Kaal Bhairav Mantra

Know the benefits of chanting Kaal Bhirav Mantra!

Kaal Bhairav Mantra - Enhancing Positivity

Who doesn’t know the love story of Shiv-Parvati? The most historic yet beautiful love story of all time. The devotees worship both as a symbol of love and long-lasting marriage. But do you recall when lord shiva’s wife Sati had to surrender herself to fire because her father insulted her husband in a sacred ceremony? The fury in Shiva’s eye was easily visible, and at that time, earth suffered a lot of calamities due to its rage at Shiva. Since then, Shiva has been worshipped for his rage also. The furious form of Shiva is the Kaal Bhairav, and to please that form of Shiva, the devotees chant the kaal bhairav mantra.

Kaal bhairav was incarnated from the nails of Lord Shiva to teach Lord Brahma lessons of dedication and responsibility. The black dog is often referred to as the vehicle of Lord Kaal Bhairav. Illustrating the name gives us the personality traits of kaal bhairav: Kaal, which in english means time, and Bhairav, which means death. There are various temples dedicated to the deity like the kaal bhairav temple in Ujjain, Varanasi, Odisha and many more.

His furious attire doesn’t make him less than any other deity, and it is easy to please Kaal Bhairav because he gets calm soon the way he shows his anguish. The furious attire is for the unwanted elements or demons on the planet, but when he shows his grace over his devotees, he showers all his love, power and strength on them. He is known and worshipped to end the problems in one’s life related to behaviour, career, health or anything.

Since the deity is so powerful and courageous, his mantra chant will make you feel the same way. Ego problems will be at bay when you start his devotion. Keep reading if you are seeking a simple way to impress the furious deity.

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Significance of the Kaal Bhairav Mantra

Kaal bhairav mantra has very strong and positive vibrations to deal with any kind of negative or occult energies in or around the aura of the devotee. The mantra has been used by astrologers/saints, and sages for ages to solve their personal and community problems. The mantra pleases the deity and urges him to bestow his blessings on the devotee. The obstacles of your life, be they professional or personal, are cleared out with the simple mantra chant. You live a disease-free and healthy life along with the love and support of your family and loved ones. If you and your family have to deal with unforeseen expenses and problems, then this mantra chant will surely ease that down. You might not know this, but people literally stand in queues to get rid of their kaal sarp dosh in the Kaal bhairav temple. Yes, you heard it right; the people who suffer from kaal sarp dosh chant the kaal bhairav mantra for relief; not only this, but it also eliminates mangal and rahu dosha as well.

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The practice of the kala bhairava mantram

The kaal bhairava mantra should be practised with utmost devotion, faith and dedication for effective and faster results. Have you noticed people feeding black dogs on the street? We have to agree that not all are this humble to the poor, but many do this to keep their deity happy. Yes, the black dog is known as the vehicle of kaal bhairav Maharaj and one should feed him in order to make the deity happy. When it comes to worshipping and chanting the kaal bhairav mantra then, the devotees should preferably choose the rahukaal because our astrologers have anticipated that the effectiveness of the mantra is the highest at that time. This practice will make lord kaal bhairav happy and please lord Rahu. The location of the bhairav idol should ideally be in the north, with their face facing to the west.

Types of Kaal Bhairav Mantra

Every kaal bhairav mantra has different yet strong vibrations that purify the individual's inner soul and outer aura. The types of kaal bhairav mantras are stated below, have a look at those and consult your astrologers about which one you should chant to achieve your aspirations.

Kaal Bhairav Mantra

The kaal bhairav mantra has so much potential that it frequently uplifts the mood of the individual who chants the particular mantra. The mantra is a mere salutation to lord kaal bhairav, but it possesses a lot of strength. The vibrations of the mantra end all the negativity around the individual and protect the devotee from the evil eye.

Kaal bhairav mantra chant:

||Om kaal bhairavaye namah||

Kaal bhairav mantra benefits:

If you deal with financial drainage and unhealthy relationships, then this mantra can be your jam. The mantra is recited to solve all your life problems related to marriage, love, career and profession. The ego problems within yourself end with the recitation of the mantra. No matter if you deal with any disease or want to stay away from any disease, this mantra will surely be your partner in all the adverse circumstances of life.

Kaal Bhairav Beej mantra

Have you ever felt a strong connection to cosmic power? No? Well, now you can. The kala bhairava beej mantra has strong vibrations that lead the devotee to their deity. Your aura will be filled with positivity and a tension-free environment. The recitation of the mantra should be preferably in the evening time before sunset, which is around 4 pm to 6 pm. There is no hard and fast rule for the mantra chant. You just need to be devoted fully and feel the cosmic energy inside you.

Kaal bhairav mantra chant:

||Om Hree Batukay Aapduddharanaya kuru kuru batukay hree
Om hran hrin hron hrin hron kshetrapalaya kalbhairavaya namah||

Kala bhairava mantra benefits:

By chanting the mantra, you open the doors of success and opportunities. No matter what amount of problems come into your professional life, they will all be cured with a simple mantra chant. It increases the positive flow of energy within you and makes you healthy inside out. Recitation of the mantra also flows in wealth and prosperity at home and the workplace.

Kaal Bhairav Gayatri Mantra

Are you facing a long legal dispute? Or have your rivals filed a lawsuit against you? Yes, you definitely need a good lawyer to fight the case, but the inner strength can only be gathered by chanting this mantra. The kaal bhairav gayatri mantra has the power to make you strong and courageous enough to tackle any adverse circumstances of life. The mantra recitation should be done in the morning 108 times. If the mantra is chanted with determination and devotion, then Lord Bhairav fulfils all the wishes of their disciples. You become more focused on your life goals and chant the mantra, please, Lord Shiva. The devotee will feel light because of a tension-free mindset and a positive aura with little or no suffering. The mantra is also known as the kaal bhairav mantra for money since it ends all the money-related problems of the individual.

Kaal Bhairav ​​Gayatri Mantra chant:

||Om kalakalaya vidmahe,
Kaalaatheethaaya dheemahi,
Tanno Kaala Bhairava Prachodayat ll

Kaal bhairav gayatri mantra benefits:

The mantra overpowers the effect of evil eyes and negativity. No matter how big or grave the problem is, if you recite this mantra with extreme devotion, faith and proper rituals, then you will surely overcome all your problems and fears. Chanting the mantra provides the individual with good health and intellect.

Kaal Bhairav Mool Mantra

As per astrologers and old age saints, this mantra is the most powerful in Indian mythological history. The mantra is blessed with so much powerful vibrations that it will eliminate all your pain and suffering. Reciting the mantra is like pleasing lord Shiva itself. If you are too much worried about your career and education prospectus, then this mantra will be really helpful to excel in all aspects of life. The mantra is also chanted to make the enemies stay away from you; hence it is also known as the kaal bhairav mantra for enemy.

Kaala bhairava moola mantra chant:

||Om han shan nan han kan san khan mahakaal bhairavaay namah
On green batukaay aapadudhaaranaay kurookuroo batukaay hreen||

Kaal bhairav mool mantra benefits:

It is believed that if this mantra is chanted by the devotees with faith and dedication, then it turns out to be fruitful to the natives in terms of finance, health and love life. Sibling relations also improve with the recitation of the mantra, and problems like anxiety, tension and depression are cured with merely the mantra chant.

Kala Bhairav Ashtakam

The word akhtakam means eight. Kaalbhairava ashtakam is a collection of eight hymns that devotees sing together to please lord kaal bhairav. It should be paired with the kaal bhairav mantra for better and faster outcomes. The devotees notice the highest level of peace after chanting this ashtakam. All the pain and suffering come to an end with the recitation of this ashtakam. It could either be chanted early morning or in the evening time. It can be recited by anyone suffering from problems since the main motive of this ashtakam is to make the deity and the devotee happy. This ashtakam puts an end to all the obstacles and problems of the life of the individual.

kaal bhairav ashtakam in english:

Vyalayajnasutramindushekharam kripakaram
Naradadiyogivrandavanditam digambaram
Kashikapuradhinath kalbhairavam bhaje||
||bhanukotibhaswaram bhavabdhitarakam param
Neelkanthmiositarthdayakam trilochanam
Kashikapuradhinath kalbhairavan bhaje||
Shyamkayamadidevamaksharam niramayam
Bhimvikram prabhu vichitratandavpriya
Kashipurandhinath kalbhairavan bhaje||
||bhaktavatsalam sthiram samastlokavigraham
Kashipuram kalbhairavam bhaje||
||dharmasetupalakam tvadharmamargnashak
Kashipuradhinath kalbhairavan bhaje||
Nityamadwitiyamishtadaivatam nirjanam
Kashipuradhinath kalbhairavan bhaje||
Astasiddhidayakam kapalmalikadharam
Kashipuradhinath kalbhairavan bhaje||
||bhootsanghanayak vishalkirtidayak
Kashivaslokapunyapaapashdkam vibhum
Neetimargakovidam puranam jagatpati
Kashikapuradhinath kalbhairavan bhaje||
||kalabhairavanshtakam pathanti ye manoharan
Gyanmuktisadhak vichitraounyavardhanam
Te prayanti kalabhairavangrisannidhi nara dhruvam||

Kalabhairava ashtakam benefits

In order to attain the kaal bhairav ashtakam benefits, the devotees need to be faithful and loyal towards the deity. It shows the right guidance to the devotee, making the individual confident and determined. It nullifies all the past bad karma and cleanses out the soul. The aura of the individual is filled with a feeling of fulfilment, joy and positivity. The devotees who chant the ashtakam by heart are dear to lord kaal bhairav; hence, problems usually stay at bay.

In conclusion, the kaal bhairav mantras are very potent to possess any kind of calamity or problems in an individual’s life. The devotees should be religious and loyal towards their deity and do the mantra rituals as suggested by their astrologers. You will attain the maximum benefits of the mantra when you give your utmost devotion to the prayers and towards the solution to your problems too.


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Frequently Asked Questions

All the lord bhairava mantra leads promise individual success and a potential mind. But if talking of one, then the kaala bhairava gayatri mantra should be the appropriate one for success since it is the most powerful mantra as well.
The meaning this mantra has no defined meaning attached to it, but this is a mere salutation to the deity. It praises the deity in order to make him happy and in order to seek the blessings of the same. The mantra should preferably be done in the evening time for more benefits.
We know how tough it is to deal with the problem of delayed or unsuccessful marriages. The individual's morale shatters when they have to deal with such situations. But lord Shiva is the deity who is worshipped to get a good life partner. Therefore, you should chant the kaal bhairav beej mantra for early marriage and for a good life partner to accompany you lifelong.
The mantra is small hymns, whereas the ashtakam is a collection of eight hymns or verses. They are also similar in that they both are chanted to please the deity. As per our astrologers, pairing the kaal bhairav mantra with the kaal bhairav ashtakam is highly recommended for the utmost profit.
Lord kaal bhairav is also known as the incarnation of Shiva, which is furious and powerful. Hence the fierce form of the deity is worshipped to take his blessings and make him happy with all the mantras and prayers.
As per astrology and vastu shastra, you should avoid keeping the idol in the south direction. The position of the idol should be in such a way that it faces the north direction. The kaal bhairav idol should be kept with the Shiv parivar as it is considered to be lucky for the natives of home.