. Worship Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva 

This Shrapit Dosh remedies talks about worshipping and pleasing Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva on Saturdays. Lord Shiva takes control of all the nine planets (navgrahas) as per Hindu mythology. This is why seeking blessings from Lord Shiva can control Rahu and might remove the Shrapit Dosha from your kundali. Moreover, Lord Shani does not bother the devotees who worship Lord Hanuman. 

5. Giving respect to the Elders 

Basically, Shrapit Dosh is all about punishing you for all the bad karma you did in your past life. So, if you do good karmic deeds in your current life, then strong chances are you might get rid of this inauspicious yoga. And taking care of your elders, especially your parents, is one such good karma. 


That’s a wrap on the blog of Shrapit Dosh in kundali. Though Shrapit Dosha can feel like a bump in the road, always remember that there is nothing that can’t be treated with effective remedies. So, if you are someone suffering from the ill effects of Shrapit yoga, these remedies will add a touch of positivity to your life. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. How long does Shrapit Dosha last?

As per popular belief, the ill effects of the Shrapit Dosha continue to haunt someone for a very long time. If the person suffering from Shrapit Dosh does not take necessary measures to reduce the harmful effects of Shrapit Dosh on time, then it is believed to be passed to the next generation.

2. What are the benefits of Shrapit Dosha Pooja?

The first and foremost benefit of Shrapit Dosha Pooja is that it fades away all the ill effects of the dosh from your life. Not only this, but performing a Shrapit Dosha pooja makes sure that you don’t get any kind of curse in this life. It also establishes an environment of peace and harmony in personal relationships.

3. What happens in Shrapit yoga?

When two malefic planets, Rahu and Saturn, decide to join hands and sit in the same house of someone’s kundali, it gives birth to a harmful yoga called Shrapit Yoga. In other words, the conjunction of Rahu and Ketu is considered one of the most inauspicious in astrology.

4. How much does Shrapit Dosh pooja cost?

The cost for Shrapit Dosh depends on different factors, such as how many Brahmins are performing the pooja, food and accommodation costs, etc.

5. How do you treat Shrapit kundli?

There are several ways through which you can please the malefic planets, Rahu and Saturn. One of the most effective watts is to worship Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman on Saturdays. Donating essential things to the needy on the same day can also generate fruitful results.

6. What is the meaning of Shrapit in English?

The meaning of Shrapit in English is cursed. It happens when an individual gets a curse due to the bad deeds or sins in his past life. So, now, with the curse, he or she has to deal with several obstacles and hardships in his present life. All this because of the curse he got in his past life.

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