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Rahu Shanti Pooja to Get Rid of Ill-effects of Dragon’s Head

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As per ancient sacred texts, Rahu is a troublesome planet that can source various glitches, obstructions, failures, illnesses, and misperceptions in life. Overall, it can be a great source of a very miserable life. Rahu can be more dangerous if it is combined with planets like Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn. In such cases, it forms bad Yoga, which can result in numerous problems in a person’s life.

Rahu is a malefic planet that has ill effects on the native’s life. It is the Shadow planet. But if Rahu is present in the 3rd, 10th, or 11th house in the birth chart of any person, it brings good faith. Let’s read the content and find out how you can get rid of all the ill effects of the malefic planet by doing Rahu Shanti Puja with the help of an online astrology platform.

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Origin of Rahu

The connection of the birth of Rahu is to a very famous Hindu mythological story. When the argument between Gods and Demons turned into churning of the celestial ocean or Samurdha Manthan, Lord Vishnu in the Avatar of Mohini came to the rescue. Bravely, with the Sudarshana Chakra, he cut off Svarbhanu’s head.

Due to the fact that Svarbhanu was an immortal being, he could not die. Instead, he was divided into two parts- his head and his body. Both are alive but apart. The head became Rahu, and the body became Ketu. This is the reason why pictorial or imagery depiction of Rahu is only with a figure of the head but no human body. The rest of his body is of a serpent. 

Rahu Shanti Pooja to Curb the Malefic Planet

Apart from the effects of the aforementioned houses we discussed, Rahu is a harbinger of negative properties that can lead to people facing mental, economic, and physical troubles. The best remedy to overcome all obstacles is doing Rahu Shanti Puja. As per holy Hindu scriptures, this puja is vital for eradicating the ill effects of the planet on human beings. The following are the benefits of Rahu Shanti Puja:

  • It reduces the effects of black magic, the occult, etc.
  • This resolved any unexpected and sudden problems in the native’s life.
  • This ritual gives relief from diseases and bestows one with a healthy life.
  • It gives personal and professional success.
  • Rahu’s ill effects remedies provide mental peace and protect against hidden enemies.
  • It provides relief from long-term health ailments.

In order to make the most out of this puja, you have to get help from a professional and experienced Acharya or pandit. You can also get help from online astrologers from India who can let you know if your horoscope is affected by Rahu or not. They can also guide you on how to chant Rahu mantras and feel happy.

Recite the given Rahu Mantra 108 times-

ऊँ भरण भ्रीण भरौं स राहुवे नमः
Oon Bhraan Bhreen Bhraun Sa Raahuve Namah

Rahu’s Seed (Beej) Mantra-

“ऊँ ऐं ह्रीं रहवे नमः”

“Oon Ain Hreen Raahave Namah”

Worshiping Rahu is vital for getting the most out of Rahu Shanti Puja. There are lots of things that you need to have before starting puja. Check out the following ingredients for worshipping lord Rahu.

Dhoop (incense sticks),  mango leaves, clarified butter, red vermillion, rice, betel nut, flower leaves, betel leaf, fruits, sweets, Janeyu, camphor, honey, sugar, Gangajal (holy water of river Ganga), Kalava (earthen pot), Havan mix and pink cloth.

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The Significance of Rahu Shanti Puja at Home

Rahu pooja benefits are acknowledged throughout Indian Astrology. This ritual can cure all the problems. This is the best of all Rahu shanti remedies as it helps in boosting the native’s confidence and mental struggles. The work which has been stuck in your life can get sorted as well. It brings overall positivity to your livelihood.

If you are interested in doing Rahu Shanti Puja, simply chat with professional and popular Indian astrologers. There are some popular online astrology platforms that can guide you in the right direction. Simply log in to the website, choose your choice of astrologer, and chat with him or her.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Rahu?

Rahu is one of the evilest planets among the Navagraha, the nine planets. Rahu is governed by one of the strongest planets, Jupiter. It represents the longing for freedom and tends to mess up a lot of things in a native’s life. It is believed that it creates a mess of energy in people’s lives. Therefore, many people perform various rituals to please their Rahu and prevent bad energy from entering their personal or professional lives.

2. Is Rahu an evil planet?

Rahu is considered an evil planet. It is believed that Rahu mostly has ill effects when it is in the wrong position in a native’s horoscope. As it is the God of fear, it is understandable why everyone would want to keep him pleased and worship him. However, due to the inauspicious positioning of this planet, there are many physical, mental and material issues in native’s life and body.

3. What is Rahu Shanti Puja?

This puja is conducted when Rahu is in the wrong position. The main focus of this puja is on Rahu Mantras.

4. What are Rahu shanti puja benefits?

There are many benefits of Rahu Shanti Puja. First, it helps in calming down the evil planet Rahu. Second, this puja helps in avoiding accidents. Third, it ensures good health and increases wealth.

5. How to remove ill effects of Rahu?

To effectively remove Rahu’s ill effects from a native’s life, they must perform a Rahu Shanti Puja. There are simple rules for their remedies, like donating to the needy, respecting elders and parents, etc. This ensures the prevention of downfall in life.

6. What is the worship time for Rahu?

The total number of hours needed to perform a Rahu Shanti Puja is 2 hours and 30 minutes. Pandit decides the exact time for this puja to take place after acknowledging all the important dates in Panchang.

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