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Pregnancy and Childbirth Journey as Per Pregnancy Horoscope

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Pregnancy and Childbirth Journey

The feeling of “expecting a baby” can never be described in one word. As a parent-to-be, you feel a whole lot of things. Those nine months are full of hormones and emotions. It’s beautiful, overwhelming, scary, challenging, and much more to be told. Of course, you want everything to be the best for your little one, so start planning everything. But do you know what’s even more surprising, planning your pregnancy horoscope?

Yes, astrology could play its cards in every aspect of our lives. These stars and planets could decide a lot about your newborn. Also, suitable timings help you know every other possibility for your baby. Placement of the moon, stars and ascendants enables you to decide the best time to conceive according to astrology. Let’s look at pregnancy astrology on what you should know to plan a perfect map to have everything from start to finish your pregnancy journey. Moreover, if you want any other astrology related help as well, then visit our official website, “”, or download our app.

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Planets Contributing to Pregnancy Horoscope

The planetary combinations could easily predict a lot about your pregnancy and childbirth. So let’s look at these specifications, which could help us know about our pregnancy astrology. 

  1. As per astrology, the fifth house is responsible for childbirth matters. If the planets associated with this house are strong, the probability goes for a smooth pregnancy. Otherwise, if the planets and lord of the 5th house are inflicted in such a case, the pregnancy horoscope could be difficult for the mother-to-be. 
  2. Another significant astrological symbol for the pregnancy horoscope is Jupiter, the planet of abundance. It is also said that a firmly placed Jupiter is very auspicious for pregnancy in horoscope according to astrology. On the other hand, an inflicted Jupiter could be highly malefic to a smooth pregnancy.
  3. Moon in astrology is highly associated with motherly energies in our bodies as the moon depicts desires. The moon’s placement in the 5th house could depict a lot about conception and childbirth. Moreover, this combination tells you the best time to conceive according to astrology. As per astrology, a firmly set moon in our horoscopes is crucial for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.
  4. Pregnancy in horoscope according to astrology, states that Venus placement could predict a lot about childbirth and its timings. A strong placement could lead to favourable conditions for your pregnancy. 
  5. Per your pregnancy prediction horoscope free, there are a few malefic planets affecting your pregnancy journey. Planets like Rahu, Ketu and Saturn could bring a lot of unfavourable conditions like delays in having a child or even miscarriages in extreme cases. Moreover, a proper study of your entire horoscope is required to detect the most auspicious timings and muhurats to have a child. 

Pregnancy Horoscope

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How do changing phases of the moon depict pregnancy?

Moon, the mother of all planets as per astrology, brings out emotions like unconditional love, nurturing and possessiveness. Also, different phases of the moon could depict the entire female menstrual cycle. Moreover, a lot about the timings, conception, labour, childbirth and health of the newborn.

If the moon is in absolutely favourable condition, the delivery procedure is often easy for the mother. But it also changes the emotional state while delivering the child. The four significant phases of the moon, which could depict everything from the start to the last of your pregnancy, are:

1. New Moon: 

The time of new moons is considered a new beginning and manifestation. Also, this phase is known to bring several opportunities in your life too. Per pregnancy prediction horoscope free, the new moon phase is also related to an excellent time for conception. Babies born under the new moon are bright, intellectual and have something exceptional about them.

2. Waxing Moon: 

As per astrology waxing moon is considered the phase that allows us to make our dreams into reality. The energy associated with this phase is expansion. Babies born under the waxing moon are usually blessed with strong physical and mental health.

Waxing Moon

3. Full Moon: 

Moon is a significator of our emotions. As a result, the full moon is all about loving and nurturing others. This phase allows us to take the light and awareness of our spirit into our emotional being. Babies born during this phase share a strong bond with their mothers. Moreover, a full moon is responsible for the satisfaction and fruition of good deeds.

4. Waning Moon: 

This is the last phase of the moon, which signifies letting go. It also means resting and reflecting on your most recent experiences. Although babies born under a waning moon tend to have an independent nature, they are most likely to adapt quickly to a changing environment.

Waning Moon

Pregnancy for each zodiac element as per horoscope!

Horoscopes could define a lot about your pregnancy, even in specification to the element of your zodiac sign. Let’s dig in:

1. Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):

The fire signs are known for the passion and heat within their bodies and temperament. Here are a few things a woman with a fire zodiac sign could face during her pregnancy and labour.

  • They will have an active and energetic pregnancy.
  • Mothers will be emotionally very connected with their children.
  • These people might prefer going for a natural birth or other similar alternatives.

2. Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn):

Earth element symbolises calm and poise. Also, these earth-associated zodiac signs are known to be stable and pragmatic. Usual pregnancy and labour symptoms in these zodiac signs are:

  • They will have a smooth and easy pregnancy.
  • These zodiac elements are most likely to plan each step of their pregnancy. 
  • The Earth’s zodiac signs will seek every possible knowledge regarding conception, pregnancy and delivery. 


3. Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius):

Astrologically, air element zodiac signs have a very affluent personality. However, their determining nature; they might not seem intense, yet they have a strong mindset. Similarly, pregnancy astrology for the air element zodiac states that:

  • They are most likely to have a relatively easy childbirth. 
  • These zodiac signs are most likely to have a greater motherly instinct.
  • Also, they probably have a unique and unconventional childbirth.

4. Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces):

Water signs are known for their intuitive and caring nature. Also, for having a mysterious personality. A bunch of things every water zodiac sign woman could experience are:

  • Their intuitiveness helps them make a strong emotional bond with their babies.
  • They are likely to experience a transformative pregnancy.
  • Also, the experience of childbirth will be mystical for them.


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Do I have any issues in my pregnancy horoscope?

When will I get pregnancy prediction horoscope? When will I have a baby astrology? Do I have any issues in my pregnancy horoscope? What will be the best month to have a baby astrology as per my horoscope? Every answer you are looking for is in your pregnancy horoscope.

A few determining factors could influence your pregnancy journey and childbirth entirely. For example: If you have a strong moon in your 5th house, it clearly brings many benefits for your pregnancy and childbirth. First, it increases the possibility of a healthy baby. Moreover, you will most likely enjoy your pregnancy without complications and develop a strong emotional connection with your newborn.

Likely, Saturn is also an essential factor in defining the state of your childbirth. If Saturn is unfavourable, it could severely affect your and your baby’s health. Moreover, even in the future, you could deal with many complications in your other childbirths. 

Mars is another important benefactor of pregnancy and childbirth. It has to be in a good state per astrology. If the planet is sitting within an inflicted position in your kundali, then it could bring serious complications in your pregnancy horoscope. Moreover, in severe cases, these malefic planets could combine and lead to miscarriage. However, there are other factors for a healthy pregnancy, like eating a good diet, following up with a regular checkup with your Gynaecologist and much more. 

Remedies for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth as per pregnancy horoscope

While astrology alerts us about the malefic of everything in our pregnancy horoscope, it also gives us remedies to treat or tone down the effects. So let’s look at a few of the below-listed remedies for a healthy pregnancy in horoscope according to astrology.

  • According to Vedic astrology, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are the “parents of the entire universe”. Worshipping could not only soothe any inflicted planetary positions in our kundali for a healthy pregnancy but also help us to live a long and prosperous life.
  • Also, worshipping Lord Brihaspati (Jupiter) is beneficial to eradicate all the complications because of any planetary malefic. You could also chant Brihaspati Beej Mantra while worshipping or for the entire day. 
  • Keeping a Tulsi plant in your home could fill you with positive and auspicious energies.
  • You could follow a strict diet as per recommended by a good astrologer. These diets are specifically as per your pregnancy horoscope.
  • Finally, you could wear a gemstone recommended as per your zodiac sign or horoscope by a good astrologer. This will soothe any negative impact or complications in your pregnancy as well.



Pregnancy is a beautiful journey; however, there are risks due to any malefic or inflicted planetary positions in your kundali or horoscope. Everything you need to know, from conception to childbirth, from zodiac to planet here for you to read. Astrology alerts you and provides you with every essential solution you need to know for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. For more specific information, you can contact our astrologers on InstaAstro by visiting our website or downloading our application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Where could I find genuine astrologers for pregnancy astrology?

InstaAstro brings you the most genuine and highly qualified astrologers that millions have already trusted. Also, you can talk or chat with them by clicking on the given tabs on our website. For example, search for “” and visit the official website in the top right corner; the tabs are provided. For more information or any associated query, you could also contact our helpline team.

2. Which planet supports pregnancy and childbirth?

As per astrology, Jupiter, the planet of abundance, deals with pregnancy and childbirth. Moreover, Venus is also an important factor while looking for any implications in your pregnancy horoscope.

3. What is the best month to have a baby astrology?

Astrology suggests no specific month for conception or childbirth. Instead, it depends on the moon’s phases, pregnancy horoscope and other planetary associations in your kundali.

4. Which house is for pregnancy in horoscope according to astrology?

According to astrology, the fifth house, also known as Putra Bhavana, is highly responsible for any implications regarding your pregnancy. Also, if the placement of the moon in fifth house is favourable and strong, your pregnancy becomes smooth and easy.

5. What is the best time to conceive according to astrology?

Astrology suggests a variety of ways and timings which are best for conception. But to be specific, it is as per your pregnancy horoscope. For more detailed information, visit our website, “”, and talk to our astrology experts.

6. Which goddess is the goddess of fertility and childbirth in Vedic astrology?

Goddess Shashthi is the goddess of reproduction, fertility and childbirth. According to vedic astrology, she has other names: “Devasena” and “Kaumari”. She is also called the goddess of vegetation and lives in “Skanaloka”, and her vehicle is a cat.

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