Bagalmukhi Mantra - Embracing Victory

A Mantra is not just a set of words but discipline. If you read books related to it, you will understand that it is Vedic Science. Everything that you bring in routine shows in your body language. Similarly, Mantras, once included in your lifestyle, will teach you a lot of lessons related to different deities that exist in Indian mythology. These lessons, when chanted repeatedly, tend to bring good changes in life. One such auspicious mantra is Baglamukhi Mantra. A Baglamukhi Mantra is believed to be a victorious mantra. Pandits or priests recommend Baglamukhi Mantra for success.

Bagalmukhi Mantra helps you enhance your capabilities and achieve great things in your journey called life. It has various mantras, and each mantra has its own purpose for serving. These mantras are dedicated to Mata Baglamukhi, the yellow Goddess. She is known as the symbol of righteousness and the one who kills all evil. Hence, Baglamukhi mantras let you fight negativity, bless you with the Goddess's protection and emerge a winner in all areas of your life. Let us read ahead to find interesting facts about it.

People who chant a Baglamukhi mantra know the difference they have observed in their lives. If you want to see a Baglamukhi Mantra miracle in your destiny, you must also learn the process and the ways to chant the mantra in the right manner. Only then can you receive the right vibrations required to fetch the changes and know true Baglamukhi Mantra meaning. Feel, resonance and understanding of each word that you pronounce are very important.

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Baglamukhi Mantra: Significance and Practice

Baglamukhi is one of the ten Mahavidhyas and is a goddess of supreme knowledge and wisdom. She is a goddess of ultimate superior intellectual speech, where words combine with the ultimate form of wisdom. Isn’t it fascinating?

  • Significance of Baglamukhi Mantra

The Bagalamukhi mantra effects hold great significance in Hinduism and is believed to possess powerful spiritual energy. The word "mantra" refers to a sacred sound, word, or phrase that is repeated during meditation or prayer to invoke spiritual blessings. Bagalamukhi, also known as Bagala, is a divine goddess worshipped for her ability to protect and empower her devotees.

The Bagalamukhi mantra is chanted to seek the goddess's assistance in overcoming obstacles and defeating enemies. It is believed that by reciting this mantra, one can gain control over negative energies and forces that may hinder progress or cause harm. The mantra is considered a potent tool for dispelling illusions, removing negativity, and promoting victory and success.

Moreover, the Baglamukhi mantra effects are immense and have benefited their devotees greatly. Baglamukhi is taken from the word “Bagla” or “Vagla”, the saddle used to control the horse. If you go by the name, proper chants of a Banglamukhi mantra help you bring control to your life. This mantra creates a path for the devotees that keeps them away from illusions and leads towards enlightenment. However, it also reflects the energy of Mata Baglamukhi and protects all kinds of evil forces. She is known to carry a weapon stick called a cudgel to smash enemies that come in the way.

People in professions like lawyers, politicians, spiritual leaders, and speakers with great speeches can chant the Baglamukhi mantra to destroy people who cause harm. Such is the impact of the mantras. The effect of Baglamukhi mantras can also be observed in your communication skills, as it is a great quality of Goddess Baglamukhi.

  • Devi Baglamukhi Chant Practice

Each word of a Baglamukhi mantra needs to be felt and understood in order to please Goddess Baglamukhi. Chant the mantras the specified number of times in front of the statue or the picture of the goddess every day. You must also offer yellow flowers while worshipping the goddess. Moreover, your intentions toward your goal should be sincere. At the same time, keep in mind that the goal should not cause any harm to others. Otherwise, you will end up facing the anger of the goddess in the form of a bad state of mind and scenario.

Power, wisdom and speech are the most vital qualities that Mata Baglamukhi has. Chanting a Baglamukhi mantra with an honest heart and mind would not only impress her but also let you receive the same qualities. It will make you a conqueror who is fearless and ready to fight the battles of life to be a winner. Also, in order to get the whole vibe and the right energy of the Baglamukhi mantras, it needs to be done in a proper manner. The morning is the best time for chanting the mantras.

You must take a bath before sitting for the chanting process. It should be performed between 4 am and 6 am. Keep a mala or a rosary with you to keep track of the count of chants. Try to visualise things that you are chanting through the mantras. It should be done facing the idol’s image. Moreover, the ideal number of times that a Baglamukhi mantra should be chanted is 9, 108 or 1008. You can choose your count according to your schedule. But the more, the better!

Types of Baglamukhi Mantra

There are various Baglamukhi Mantras that exist, and each mantra has a specific benefit to offer. You must know about each mantra and add them to your routine for a prosperous life.

  • Baglamukhi Moola Beej Mantra

Baglamukhi Moola Mantra is an important Mata Baglamukhi mantra. It helps us receive the qualities of the goddess. It is a great mantra to lead a successful life. Power, strength, reputation, honesty, punishment of people with bad intentions, free from rivalry, all can be obtained from chanting this mantra daily. “ Aum” is the beej or small sound representing Goddess Baglamukhi.

Chant this mantra also to attain Mahavidhya Sadhna, another Mahavidhya or form of wisdom. It is as follows:

“अयं हरिं बगलामुखी सर्व दुष्टानं वचं मुख पदं स्तम्भया
जीवहारं केलया, बुद्धिं विनाशाय हरिं अम स्वाहा”

“Aum Hreem Baglamukhi sarva dushtanaam vaacham mukham padam stambhya
Jivhaam keelya, buddhim vinaashya hreem aum swaaha”

Meaning: We pray to Mata Baglamukhi to restrict the movement of the enemies and protect us from their evil intentions.

Benefits: This Baglamukhi mantra frees the devotees from all sorts of ups and downs. Their difficulties are reduced, and they are pushed towards a wealthy and prosperous journey. The devotees lead a happy life with the presence of all the riches in the world slowly and gradually so that they stay grounded at the same time. They get offered strong willpower, determination, focus and courage while they are on their journey to achieving their goals.

Loan risks and debts are believed to get settled if the concerned individual chants this mantra. It can open areas of their minds to find better ways and get the issues resolved. It also protects your health from severe diseases. Kids perform well and achieve great scores at school. The devotees become well-read individuals and mostly win all sorts of contests they participate in.

  • Baglamukhi Gayatri Mantra

A Bagklamukhi Gayatri Mantra is a sacred mantra and is considered to offer the great blessings of the goddess Baglamukhi. This is a lucky mantra for women who get blessed with the grace of the goddess. It is believed that the goddess helps pregnant women in giving birth to their children if this mantra is recited during the process. Moreover, it brings security and power to defeat evil minds. Chant the below mantra three times a day for good outcomes:

“ॐ बग्लामुख्ये च विद्महे स्तम्भिन्यै च धीमहि तन्नो बगला प्रचोदयात्।”

“Om baglamukhyae cha vidmahe stambhinyai cha dheemahi tanno bagla prachodayat.”

Meaning: Pray to Goddess Baglamukhi, the immobiliser, to offer you the vision and make the enemies incapable.

Benefits: This is a Baglamukhi mantra for enemy. It controls the enemy group by creating hurdles for them and attacking their abilities. With protection, it also gifts the devotees, a good reputation in society. It helps them enhance their relationships with their families, life partners, bosses, business partners and colleagues. If you are in search of a great spouse, use the Baglamukhi mantra for marriage.

The devotees who have added Bagklamukhi Gayatri Mantra to their lifestyle get rid of all sorts of criticism and bad-mouthing. No one can easily defame them. This mantra puts a great focus on relationships and deals.

  • Mata Baglamukhi Mantra

Mata Baglamukhi Mantra relates to Goddess Baglamukhi's control over the enemies. It works like a protective shield if chanted with an understanding of each word. Recite the mantra from below and remove the evil from within and around:

“ૐ ह्रीं बगलामुखी सर्वं ध्रुवं वाचं मुखं पदं स्तम्भया जीवाहं किलोक् किलोक बनसाय ह्रीं ॐ स्वाहा”

“Om hreen bagalaamukhee sarv dushtaanaan vaacham mukham padam stambhay stambhay jeevahaan keelok keelok vinaashay hreen om svaaha”

Meaning: We pray to the Goddess to paralyse the negative forces and stop their tongue that creates destruction.

Benefits: There are a variety of Baglamukhi mantra benefits. Baglamukhi Beej Mantra is a special mantra for winning complex court cases and overcoming miseries. It helps stop the activities of your enemies from fulfilling their evil intentions. It is believed to keep you away from the harmful impacts of black magic. People who have been betrayed and deceived may find peace chanting this mantra. It has been observed as a fruitful instrument in fighting mental disorders, anxiety and depression.

People with heavy hearts have chanted this mantra and seen immediate results. They have felt a sense of lightness and calm in their hearts. It also makes you think being secured or protected by a powerful force. It also helps in cracking an interview and completing pending work fast.

  • Baglamukhi Shatru Vinashak Mantra

Baglamukhi Shatru Vinashak Mantra is a powerful mantra to keep wicked minds and bad intentions away. Mata Baglamukhi's powerful cudgel shadow always remains over its devotees. Below is the mantra:

“ૐ हलीम शत्रु-नशाय फट”

“Om Hleem Shatru-naashaay Phat”

Meaning: We pray to Goddess Baglamukhi mantra to destroy enemies and seek her blessings.

Benefits: This is an Om hleem Baglamukhi mantra that keeps the impacts of jealousy and ill-wills away from you. It is an enemy-destroyer mantra which can be chanted, especially while dealing with a complicated situation. Lawyers solving a risky case, politicians getting unwanted attention etc., can be faced if they chant this mantra.

Enemy elimination is a prominent trait of Mata Baglamukhi; hence, this mantra can be very effective when dealing with people whose intentions can cause harm. It will remove all the negative entities from your path. Use this mantra when stuck in a dangerous situation.


In conclusion, the Bagalamukhi mantra represents the strong and protective nature of Goddess Bagalamukhi, a powerful deity in Hinduism. The mantra calls upon her to shield devotees from harm and negativity. By chanting this mantra, people seek her help in overcoming challenges and defeating enemies. Her determination and powerful energy make her a solid and vital force.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal number of times to chant this mantra is 9, 108 and 1008 times. Any one of them is acceptable, but as you increase the counts, better results are obtained.
Baglamukhi mantras are used for protection from all sorts of negativities that exist in the world. Health diseases, people with bad intentions, difficult times, struggles, etc., are eliminated if you regularly chant a Baglamukhi mantra.
Lord Shiva, after Sati’s demise, became a wanderer and carried her body on his shoulders, which caused destruction. To stop this, Lord Vishnu divided Sati’s body into 51 parts through his weapon. A left part of her body fell in the Baglamukhi Temple and came to be known as Shakti Peeth.
Goddess Baglamukhi is famous for her role as a protector and defender of her devotees. She is revered for her aggressive nature, symbolised by the weapon she carries, a cudgel or club. She has the power to destroy enemies and negative forces that threaten the well-being of her followers.
A Banglamukhi mantra should be recited in the early morning. The best time to perform the chant is between 4 am and 6 am. It can be beneficial to perform a purification ritual, such as taking a bath or shower, wearing clean clothes, and creating a calm and peaceful environment.
Bankhandi temple worships Goddess Baglamukhi. It stands in the north of India, up in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. It is not easy to reach there; still, devotees visit this temple frequently to get desired vibrations from the goddess and be protected from all the negative forces in the world.
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