Beej Mantra

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Beej Mantra - Bringing In Positivity

According to Vedic astrology, Beej Mantras or Seed mantras are the back powers of all the mantras that charge up your soul upon chanting them. A Beej Mantra is the basic mantra that is dedicated to a particular God or a deity. A Beej Mantra fulfils all your desires and wishes as they comprise all the positive energies of the Universe. Beej Mantras are highly regarded mantras in the field of astrology as they have been in use since the Vedic era. Sages used the Beej Mantras in prayers, meditation and concentration exercises that connected them with the almighty.

Let us dive deeper into the historical significance and importance of the Beej Mantra in your life.

Significance of Beej Mantra:

The origin and invention of the Beej Mantra date back to the Vedic era when Maharishis and Yogis did intense sadhana and meditation practices. It is said that the sages of that time while going into a deep meditation state, heard strange voices in their mind that connected them to the Gods and gave them powers to channelise their energies which led to their spiritual awakening.

The wise sages of that time then wrote the actual spellings of these voices that they heard while meditating and these small syllables are today known as Beej Mantras.

Astrology of Beej Mantras:

Beej Mantras are believed to have the power to drive in or drive out certain planets to bring a positive impact on your life ultimately.

Sometimes some planets can create a have ok in the course of a life, and chanting these mantras will help you sort your stuff and have a good life full of happiness and success on your side.

Meaning of Beej Mantras:

The word Beej means small seed or just the foundation element of anything. In the same way, Beej Mantras are short syllables, probably one or two letters, that create soothing sounds which eventually heal our inner soul while chanting. Beej Mantras are small forms of mantras that have enough potential to bring positivity to our lives and provide healing effects to our minds and soul. Beej Mantras are not those long big sentences mantras. Instead, Beej Mantras are one or two-word Mantras that are chanted for mindfulness and concentration exercises.

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All the promising activities and rituals begin with the chanting of the Beej Mantras. No religious traditions or customs are performed without using the Beej Mantras, as they are the basis of all the solid and influential mantras written in the Vedic scriptures.

The Beej Mantra Om is said to comprise all the powers of the universe, and most of the mantras of the Hindu religion are dedicated to Gods and deities; mention this Beej Mantra 'Om' before starting the actual mantra.

Beej Mantra in Hindu Mythology:

Various Beej Mantras are used in the prayers and religious activities that are dedicated to the Gods, and all the Beej Mantras have specific vibrational sounds linked to them that open the mind gates and fill you with total potential energy.

Let us ponder some of the Beej Mantras that are easy to understand and positively affect your life.

  1. Om - This mantra is believed to be the most potent Beej Mantra in the Universe. It is said that this mantra depicts the conjunction of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Brahma, the trinity Gods that govern the universe.
  2. Shreem - This mantra is dedicated to Goddess Parvati fills your life with good health, wealth and prosperity, so if you want to get a good direction in life, chant this beej mantra.
  3. Lakshmi - it is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, who brings immense wealth and prosperity to your life. Chanting this Mantra will help you succeed in life.
  4. Aem - this Mantra is dedicated to goddess Saraswati, the Goddess known to bless you with education, knowledge and wisdom. This is the Saraswati Beej Mantra and it helps you to become a wise man.
  5. Phraum - this Beej Mantra is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, who gives you the strength, the power and blessings to win all your battles and to solve all the problems of your life.

Importance of Beej Mantra:

Mantras play a crucial role in astrology as mantras have the energy to drive the planets in your Kundli. Chanting a Mantra every day can sort your problems by creating a force enough to move the earth that is causing trouble to you.

  1. Beej mantras have an advantage in that they are short and of one word only; hence one can chant them correctly and efficiently.
  2. Beej mantras are powerful as they produce specific vibrations that create electromagnetic energy, which further resonates with the cosmic Ether and positively fills your life with happiness.
  3. Beej mantras are essential for spiritual and mental wellness as they open your mind gates, and wisdom flows in and makes you a better person.
  4. Certain Beej mantras are dedicated to specific gods, and chanting them daily will bestow their blessings upon you.
  5. Your concentration and focus power increase ten times when you chant the basic Beej Mantras.
  6. The beej mantras set up a connection between you and the god that you are worshipping, and hence you receive all the divine energies and you the light that guides you towards greatness.

How to chant Beej Mantras?

  1. The Vedic Beej Mantras are the sacred wordings that are written in the scriptures and are believed that they are passed on by the Gods.
  2. One must wake up early in the morning, take a bath, and sit in a yogic position with a mala of beads to chant the beej mantras.
  3. One can chant the mantra several times a day or 108 times in the morning before setting out for the day.
  4. One should sit on a clean spot and in a peaceful environment while chanting the mantras to receive positive energy from the universe. You can also meditate while chanting these mantras as it improves your focusing power.
  5. Beej Mantras are very powerful to gain positive energy and success in your life as they are a pathway or a light source that shows you the right direction always and helps you to win all the battles of life.
  6. The beej mantras are a way to connect with the gods and receive their blessings. All the gods have specific beej mantras that can be chanted on various occasions to impress them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

'Shreem' is the beej mantra of Goddess Lakshmi. Chanting this Mantra will bless your life with health, wealth and prosperity.
Om is the most potent Beej Mantra as it has all the universe's vibrations and carries the divine energy. Chanting this mantra daily will free you from all the negative thoughts, and you will have a happy life.
Beej means seed, and every syllable of the Beej mantra produces a powerful vibration that attracts cosmic energy and an abundance of wealth and prosperity.
'Hroum' is the most potent beej mantra to impress Lord Shiva as it gives your internal strength and protects you from internal diseases.
Chanting the beej mantras during meditation can help you align and integrate your chakras and make good use of their energies to lift your life positively.
Beej mantras are the results of deep Meditation by the Yogis in the Vedic period. The sages of that time claimed to hear some voices and sounds in their head while they meditated, and after giving a spelling of the sounds, they became the Beej Mantras that were directly linked to the Gods.