Rahu Mantra

Know the beneficial effects of Rahu mantras!

Rahu Mantra - Attracting Prosperity

There are nine major astronomical bodies that exist. These bodies are termed as the "Navgraha", and temples are solely dedicated to them. People rely on them to take their blessings. One of these Navgrahas is called the Rahu. In English, Rahu and Ketu are called the North and South lunar nodes of the Navgraha.

Beej Mantra has the power of its own. If pronounced correctly and recited 108 times in a row every day, it has the energy that is unimaginable until you experience it on your own.

Power of the Rahu Mantra:

  1. It is said that if you have committed sins in your previous lives, you can cleanse them by chanting the Rahu Beej Mantra, but make sure you chant it with a clean heart and true faith. You must have pure intentions and your only goal should be to cleanse your soul, and the Rahu will bless you and fulfill your desires.
  2. The Rahu Mantra is advised to be chanted by those who cannot get married. It makes sure that all the hurdles that come in your way are removed.
  3. The Rahu Mantra is chanted for the sake of gaining social status and reputation. Even if your class has been harmed somehow, it can be recovered within a few days by meditating on the Rahu and chanting the Beej Mantra.
  4. Chanting Rahu Mantra can regularly open your psychic Chakra (Third Eye) and keep you safe from any psychic attack that comes in your way.
  5. If you have a feeling that you or any of your loved ones are victims of black magic, Rahu Beej Mantra can help keep you protected.

Benefits of the Rahu Mantra:

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  1. The most crucial advantage of chanting the Rahu Beej Mantra is protecting yourself and anyone from every kind of evil spirits and negative energies. It strengthens your aura and connects you to the power in the Universe.
  2. Rahu Beej Mantra can fill you with beautiful powers. It can bless you in ways you don't even know about.
  3. Chanting Rahu Beej Mantras can energize you.
  4. All kinds of material gains can be achieved with the help of the Rahu Beej Mantra.

What happens to a person during Rahu Dasha?

During the Rahu Dasha or the Mahadasha, a person may experience many hardships due to its malefic effects. If Rahu is favourable, the native will acquire courage and fame. If Rahu's position in the horoscope is optimistic, the native will enjoy good fortune. If the situation is terrible, they are most likely to lose money and their social status in the world.

Rahu can cause mental confusion and also create emotional disturbances in the life of an individual.

What are the side effects of the Rahu Mantra?

  1. Since Rahu makes people feel confused, they can create problems for themselves. They may make the wrong decisions, hear bad things and ignore the right ones.
  2. They may lose control of how they speak and might end up saying hurtful things that will result in damaging the relationships that they have. They may also talk bluntly or start neglecting the principles that they have created for their life.
  3. They will be reluctant to dwell into their past and regret what happened, or they may have significant dreams about the future that are impractical.
  4. They will feel frightened and apprehensive without any reason. They may also feel very restless.
  5. They may be unable to take any decision. They may also keep changing their decisions. They will lack trust in others.
  6. They may cheat or tell lies.
  7. They may lose their wealth.
  8. One can avoid the adverse effects of Rahu by chanting Rahu Mantras. Here are some important Rahu Mantras.

How to chant the Rahu Mantra?

Start the chanting on a Saturday of Shukla Paksha (the bright half of the lunar month).

Sit before a picture/idol/yantra of Kali or Durga when chanting. It boosts the power of the Mantra and brings good results.

Avoid non-vegetarian food when you are chanting the Mantras.

What is the story of Rahu?

As per the famous story, after the procedure of the Amrut-Manthan, to avoid any confusion and commotion from the side of Asuras, the Devas and Asuras were divided into two separate camps. Lord Vishnu took the shape of the divine Mohini and took the task of serving the Nectar to the Devas and Asuras on himself. The plan was to finish up the Nectar before it was the Asuras' turn to consume it. So when he came to know about this plan, the Asura Swarbhanu crossed over to the camp of the Devas, resembling himself dressed as one of them. He went inside and seated himself between Surya Dev and Chandra Dev.

It is believed that though Lord Vishnu was already aware of the real identity of Swarbhanu, he let him consume the Nectar as he knew it was already a part of the cosmic plan. This is because that Lord Brahma had already blessed him with a boon which conferred the power and status of a Planet due to his severe penance.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Chanting the Rahu mantra regularly has the power to convert your enemies into friends. It helps increase your social status and makes you a master of charismatic powers.
Chant the Rahu Beej mantra 18,000 times within a time frame of 40 days.
Anyone mantra of Rahu can be started on any Saturday night and has to be recited 18 thousand times within 40 days.
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One must regularly chant the mantra - 'Om Durgaye Namaha' 108 times every Wednesday to get Rahu's blessing.
Donate water and coconut to the temple on the Amavasya