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Krishna Mantra - Awakening Love And Joy

We all know that there is a power beyond science which is commonly believed to be God or almighty, and to solve our daily hustle and make that more accessible, we pray to God to remove the obstacles of your life. But how can you connect with the power surrounding you quickly? To resonate with the almighty power efficiently, you need to chant mantras daily. This is not the easiest way to develop a connection to the divine body, but it is also the most effective. Krishna mantra is one such mantra which will connect you to the sacred body in the most effective way.

The Krishna mantra is a type of Krishna prayer which can be chanted both aloud and in mind. A mantra or mantram is a repeated sacred prayer which bridges our inner self to the outer self; daily chants can uplift the mood and also help in manifesting desires.

Every mantra has specific vibrations, which is why priests recommend specific mantras for particular problems. To know more about mantras and how many times you should chant, keep ready and follow InstaAstro for more such information.

Krishna or commonly known as Kanha, is believed to be the 8th incarnation or avatar of Lord Vishnu, a very powerful and admired avatar. He also recited the Bhagwat Gita and taught people the way of life. During his life journey on earth, he taught people what love actually means; that is why he is also known as the God of love, and he has been worshipped with different names on different landscapes of India like Dwarkadheesh/Ranchod in Gujarat and Jagannath in Orissa.

People worship him because of these meaningful lessons; people in India have several mythical tales related to his childhood, and because of that, he is also known as the Terminator of Evil.

Significance and practice


Chanting the Krishna mantra has several benefits that one can even think of; it not only improves concentration power but also helps to scrap away all kinds of suffering. Lord Krishna was not just a holy divine figure but also a great speaker as well. His norms of the Bhagavad Gita are still prevalent in today's Kalyuga, where corruption and fraud have reached their peak.

By chanting the powerful Krishna mantra, you can cleanse your inner aura and the outer surrounding as well. Invoking this habit of chanting the Krishna mantra not only helps in purifying the inner soul but also dissolves your bad karma and reverts bad, positive karma.

By chanting the mantra, you feel connected to God and can feel his presence near you and days when your mind acts as an antagonist; chanting this mantra helps you get through the evil thoughts and reflects back positive energies.

How do you practise chanting mantras?

Mantras provide solace to your soul and peace to your body, but the chanting should be done keeping a few norms in mind since the mantra will only yield positive results when chanted as per directed.

You should always chant the mantra in the Brahma Muhurta, which is between 4 to 6 AM, as there is very less traffic in the cosmos at this time.
Start chanting the mantra after taking a bath in the morning and invoking yourself in meditation.

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You should chant the mantra 108 times, and the counting can be done on the tulsi mala, but you have to keep in mind a few things before holding a Tulsi mala, you should keep the mala in gangajal for at least a night before its first use and while chanting the mala the index finger should always be bent towards your body since the index finger is associated with desires, ego, self-blame and separation, so this finger should be avoided while chanting and should be secluded while performing the mantra jaap.

Types of Shree Krishna mantra

There are different types of shree krishna mantras for different types of concerns an individual has, from dealing with setbacks to living a healthy and sound life with peace inbuilt, every mantra has its own vibrations, and they affect your life accordingly.

Krishna mool mantra

The Krishna Moola Mantra helps in removing all the worries and tension of an individual. It is a very strong mantra and has the potential to elevate the negativity and sufferings from your life.

||Om krishnaya namah||

Meaning: Oh Kanha, address my greetings.
Benefits: Through this mantra, an individual gets control over their thought process, which leads to living a happy life. This powerful Krishna mantra is very strong and effective and helps in developing positive karma and self-realisation.

Hare krishna maha mantra

This vishnu mantra comprises 16 words and has its relevance in the kali-Santayana Upanishad; this Lord krishna slogan/mantra links your spirit to lord krishna and merges your soul to the Almighty.

||Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare,
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Ram Ram, Hare Hare||

Meaning: All the alluring cosmos, the major deities, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, please guide me to your service.

  • By chanting the hare krishna mantra, an individual attains peace and connects with God.
  • It cures mental disturbance and calms down the tsunami of negative thoughts.
  • This mantra is a bridge which connects your soul to the almighty and helps you grow better in your life.

Krishna mantra for success/shri krishna sharanam mamah

Om shri krishna sharanam mamah meaning is the Krishna mantra for success and is the sole solution to the career problems we face in our professional life. Many of us deal with obstacles in our careers; we often face financial problems and losses in business, but chanting this Krishna mantra helps you grow in the professional field. You should consider chanting this mantra by keeping your face towards lord Krishna's portrait in the morning.

||Om shri krishanah sharanam namah||

Meaning: I request you, lord, to take me under your wisdom, oh god! I surrender myself to you.
Shri Krishna sharanam mamah mantra benefits:

  • This mantra helps in purifying the inner soul and stable mind of an individual.
  • The chant deflects unwanted desires and emotions of the mind.
  • The mantra gives heavenly traits and a sense of belonging.
  • This mantra removes all the obstacles in your career and professional life which are hampering your growth.

Krishna beej mantra

The krishna beej mantra is often chanted to worship and please Lord Krishna. If you are dealing with hardships and need clarity with your life decisions, then you should prefer chanting this mantra every morning in Brahma Muhurta.

||Om kreem krishnaaye namah||

Meaning: Oh lord Krishna, I bow down to you; please grant me your wisdom and conquer the obstacles in my life.

  • Chanting this mantra gives bliss to your inner soul and raises the true hidden potential.
  • This mantra gives you the power to pardon others.
  • It gives clarity to the mind and awakens the potential for love and belief.
  • Removes all the obstacles in your life and career.

Krishna gayatri mantra

The krishna Gayatri mantra removes all sorrows and worldly worries from your life, and the individuals who chant this Gayatri mantra with utmost devotion attain the highest level of intellect. This mantra is a prayer to Krishna for help. You should consider chanting this mantra in the Brahma Muhurta after a bath.

||Aum devkinandanaye vidmahe,
Vasudevaya dhimahi,
Tanno krishna prachodayat||

Meaning: Through this mantra, you ask lord krishna to bless you with all his wisdom and provide you with the highest intellect.

  • Chanting the krishna Gayatri mantra helps an individual overcome all sorrows and anxiety.
  • This mantra treats illness and maintains the well-being and peace of an individual.
  • This mantra is the epitome of joy and tranquillity.
  • Chanting this mantra increases the knowledge and dedication of students as well as working professionals.

Kleem mantra

This kleem mantra is said to cure all problems and purify your soul. It is the utmost method to relieve obstacles from one's career prospectus and professional life, as this mantra, along with Lord Krishna, holds the power of Durga as well.

||Om kleem krishnaya namah||

Meaning: I bow down to you, oh Lord Krishna; please get me rid of the obstacles in my life and provide me with success.

  • Yields a successful relationship; if you are dealing with any kind of obstacle in the relationship, then this powerful Krishna mantra will save you.
  • Protects you from evil eyes and black magic.
  • Gives you a charismatic aura and a mesmerising personality.
  • Fills your soul with positivity and pretentious will.

24 name krishna mantra

This mantra is unique and effective as this mantra praises all the forms and names of lord krishna. By chanting this mantra, you please every form of Krishna, and this will help you to conquer all the negativity in your inner and outer body.

||Shri keshavaaya namah
Shri naaraayanaaya namah
Shri maadhavaaya namah||

Meaning: namah is used as a suffix or prefix before any mantra, which simply means salutation, and this phrase of the mantra praises the child form of Krishna, saying oh god who has curly black hairs and a blue/black body, the one who has his home in the oceans and who controls the ocean, the one whose wife is goddess Lakshmi.

||Shri govindaaya namah
Shri vishnave namah
Shri madhusudanaaya namah||

Meaning: this phrase talks about the cow herder form of Krishna and the one who is omnipresent in all living beings and also the one who defeated the demon, Madhu.

||Shri trivikramaaya namah
Shri vaamnaaya namah
Shri shridhraaya namah||

Meaning: the one who can walk down the three worlds[swarg, narak and Prithvi Lok] in one step, the one who portrays himself as a handsome dwarf and the one who wears Lakshmi ji in his heart.

||Shri hrishikeshaaya namah
Shri padmanaabhaaya namah
Shri daamodaraaya namah||

Meaning: the one who controls all the senses, the one who has lotus in his navel, we pray to you, oh lord, who was tied by maa Yashoda in his childhood.

||Shri sankarshanaaya namah
Shri vasudevaaya namah
Shri pradyumnaaya namah||

Meaning: we bow down to the one who awards bad/good karma to living beings, the one who is the descendant of Vasudeva and the one who has an illuminating persona.

||Shri aniruddhaaya namah
Shri purushottamy namah
Shri adhokshajaaya namah||

Meaning:I bow down to the unstoppable, supreme power, who is immortal and doesn't get diminished even if consumed wholly.

||Shri narashimhaaya namah
Shri achutaaya namah
Shri janaardanaaya namah||

Meaning: the one who appeared to protect Prahlad in a half-man-half-lion avatar, who doesn't fall for the materialistic pleasure of the earth and who protects his disciples from bad commitments.

||Shri upendraaya namah
Shri haraye namah
Shri krishnaaya namah||

Meaning: the one who showed up as Indra's brother, who removes all the misery and sorrow of his children and has a beautiful soul with eternal bliss.

  • This powerful krishna mantra relieves the devotees of all their pain and suffering.
  • This mantra makes devotees feel more connected to lord Krishna
  • You get rid of stressful thoughts and attain a calm mind
  • It overpowers the worries and tensions of the world.

Krishna's mantra for love and marriage

Lord Krishna is worshipped as the God of love. His tales are famous not only in India but across the globe; he represents victory over evil, and you can quickly achieve success in marriage by chanting this krishna mantra.

||Om kleem gopijan vallabhay swaha||

Meaning:Oh beloved, victorious krishna, we are in your abode; grant us solace with the love of our lives ||

  • Chanting this mantra removes obstacles from the path of marriage.
  • This mantra calms down ego and anger, which is the prime cause of failed relationships nowadays.
  • The Krishna mantra helps get peace of mind, higher intellect, and a connection with the lord.

Krishna's mantra to fulfil all desires.

If you want to achieve your goals and fulfil your desires, then this mantra can be helpful to you as it will motivate you to accomplish your goal. Chanting this mantra with full devotion from the day of Janmashtami will fulfil your wishes, but there are certain points to keep in mind, that you should consider wearing yellow clothes while starting the first chant of the mantra, and you should always sit facing the north direction. You can chant this mantra a minimum of 11 times in the morning and night before bed.

||Om shreem hreem kleem krishnaayee govindaaye swaha||

Meaning: It is a type of beej mantra invoking krishna with the recitation of his other names, such as Govinda. It simply means oh lord krishna, who is lord of this universe; please grant me your blessings and fulfil my desires.

  • It provides joy to the mind and souls of devotees.
  • It is a very powerful mantra which fulfils your desires and wants.
  • It brings your manifestation into reality.

To be concluded, chanting mantras is the easiest yet most effective way to please lord Krishna and get rid of worldly pleasures with his guidance. Reciting them not only provides solace to your mind but also freshens up your mind to think of a broader and clear perspective of anything, be it love or career or life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Krishna mantra, the most powerful mantra of Lord Krishna, helps to remove all the sorrows and hindrances if chanted in the right manner. No, you should not chant the lord krishna mantra in english; the reference to english is for people who have difficulty reading Sanskrit or Hindi.
Krishna beej mantra should be chanted in the Brahma muhurta, which is between 4 to 6 AM after bath. You should consider sitting in front of Krishna's idol while chanting the mantra.
Tulsi mala should be used to count the krishna mantra chants as tulsi mala helps to clean the mind and soul of the person and has several medicinal benefits.
Lord Krishna considers every being on this earth his children and devotees, so anyone who believes in the cycle of karma and in Lord Krishna can chant the Krishna mantra irrespective of their caste, creed, sex or religion.
You should still be in the pranayam position with your face facing to the north or in front of Krishna's idol, don't lean yourself and try to keep your back straight.
According to lord krishna, you should refrain from killing animals just for the sake of taste and habit, but there is no strict rule for Krishna disciples to be pure vegetarians.