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Navgrah Puja: Time-tested Vedic Ritual for Getting Cosmic Benefits

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Navagraha Puja

According to astrology, the 9 planets in our Kundali manage our desires, the Karma, and their outcomes. The Navgraha phrase is made up of two phrases – Nav which skill 9 and Graha stand for Planets. The Navgraha consists of Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Buddha, Brihaspati, Shukra, Rahu, Ketu, and Shani. Each of these 9 planets exerts an impact on our lives which is known as “Dosha” The planet has many inauspicious results in the elements of our lifestyles such as career, love, marriage, finance, and fitness, etc. Navgraha Puja is carried out to do away with the bad results of the malefic planets. Performing this puja offers the required power to the individual to overcome the complication and alleviation from the obstacles. Read this content and know the benefits of worshiping navgrahas.

Navagraha Puja: Advantages and Utility

Navgraha puja can do wonders and give freedom from all sorts of sorrows and obstacles in a perfect manner. If you know how puja is done, you can make a big difference.

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Benefits of Navagraha Puja

  • This Puja promotes strength and courage, victory over enemies, success, and prosperity.
  • This Puja is really useful for intellectual peace, wealth, fame, charming character, and success in life.
  • Navgraha Puja gives awesome health, wealth, prosperity, and electricity in life.
  • You will get the wisdom, wealth, industrial success, and comfort from disease-related with an apprehensive system.
  • This puja will do away with all the bad influences of all planets of your beginning chart.

How to Perform Navagraha Puja?

If you are facing any sort of issues that is directly or indirectly associated with the nine planets, talk to professional astrologers available online. They will help you know how you can perform the puja well and make the most out of the puja in an effective manner. The following are some details of the functions and benefits that you can avail of by worshiping these planets. These include:

  • Sun (Surya) promotes strength and courage, dominance over enemies, success and renown, fitness and prosperity, and remedy from continual diseases.
  • Moon (Chandra) is immensely recommended for intellectual peace, charming personality, great management over emotions, wealth, fame, and success in life.
  • Mars (Mangal) gives astounding health, wealth, power, and prosperity in life; and alleviates the possibilities of accidents, robberies, deadly attacks, and imprisonment.
  • Mercury (Budha) provides wisdom, business success, and growth, wealth, alleviation from ailments associated with apprehensive device and physique functions.
  • Jupiter (Guru) purifies terrible and horrific emotions and offers virtuous power. Other matters boosted by using this puja are fitness and longevity, excessive training and philosophical skills, wealth and fortune, progeny-associated blessings, and spiritual tendencies.
  • Venus (Shukra) blesses suitable and sturdy love and relationships, the sturdiness of life, wealth and affluence, development in training and art, eminence in media, stunning children, and well-rounded home happiness.
  • Saturn (Shani) promotes intellectual peace, health and happiness, and prosperity, and is very instrumental in decreasing the depth of hassle triggered via adversities.
  • Rahu (Dragon’s Head) presents the durability of life, enhancement of power, deep and discerning grasp of things, and excessive social reputation.
  • Ketu (Dragon’s Tail) promotes health, wealth, luck, home happiness, and well-rounded prosperity of the devotee, and reduces the possibilities of loss of property and demise brought about by toxic substances.

Worshiping navgrahas is a special task and you need to have a spiritual guide who can help you execute everything in an effective manner. You can take help from online astrology websites to get blessings of the nine powerful planets.

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