Ram Mantra

Knowing the benefits of chanting Ram Mantra!

Ram Mantra - Journey of Self-Realisation

Who is Rama?

Rama, as per Hindu mythology, is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu that took birth on Earth to stop the spread of evil, abolish negativity and teach life lessons to people. Lord Rama, also known as Maryada Purshotam Ram, was one of the four sons of Dashratha, the king of Ayodhaya.

Lord Rama is the divine entity known for his goodness, intelligence and wise mind. The yogis and sages of the Treta Yug were so highly impressed with the actions and wisdom of Lord Rama that they blessed him with divine powers of the universe. Worshipping Lord Rama will make you mentally strong, help you become powerful, eradicate all your sorrows and fill your heart with the ultimate courage.

One must not forget that Lord Rama was the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who killed the Lanka-king Raavana and released the Earth from the burden of evil.

Lord Rama Mantra:

Lord Rama is one of the strongest and the wisest human forms of Lord Vishnu that came down on Earth and achieved victory over evil. His lessons and teachings are mentioned in the legendary scripture of Ramayana. Lord teaches tells us about what a human can do and how to choose the right path for your life.

Lord Rama and his teachings can make you a better person, and worshipping him with mantras and aarti links you directly with Lord Vishnu, and you receive his blessings for all your life.

Various mantras are used in various parts of India to worship Lord Rama. Rama travelled across the country and beyond, so he is honoured for using various mantras in different languages by the people of different cultures. From Northern India to the Southern parts of Rameshwaram, multiple places have claimed the presence of Lord Rama. Since the Treta Yuga, Rama has been worshipped on numerous occasions, religious festivals and the famous Ram-Darbar picture or an idol is found in every temple and house.

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Here are some sacred mantras with their purpose that are chanted while offering prayers to Ramji:

  • Rama Mool Mantra

Om Shri Ramaya Namah

This is one of the most simple mantras dedicated to Lord Rama, and this mantra is helpful as it brings clarity to your mind. This mantra provides you with inner peace and is suitable for your soul.

  • Rama Taraka mantra

Shri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama

This mantra is the continuous chanting of the Lord’s name and means that Lord Rama gives purpose to one’s life, and one must chant this mantra daily as it instils courage and confidence in a person. The work you are about to initiate will bag massive success if you set out for it after chanting this mantra.

  • Rama Gayatri Mantra:

Om Dashrathaye Vidhamahe SitaVallabhaya Dimahe,

Tanno Rama Prachodayat

This is the ultimate mantra to seek protection from Lord Rama. This mantra protects you from all the negativity around you. This helps the devotees to develop a better sense of judgement and discover the path of Dharma.

  • Rama Dhyana Mantra:

Om Apadamapahartaram Dataram Sarvasampadam,

Lokabhiramam Shriramam Bhuyo-Bhuyo Namamyaham

This mantra depicts the utmost beauty of Lord Rama, and one must chant this mantra at the time of religious activities and wedding functions as this mantra blesses everyone with energy and positivity upon chanting it.

  • Rama Beej Mantra:

Om Kleem Namo Bhagavathey Raamachandraaya sakalajana vashyakaraaya Swaaha!

Rama Beej Mantra is the most potent chanting mantra to worship Lord Rama. This mantra is an attractive tool to call positive energies and vibrations from the universe. The best of the blessings are bestowed upon you if you chant this mantra 108 times a day.

  • Rama Naam Mantra:

Raamaaya Raamabhadraaya Raamachandraaya Vedasey,

Raghunaathaaya Naathaaya Seethaayaah Pathaye Namaha

The Raam Naam mantra has all the names of Lord Rama, and it is chanted in praise of Lord Rama as he is the only divine deity who can bless you with the ultimate happiness, courage, and strength to face and win all the battles of your life, just like he did in his life.

There are various other mantras, such as Rama Raksha Strotam, that are mentioned in religious books and are still used by the priests and some devotees to seek protection and blessings from Lord Rama. Sri Ram mantras have a powerful connection with the universe as the mantras, as per research, have strong frequency vibrations that give you the strength to deal with all life's problems. Even the Raam Naam Jaap is strong enough to help you sail the boat of life.

Significance of Lord Rama:

Lord Rama is the protector of Dharma and gave the lesson of doing good deeds in your life. Lord Rama was born in the Treta Yuga and was the seventh incarnation of life. The meaning of the word RAMA holds the names of the three creators of the universe. RA means Rudra, Aa means Brahma, and Ma means Lord Vishnu. Hence Lord Rama is the ultimate divine entity that governs the complete universe.

Ramayana that Maharishi Valmiki wrote revolves around the life of Ram and in the scriptures, he explains the ultimate purpose of life and how the human form of life is the most precious life. There are several teachings by Shree Ram about how a person shall live his life and what must be done to follow the path to Moksha.

There are various achievements of Lord Rama that he did in human life, and this explains that nothing is impossible in this life.

Shree Ram is always associated as the husband of Sita, who was the incarnation of Goddess Laxmi, and also with Lord Hanuman, who protects you from all the evil entities. Therefore worshipping Shree Raam and chanting the ram mantras will always bring the blessings of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Hanuman.

Benefits of Chanting the Ram mantra:

Mantras are potent mind tools that heal your mind and help you succeed in life. Mantras are a way of offering your prayers to God and installing positive energy in your body. Shree Raam also helps you to accumulate positive energy and guarantees success. Here are some of the benefits of chanting the Ram mantra:

  1. Raam mantras help you to gain confidence in life and the courage to stand out. It enables you to channel your inner energy and end the chaos inside you.
  2. Raam Mantras help you overcome fear and doubt. Sometimes you dare to do something but fear failing; chanting the mantras will help you remove those fears and become more confident.
  3. It kills your anxiety and heals your mind. It promotes inner peace and gives the power for self-healing.
  4. Better focus - Mantras improve your focus and concentration powers and can bring positive results in your studies, sports and passion-related activities.
  5. Ram mantras also improve your financial conditions as they are a source of prosperity; Raam mantras are the most excellent tools that help you overcome your debts, improve your mental and physical health and bless you to live a prosperous life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Rama Beej Mantra is the most powerful Rama mantra as it is a great energy source and is used to worship lord Rama on various occasions.
The word Rama is a combination of three syllables, and it has a very powerful meaning. Ra means Rudra or Lord Shiva, Aa means Brahma, and Ma means Vishnu. The word Rama holds the names of all the three creators of the universe.
One should chant the powerful Rama mantras at least 108 times a day, and the mantras can be chanted at any time of the day. The ram mantras are chanted at various religious events and festivals to offer prayers to Lord Rama.
Lord Rama was born on the auspicious day of Ram Navmi. It is a Hindu festival that usually comes in April. It is believed to be the birth festival of Lord Rama.
Raam Mantras are powerful and sacred mantras that give you divine energy and help you spiritually and mentally awaken. Various mantras work on different aspects of life. Every mantra has a special meaning and works uniquely for you.
Om Shri Ramaya Namah