Shakti Mantra

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Shakti Mantra - Pleasing Aadhishakti

Have you ever felt a strong sensation of power inside you? The immense energy is beyond explanation. That is Shakti or power within you. People of India also recognise their women as devis or Shakti because they know that Shakti is in every woman. There is a quote once Shivji quoted, “Naari agar shanka chhor de toh swayam shankar ban jati hai”. We cannot deny the fact that where women resemble a sign of peace, calmness and motherhood, the other side also represents her fury and rage towards evil. The Shakti mantra is nothing but a mere chant to please the divine Shakti of the universe.

Who is Shakti goddess? To be precise, devi shakti or Adi Shakti is known as the accumulation of all goddesses in the hindu culture. She is the protector and generator of the universe; when we talk about demons, she is the one to end the evils. Goddesses like Durga, who was the assassinator of Mahishasur (demon) or Goddess Kali, who was commonly known as the destruction goddess. We refer to all the goddesses at one time when we chant the Shakti mantra. Shakti is a personified word for the feminine power of the goddesses.

Shakti has appeared in various forms and incarnations to win over evil and make the world a better place to live. Not only was she able to protect the earth, but she was also responsible for protecting the dev lok. Each and every God in Hinduism pay their highest salutes to Devi Shakti and respects her. That is the reason why every woman in India is referred to as a goddess because our history and mythology have such respect for women. Shakti is known to end evil; whenever the demons try to snatch the peace and harm the harmony of the world, they are there to protect the world.

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Significance of the Shakti Mantra

As we discussed above, the powers of the deity are incomparable, and so for her mantras. The vibrations of the Shakti mantra are so powerful that they instantly uplift the mood and spirits of the individual. The Shakti mantra provides the individual right amount of patience, strength and intellect. The mantras are very effective and let you concentrate on your future goals and provide you with motivation and determination to achieve them same.

If you lack the confidence and courage to do any task or are frightened to face the situations of your life, then chanting this mantra will boost your morale. People suffering from mental illness and problems like anxiety, worries and depression then they should recite the mantra by heart. The strong vibrations of the mantra calm down all the negative energies around you. The mantras guide you to the righteous path. It calms down the mind and soul for a while and makes the individual more diligent to be decisive. The mantra chants keep the individual healthy inside out.

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The practice of the Shakti Mantra

The rage and fierce of Adi Shakti are immense, but her forgiving power is even more immense and vast. By now, you must have acknowledged that the strong vibrations of the mantra provide the individual with ample benefits. But the benefits will come to you when you practice the mantra chant with determination, faith and dedication. You need to have some pointers in your mind while reciting the mantra to gain its effectiveness in your life sooner:

  • Chant the mantra with utmost devotion and faith with no malice in your heart for others.
  • This Shakti Mantra is also for pregnant women and makes their womb healthy.
  • Any work that is undone due to obstacles will be cleared soon.
  • It is advised to to chant mantra for 11-13 minutes straight.
  • The Shakti mantra should be chanted in the morning after the bath.
  • The devotee should face the north direction while reciting the mantra.

Types of Shakti Mantra

Adi Shakti Mantra

Adi Shakti meaning: Goddess Adi Shakti has renowned for her powerful energy and fierce aura. In our Hindu mythology, women's power has been stated to the highest degree, which is infinite. Her figure is often regarded with fertility and patience. Pregnant women are advised to chant this mantra to keep their unborn child connected to them. Women who are not able to conceive should also recite the mantra for a healthy baby. Reciting the mantra solves all life-related obstacles to career, health and profession. It makes the individual confident and blunt in his decisions.

Adi Shakti mantra chant:

||Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Namo Namo
Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Namo Namo
Pritam Bhagwati, Pritam Bhagwati, Pritam Bhagwati, Namo Namo
Kundalini Mata Shakti, Mata Shakti, Namo Namo ||

Benefits of the Adi Shakti mantra:

The Adi Shakti mantra creates vibrations that connect you to the deity. It liberates you from the problems and sufferings of your life. It improves the intellectual power of the devotee and makes them more confined to their goals and manifestations. The devotees live a healthy lifestyle and avoid health problems by chanting the mantra. The person in debt or in any financial problem can benefit from the mantra. The mantra ends the vicious circle of tension, negativity and stress in an individual’s life.

Shakti Beej Mantra

The Shakti beej mantra has all the energy stored in its vibrations. The mantra possesses such strong vibrations which instantly uplift the mood of the individuals and liberate them from negativity. The Shakti beej mantra is no doubt very potent to oppose any kind of harmful element from entering your life. That is why the mantra is also known as the shiv shakti beej mantra. The mantra should be chanted in the Brahma muhurta with all the rituals suggested by the astrologers.

Shakti beej mantra chant:

||Om aem hreen kleem chamundaye vichaye||

Shakti beej mantra benefits:

This is the most influential Shakti mantra. Chanting this mantra will change your life prospects and way of thinking. The mantra energises your soul and makes you a better version of yourself. You stay away from diseases and illness when you regularly chant the mantra with devotion.

Shakti Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri mantra of any deity is the most promising mantra, which guarantees a hundred percent results if chanted with faith. The chant for this mantra should preferably be on Tuesdays wearing red coloured clothes. It hinders negativity around the devotee and makes the person happy.

Shakti gayatri mantra chant:

||Om devyani bramanyani ca vidmahe
Mahasaktiya ca dhimahi
Tan no devi prachodayat||

Shakti gayatri mantra benefits:

The vibrations of the mantra cleanse our inner souls. It nullifies past bad karmic actions. It yields good results when chanted with devotion and patience. The mantra provides the devotees with their fulfilled manifestations and desires. Chanting the mantra builds up a shield of positivity around the individual. It helps in getting success and promotions at work.

Sarvabadha Mukti Mantra

Badha in english means “problems”, and sarva means “all”. The name of the mantra itself suggests that saints have suggested the mantra to tackle problems. Mukti means liberation from problems. The mantra makes you confident and strong enough to face all the problems of your life with bravery and courage. It liberates you from your life problems and blesses you with zeal and strength.

Sarvabadha Mukti Mantra chant:

||Sarvabhadha-vinirmukto, Dhandhaanyasutanvit||

Om sarva badha vinirmukto mantra benefits:

As we discussed above, the sarv badha mukti mantra is chanted to get freedom from problems. Here are some more listed benefits of chanting the Shakti mantras-like it increases the patience in an individual, which automatically induces inner strength. It ends the fear inside the individual, and people who face constant hurdles in the way of their career and profession should chant the mantra. Problems related to pregnancy and life struggles can clash with merely this mantra chant.

Shiv Shakti Mantra

Goddess Shakti is always connected to Lord Shiva; it has been described in our ancient hindu texts that Shakti is a part of Shiv. so in order to please both deities, this shiv shakti mantra is chanted. This is a very Shaktishali mantra (powerful mantra) because it has the energies of both Shiv and Shakti. Where Shiv represents conscience, Shakti represents the nature. Both are the creator of power and energy in the cosmos. Hence was advised by the astrologers to worship both divine figures together. It is often known as the mantra to get respect.

Shiv Shakti mantra chant:

||Om sarva mangal mangalaye shivay sarvath sadhike’
Sharanaye trayambake gauri narayani namostu te||

Shiv Shakti mantra benefits:

The mantra pleases both Shiv and his consort Shakti. We can not even imagine the power of this mantra, but yes, we can surely mention some benefits attached to it. The mantra helps you in gaining all the lost respect and status, will uplift your finances and provide the individual with good health. You will notice a tremendous change in your moods and lifestyle. You will be happier and live a positive mindset after reciting this mantra.

Shakti Panchakshari Mantra

This mantra is regarded as a potent instrument for enlightenment and internal transformation. It is thought to aid the practitioner in awakening the divine feminine force inside them as well as summon the goddess Shakti's blessings for safety, direction, and benefits.

Shakti panchakshari mantra chant:

||Maahi Kalpa drumasya druta kalpa
parashu mrigaabhiti hantyam vande
balendu maulihi gajavadana guhasishta
par sham mahesham||

Shakti panchakshari mantra benefits:

Regularly reciting Shakti Panchakshari is thought to aid the practitioner in forging a stronger bond with the divine feminine, which can promote inner strength, clarity, and spiritual development. It is frequently recited during spiritual exercises like meditation and yoga, as well as in Hindu rites and festivities.

In conclusion, the Shakti mantra was introduced to the individuals to connect to the divine power and feel the connection between themselves and the almighty deity. The mantras are really dynamic and cover all the problems of all aspects of your life. From gaining strength to building a successful career, the mantra will provide you with the confidence to deal with all of the tough tasks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vashikaran means to make someone under your control. Well, that might sound funny, but it can be possible. Though the mantra has been used a lot lately for malice practices, it can surely be used to fulfil your manifestations and desire. The Vashikaran mantra can be chanted as:
||Om Namah Kam-Devaya
Sahakal Sahadrash Sahamsah liye vanhe dhunan janmamdarshanam utkanthitam kuru kuru,
Daksh Dakshu-dhar kusum-wanen han han swaha||
The shaktishali hanuman mantra is chanted to get rid of problems and negativity in one’s life. You can even chant this mantra to overcome your past fears or malefic actions against others. The mantra can be simply chanted as:
||Manojvam Maruttulyavegam, Jitendriya Budhimatam Senior
Vaatatmajan Vanarayuthamukhyam, Shri Ramdoot Sharanam Prapadye||
The Shakti mantra is very powerful; as the name suggests, Shakti in english is known as power. So when the mantra is chanted, it instantly uplifts the devotee from a malicious vicious circle of negativity and transforms the devotees into better people. It clears out the mind and leaves the individual with a concentrated and determined mindset.
Parashakti is the supreme energy or power that permeates the entire universe and is connected to creation, preservation, and destruction in Hinduism. She is a strong and transcendent aspect of the Divine Feminine. She is adored as a kind-hearted mother figure who inspires worshippers with her blessings, direction, and empowerment.
Om Shakti Parashakti is frequently recited to gain protection from malefic energies. The devotee is supposed to be shielded from danger and given a sense of protection and safety by the divine feminine energy, which is said to be a strong barrier against evil.
As per the astrologers, the Brahma muhurta is considered the time to chant the shakti mantra, since this time will increase the chances of the devotee to connect to the divine power.