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Vastu Tips: Make Your Kid’s Bedroom Productive And Peaceful

By March 31, 2022November 20th, 2023No Comments
Vastu for kid’s bedroom

Vastu-compliant space for kids

Vastu-compliant space for kids

Taking care of their child is the ultimate goal of a parent. Parents’ concerns go beyond a child’s physical and mental well-being. They have to ensure that everything in their child’s life is stable and promotes their growth. 

Vastu is essential nowadays. No new property is formed without the use of Vastu. Vastu Shastra has proven time and again that ancient Indian sciences are reliable and trustworthy. Maintaining positive energy in the house is vital as negative energy works like a silent killer. Negative energy hinders an individual’s progress, especially harmful to children.

Why Vastu for kid’s bedroom is important

vastu for kids room

Children grow fast. They are full of energy and are keen on learning new things. A child’s brain is full of creativity and lots of positive ideas. Of course, the parents must ensure that they take good care of their child’s health and provide proper nutrition. However, the duty is not limited to these factors. 

A few things should be kept in mind when parents design their kid’s bedrooms:

Vastu-compliant space ensures your kid’s progress. Everything is necessary, from the position of the kid’s bed to the direction of their windows and study tables. When things are correctly aligned, they instil positive growth and make your kid a happy individual. 

Some essential Vastu tips for kid’s bedroom

vastu for kids room

  • Ensure that the kid’s room is in the North-East direction as it promotes intellect. 
  • Place the bed in the North-East direction as well to promote positive energy. The kid’s head must be facing the South or East direction while sleeping. It is advisable to buy a wooden bed rather than a metal one as metal promotes negative energy flow.
  • If there are photo frames in the room, put them on the West wall.
  • The bathroom door should never be in front of a bed as it leads to insomnia.
  • The kid’s study table must always be in the East or North direction. 
  • Place computers in the North direction.
  • Construct windows in the East or North of the room.
  • The door of the bedroom must always open clockwise.
  •  Place the lights in the South-East direction to promote clear thinking.

Vastu recommends white, blue, green and yellow as colours for the bedroom.

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