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How is Parijat Yoga Formed In Kundli?

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Parijat Yoga

In vedic astrology, yogas are considered to be the relationship between one planet, sign, or house to another through placement, aspect, or conjunction. Likewise, each yoga is formed according to the planets or signs placed in any house. So, here we will be discussing one of the rare and significant yogas, Parijatha Yoga. 

Due to the rarity of Parijat Yog in astrology, there are very few people who have the placement of this yog in their kundli. This is one of the most powerful yog that pushes the natives to climb the peak of success. 

So, let’s get further into knowing more about Parijatha Yoga in kundli and how it impacts individuals’ lives in various ways. 


What is Parijatha Yoga? 

In Vedic astrology, Parijata in English is associated with a celestial tree known as Parijatha. According to mythology, this tree is a symbol of wish fulfilment and prosperity. It’s believed that people who have this yog in their kundli are not fortunate enough during their initial years. However, due to their strong determination and belief, they are capable of achieving great heights in life.  

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How is Parijat Yoga Formed? 

Now that we’ve caught a hang of the meaning of Parijat Yog let’s understand how this yog is formed in an individual’s birth chart. So, if the first house lord is situated in any of the other houses and the lord of that house is in trine or Kendra house, then Parijat Yog is formed. Sounds confusing? Let’s give a simple example. 

Let’s say that the first house lord in your birth chart is Mars, and it is located in the third house. Now, let’s assume that the lord of the third house, Mercury, is located in the ninth house, which is a trine house or Kendra house. This placement of planets satisfies the condition required for the formation of Parijat Yog in your birth chart.

Is Parijat Yog Good or Bad? 

Now, here’s a question that might be on your mind: Is Parijatha Yoga a boon or a bane in your birth chart? Let’s explore the potential benefits this yoga can bring. So, Parijat yog is considered a Subh yog or auspicious yog in vedic astrology. This yog comes in the category of benefic yogas that allow the natives to achieve success, fame, good wealth and wisdom. 

Moreover, if individuals have the formation of Parijat Yog in their kundli, they will be able to achieve success, recognition, satisfaction, wealth, and social status, but not at the initial stage of their life. They will be able to gain all these things after the age of 30. It’s also believed that the formation of Parijat Yog yoga in individuals’ birth charts is the reflection of their good past deeds. This yog is more likely to be a blessing for natives who have done all the good deeds in their past lives. 

How do you Nurture Relationships with Parijat Yog in Kundli? 

Parijat Yog in Kundli is considered an auspicious yoga that can bring positive changes to one’s life, especially in terms of relationships. To nurture relationships with this yoga, one must focus on building trust and mutual understanding with one’s partner. With this yog in kundli, one can really take their relationship to the next level. 

Moreover, it is also important to maintain a healthy balance of give and take in the relationship and avoid any ego clashes or arguments. Communication is key in any relationship, so one must ensure that one communicates openly and honestly with one’s partner. Additionally, practising acts of kindness and showing appreciation towards each other can help strengthen the bond between the two individuals. 

Effects of Parijat Yog 

If an individual has the formation of Parijata Yog in their birth chart, here are some positive effects that will benefit them. 

  • This yog makes the natives live a luxurious and satisfied lifestyle. They will never run out of wealth and income. 
  • They will have a good social status in society and thus earn respect and recognition through their deeds. 
  • These individuals have the chance to rule and have a higher position in society. 
  • With Parijaat yog in kundli, natives will be very kind-hearted, trustworthy, loyal and helpful towards people who are less fortunate.  
  • They always keep themselves involved in good deeds that make them a righteous person in life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Is Parijata yoga rare?

Parijat Yog is considered a rare combination of planet-forming yoga in kundli. This yog is not easily found in anyone’s birth chart.

2. How is Parijata yoga formed?

It is formed when the lord of the first house is situated in any of the other houses and the lord of that house is in a trine or Kendra house, and then Parijat Yog is formed.

3. What is the benefit of parijat yoga in astrology?

Parijat Yoga is believed to bring several benefits in astrology. It is said to enhance one’s intelligence, creativity, and communication skills. It can also bring success, recognition, and harmonious relationships in both personal and professional life.

4. How do we keep the effects of Parijatha Yoga unchanged?

To keep the effects of Parijatha Yoga unchanged and reap the full benefits of this yoga, one should focus on maintaining a positive attitude towards life and work hard towards their goals. One should also stay connected with the divine and do good deeds.

5. How will the effects of Parijat Yog decrease?

If the lagna lord or the house in which the lagna lord will sit is affected by any other malefic planets or is afflicted, then the positive effects of Parijatha Yog will be reduced.

6. What are the negative effects of Parijat Yog?

In astrology, Parijat Yoga is a positive and fortunate yoga associated with blessings and favourable outcomes. There are no such negative effects associated with it.

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