Pregnancy Mantras - Embracing Fertility and Nourishment

The birth of a child is a gift from God. And women are chosen for this great responsibility. Motherhood is a magical experience and is considered a new chapter in a woman’s life. The pain that a woman endures while delivering a child becomes all worth it when a new baby is born out of them. But to be prepared for that, she has to be taken care of for a duration of 9 months. Pregnancy Mantra can help to run this process more calmly. This nine months is known as the Pregnancy Period.

Worshipping God during this time becomes more effective when done through mantras. So, a list of Pregnancy mantras is recited during the nine months of pregnancy to keep things good to go, along with eating habits and yoga. This practice has been active since ancient times and is still in use. It is known as “Garbh Sanskar”. Keep reading to know more.

During Pregnancy, a woman goes through a lot of mental and physical changes while a baby is creating space for itself. Therefore, to ensure that the woman and the baby are protected, one needs to take an extra step along with medical assistance. But what is that additional step? A belief in divine power.

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Pregnancy or Garbh Sanskar Mantras: Significance and Practice

Knowing how Pregnancy/Garbh Sanskar Mantras help and how they are practised or chanted is necessary. Pregnancy Mantras are a part of traditional Indian practices that involve chanting specific mantras or hymns during pregnancy. Additionally, it is thought that these mantras can create a calm and positive environment for the pregnant woman, which can help reduce stress and anxiety. However, let’s take a look at the significance of Pregnant mantras and how can womens chant these mantras.

  • Significance of Pregnancy Mantra

Pregnancy or Garbh Sanskar Mantras are a part of traditional Indian practices that involve chanting specific mantras or hymns during pregnancy. The word 'Garbh Sanskar' is derived from the Sanskrit language, where 'Garbh' means womb and 'Sanskar' refers to the process of educating or refining the mind. The practice of chanting mantras during pregnancy is believed to have several benefits, both for the unborn child and the mother.

A Garbh Sanskar practice originates in early Vedic times and is considered an auspicious activity for pregnant women. The god is worshipped through specific mantras and offerings to keep the mother and child blessed and safe. It is believed that the baby inside a mother’s womb can respond to vibes. And chanting mantras create positivity for the kid. The vibration or energies of the divine force of God is transferred to the child through the mother. Therefore, a family must use mantras for healthy baby during pregnancy. A Garbh Sanskar or Pregnancy Mantra is also used to remove pregnancy delays. A woman must chant the pregnancy mantra to get pregnant.

A Garbh Sanskar Mantra ensures that only good energies are sent to a to-be-born kid. So, it is necessary to maintain a peaceful environment around a pregnant woman. It is said that creating a good environment contributes to the qualities that a baby adopts. Also, it releases happy hormones in women, like endorphins and serotonin. Chanting mantras helps keep the mind relaxed around the baby. Moreover, consulting an astrologer or a pandit to keep in check the planetary position of pregnant women each month is also necessary. The words in a mantra are Sanskrit mantra for pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy Mantra Chant Practice

Pregnancy mantra chanting can be a deeply personal and meaningful practice for those who believe in its power. When selecting a pregnancy mantra, it is recommended to choose one that resonates with you personally. There are various mantras available, such as 'Om Ganeshaya Namaha', invoking Lord Ganesha or 'Om Sarva Mangala Mangalye Shive Sarvartha Sadhike', praising the Divine Mother. The mantra should hold significance and inspire a sense of connection for you.

Accurate pronunciation of the mantra is crucial for its effectiveness. Seeking guidance from a knowledgeable person or listening to authentic recordings can help ensure that you pronounce the mantra correctly. This attention to detail adds authenticity and reverence to the practice. Also, while chanting the mantra, it is considered auspicious to choose a favourable day and time. Referring to a Hindu calendar or consulting a knowledgeable person can assist in identifying auspicious days, such as Mondays or Thursdays. Mornings or evenings are generally regarded as ideal times for chanting. These choices are believed to align with positive energies and spiritual connections.

The direction you face during the chanting also holds significance. It is advised to face either the east or north direction, as these directions are believed to enhance positive energy and foster a deeper spiritual connection. Deciding on the number of repetitions is a personal choice. Traditionally, a minimum of 108 repetitions is recommended, as this number holds significance in Hindu traditions. However, you can gradually increase the repetition based on your comfort level and devotion. The aim is to create a rhythm and flow that allows you to immerse yourself in the mantra.

Pregnancy Mantras Types

There are various mantras that are considered beneficial for pregnancy. During this time, the woman and the baby are of utmost importance and reciting mantras is one of the most used ways to keep absorbing good energies in the form of divine strength. Let us look at the most powerful early Pregnancy mantras one by one.

  • Swayamvara Parvati Mantra

This mantra enhances the relationship between a husband and a wife. There is harmony, and the chances of fights, arguments and stress are reduced. Infertility issues and the need for abortions are eliminated. Chanting the below mantra even once a day is effective. But as they say, the more, the better, a woman must try chanting 108 times.

'ॐ हरीं योगिनीं योगिनी योगेश्वरी योगः सर्वभयानां आधारः
जङ्गमस्य मुख हृदयं मम वसं आकर्षाय नमः'

'Om Hreem Yoginim Yogini Yogeswari Yoga Bhayankari Sakala Sthavara
Jangamasya Mukha Hridayam Mama Vasam Akarsha Akarshaya Namaha'

Meaning: Praying to the goddess Parvati to offer intimacy in a relationship.

Benefits: Chanting this mantra is believed to promote a harmonious relationship between husband and wife. It creates a positive and loving atmosphere, reducing the chances of fights, arguments, and stress in the marital relationship.

  • Santhana Gopala Mantra

This mantra is chanted to conceive a baby. It is a mantra that gives fast results to people expecting a child. This mantra of conception must be chanted 108 times daily. Don’t stop it once you conceive. Rather, continue it till the time of delivery.

'ॐ देवकी सुधा गोविन्द वासुदेव जगत पाठे
देहिमे ठानायं कृष्ण थ्वामहं सरनं कढहा
देवा देवा जगन्नाथ गोथरा वृधि करप प्रभो
देहिमेय थानायं शीग्राम आयुष्मन्धं यशश्रीनम्'

'Om Devaki Sudha Govinda Vasudeva Jagath Pathe
Dehimey Thanayam Krishna Thwamaham Saranam Kadhahaa
Deva Deva Jagannatha Gothra Vridhi Karap Prabho
Dehimey Thanayam Sheegram Ayushmandham Yashashreenam'

Meaning: Repeatedly call Lord Krishna by different salutations and ask him to bless a woman who desires a baby in her womb and also shower the blessings on the family who wants to continue their clan and light the next lamp.

Benefits: The mantra is said to seek the divine protection of Lord Krishna for the unborn child, ensuring a positive and auspicious environment during the pregnancy. By chanting this mantra, individuals hope to receive the blessings of Lord Krishna for the overall well-being and prosperity of their families.

  • Moola Mantra

It is a powerful mantra to prevent abortion and fulfil the long-gone desire of conceiving a baby. Chant the below-written mantra 108 times till delivery.

'ॐ हरिं लज्जा जल्यां तः तह लैः ॐ हरिम स्वाहा'

'Om Hrim Lajja Jjalyam Thah Thah Lah Om Hrim Svaha'

Meaning: Pray to the almighty to show his grace and bless you with a child.

Benefits: Chanting mantras allows pregnant individuals to connect with their unborn child on a deeper level. The soothing vibrations of the mantras may create a peaceful environment for both the mother and the baby, fostering a sense of unity and bonding.

'पुमंसं पत्रं जाने तम् पुमानानु जयतम भगवती पुत्रनं माता जतनं जम्याश्याम यां,
ॐ नमः शक्तिरूपाय राजराजेशरी मम गृहे पुत्रं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा'

'Pumansam Patram Janey Tam Pumananu Jayatam Bhagvati Putranam Mata Jatanam Jamyashyam Yan,
Om Nama Shaktirupaya Rajarajesharee mama Grihe Putram Kuru Kuru Swaha'

Meaning: We pray to Lord Almighty, the Rajarajeswari, the one who rules over the Trimurthis - Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara to bless our home with a newborn or with a child.

Benefits: The mantra is also chanted to invoke the protective energies of the Goddess during childbirth, seeking her blessings for a safe delivery and the well-being of both the mother and the child.

  • Garbarakshambiga Sloka

Garbarakshambiga sloka is a mantra dedicated to the Goddess Garbhaakshambika, the protector of the womb and foetus. Chant this mantra to prevent abortion and the safety of the child.

'औं देवेन्धिराणी नमोस्तुब्यं ढेवेन्धिरा पिरिया बामिनी
विवाहाहा बाक्यम् आरोक्यम् पुथरा लाबम साधेहिमे
पधीं धेहि सुधां धेहि सौबक्यम् धेहिमे सुभे।
सौमाङ्गल्यां सुबं ज्ञानं धेहिमे गरबरक्षके'

'Aum Devendhiraani Namosthubyam Dhevendhira Piriya Baamini
Vivaaha Baakyam Aarokyam Puthra Laabam Sadhehime
Padhim Dhehi Sudham Dhehi Soubaakyam Dhehime Subhe
Soumaangalyam Subam Gnayanam Dhehime Garbarakshake'

Meaning: Say the name of the goddess repeatedly and praise her. Through this, we seek her blessings for children with good qualities, health and prosperous life.

Benefits: The mantra is chanted with the intention of invoking the divine energies to bless the child with good health, happiness, and prosperous life.

  • Pregnancy Gayatri Mantra

This mantra is chanted to get intellect and knowledge for the woman who has conceived as well as the child inside her. With this mantra, God protects a pregnant woman from suffering and inspires her to stay motivated every day for the journey of 9 months. Chant this mantra 12 times every day for an effective impact.

'ૐ भूर् भुवः स्वः
भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि
थियो योन्: प्रचोदयात्' २.

'Om Bhur Bhuvah Swah
Tat-Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat'

Meaning: We pray and meditate on the supreme power, Lord Sun, and seek his blessings for high intellect, spiritual knowledge and a strong mind. We request God to provide us with wisdom and forgive us for our sins.

Benefits: Chanting this mantra transfers safety to the mother and the baby. The woman is forgiven for all the mistakes she knowingly or unknowingly made. She is enlightened and made more careful with each step she takes. She gains knowledge which also reaches the baby within her. The unborn child receives positive vibes if the mother chants the Gayatri Mantra.

  • Krishna Mantra for pregnancy / Sri Gopala Sahasranama Stotram

This mantra is a mantra for protection. Carrying a baby for nine months requires a woman to be extremely careful. Sri Gopala Sahasranama Stotram or Krishna Mantra for pregnancy brings awareness to the mother and the family. Recite the mantra 21 times and stay protected.

'गोप-स्वामी गोकुलेन्द्रो
दरिद्र्या-बथ्यानाह' २.

'Gopa-Svaami Gokulendro
Daataa Daaridrya-Bhanjanaah'

Meaning: By chanting the mantra, we call Lord Krishna and request him to keep problems and harm away from the baby residing inside a mother’s womb.

Benefits: Chanting this mantra conveys positive energy to the child inside a mother’s womb. It keeps safety around the mother and the child. Any pain, harm, or misery that can cause discomfort to the child is eliminated if the family and the mother recite it daily. With the help of this mantra, any insufficiency or complication in pregnancy is also believed to fade away.

  • Ganesh Mantra for Pregnancy

This is a pregnancy anxiety mantra. A pregnant woman goes through a lot of mood shifts, nervousness, stress and concern during the nine months of holding a baby inside. These symptoms need to be handled with care and compassion. Chanting Ganesh Mantra for pregnancy calms down and relaxes a woman’s mind. A woman and her family must chant the below mantra 11 times a day before sunrise.

'ॐ गण गणपतये नमो नमः'

'Om Gan Ganpataye Namo Namah'

Meaning: My greetings to Lord Ganesha.

Benefits: This mantra is an effective mantra in removing anxiousness from a woman’s mind who is pregnant. It relaxes her soul and mind. It helps a mother deal with negative emotions and prevents them from reaching the unborn child. It is also believed that chanting this mantra saves pregnant ladies from perinatal depression (severe anxiety during the last four weeks of pregnancy, which is risky) and also helps a woman deal with prepartum depression (depression in the first four weeks after delivery).

  • Saraswati Mantra during Pregnancy

Saraswati Mantra for pregnancy is a powerful mantra to support a woman and her baby during the three trimesters of carrying the baby within. It makes a woman spiritual and creates a positive impact on the child and mother’s health. Recite the below mantra to seek the blessings of Goddess Saraswati.

'या कुण्डेन्दु तुषारहार धवला या शुभ्र वस्त्रावृता
या वीणा वरदन्द मण्डितकार या श्वेत पद्मासन
या ब्रह्मच्युत शंकर प्रभृतिबिहि देवैः सदा पूजिता
स मम पट्टू सरवती भगवती निहशेष जाद्यपहा'

'Ya Kundendu Tusharahara Dhavala Ya Shubhra Vastravrita
Ya Veena Varadanda Manditakara Ya Shveta Padmasana
Ya Brahmachyuta Shankara Prabhritibihi Devaih Sada Pujita
Sa Mam Pattu Saravatee Bhagavatee Nihshesha Jadyapaha'

Meaning: Goddess Saraswati, who holds the purity of Jasmine and is as cool as snow and moon, is decorated in pearls and white garments. She blesses you by playing the instrument Veena placed in her hand. She is throned on a white lotus and is made more powerful under the influence of the Trimurtis - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Benefits: As Goddess Saraswati is a goddess of wisdom and knowledge, a pregnant woman is enlightened by chanting this mantra. Through this mantra, a woman learns and increases awareness with each passing day. A woman's mind becomes sharp and alert, especially during the last 12 crucial days of pregnancy. It educates the woman to focus her mind towards important things.

  • Pregnancy Raksha Mantra / Ramcharitmanas Chaupai

Ramcharitmanas Chaupai is a Raksha mantra for pregnancy. It is believed to protect the baby from all kinds of complications and harm. It is dedicated to Lord Rama, who blesses the mother with protective energy throughout the nine months if chanted regularly. Recite the below mantra 21 times every morning without fail.

'मङ्गल भावना अमङ्गल हरि
द्रवू सुदासार्थ अजिर बिहारी
दिन दयाल वीरद सम्भरी
हरहुनाथ मामा संकट भरी'

'Mangala Bhavana Amangala Haari
Dravahu Sudasaratha Ajira Bihaari
Deen Dayaal Virad Smabhaari
Harahu Naath Mama Sankata Bhaari'

Meaning: We seek blessings of Lord Rama, who is Dashrata’s most loved son. He is the destroyer of the bad and evidence of goodness. He protects the weak and removes hurdles from a devotee’s path. We pray to him to keep away danger and risks away.

Benefits: Chanting this mantra spreads the safety of minds and souls. It protects women from all sorts of complications in pregnancy. A woman who chants this mantra remains healthy during all the months of pregnancy. It is a beneficial mantra for easy and safe delivery.

  • Pregnancy Mantra for Planets

Planets that exist in the universe influence the life of humans on Earth. During pregnancy, women need to be extra careful regarding the placement of planets in their zodiac signs. Improper positions of any planet may leave malefic effects on the mother and the baby. Therefore, it is necessary to chant mantras that please the planetary lords.

Below is a list of mantras dedicated to the nine planets that exist in Vedic texts. Each of the nine months of pregnancy is dedicated to a specific planet. Each mantra asks the planets for protection. Let us go through them.

  • 1st month: This month is dedicated to Lord Venus, and the mantra is - 'Om Su Sukray Namah'.
  • 2nd month: This mantra is for planet Mars, and the associated mantra is - 'Om Bho Bhomay Namah'.
  • 3rd month: Try to impress Lord Jupiter in the third month with the mantra - 'Om Brah Brahspatay Namah.'
  • 4th month: 4th month is devoted to Lord Sun, and the powerful mantra to please him is - 'Om Gharri Suryai Namah'.
  • 5th month: In the fifth month, pray to Lord Moon using the mantra - 'Om So Somai Namah'.
  • 6th month: This month is to seek the blessings of the Lord Saturn by reciting the mantra - 'Om Sa Sanachrai Namah'.
  • 7th month: It is committed to planet Mercury. Recite the mantra mentioned ahead to please him - Om Bu Budhai Namah.
  • 8th month: Worship Lagnapati, the ascendant of conception in the eighth month. We could not find the related mantra. You may consult an astrologer or a pandit for this.
  • 9th month: The ninth month is reserved for the Moon, and the mantra to appease him is - “Om So Somai Namah”.


In conclusion, chant pregnancy mantras offer numerous benefits for expectant mothers, providing them with a sense of calm, spiritual connection, and positive energy during their journey to motherhood. These powerful mantras can help reduce stress, increase relaxation, and foster a deep bond between the mother and her unborn child. For more information on astrology and other astrological needs, visit InstaAstro's website for expert guidance and support.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ramcharitmanas Chaupai is the most powerful mantra during pregnancy. It is a Raksha mantra and is believed to keep the baby safe if chanted regularly for all nine months.
Chanting mantras during pregnancy keep a woman safe from all kinds of physical and mental disturbances. It makes it a little easy for the mothers to spend nine months keeping the baby inside.
Garbh Sanskar should be started three months prior to conception, according to Vedic experts. It is advisable to be clean and take a bath daily to listen to and chant the mantras. It claims a safe and healthy baby.
Researchers have found out that women who worshipped God and chanted mantras sincerely have shown more chances of pregnancy. Reports show that it is twice as frequent as those who do not pray and chant.
In Garbh Sanskar, God is worshipped, and specific mantras are chanted for all nine months of pregnant women. It is believed to bring a calming effect to the mother and the baby and promises a safe delivery.
Planets do have an influence on pregnant ladies. That is why each of the nine months and the month of delivery has mantras dedicated to different planets.
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