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Ketu in 8th house: Implications and Remedies

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Ketu in 8th house Implications and Remedies

As per Vedic Astrology, Ketu is known to bring a lot of strong energy to your other planets. And its association with the 8th house isn’t auspicious at all as the 8th house is also known to be the house of mishappenings. So, what ill effects does Ketu in 8th house have? What are the Ketu in 8th house past life impacts? What are its married life effects? To know more, keep reading this blog. Also, to get more information on astrology, you should visit the official website of InstaAstro.

Eight House of Astrology

Astrologers say that the 8th house brings negativity and misfortune into our lives. Mars (or Mangal) and Saturn (or Shani) are the major planets associated with this house. So everything happening under the influence of this house is directly related to these planets too. Moreover, this house deals with the attributes of the Scorpio zodiac, such as passion, ambition and mystery. So now we are going to talk about how this house behaves under the influence of Ketu planet.

Mars And Saturn

Ketu in 8th house

As per astrology, the 8th house is also called “Ayu Bhava”, which means this house determines the living conditions of our life. However, Eighth house is known to make your life a haphazard place for you, and when Ketu comes in, it frequently forces such events. Moreover, we have learnt that planets Mars and Saturn are the natural indicators of this house. As a result, while calculating the birth chart, a look should be given at the working of this planet-house combination.

Obstruction and delays 

For the natives of Ketu in 8th house in navamsa chart, any work related to the source of income or career settlement would be obstructed. There will be delays in your work. Be it professional or personal work, any work could get delayed. Moreover, you might need to see your hard work being paid off. It could take your significant work off the track. 

Obstruction and delays 

Severe health issues

Health issues like back pain, migraine, urinary tract infections and more could be caused by Ketu in 8th house. Also, this combination could lead to several reproductive problems. Moreover, it could affect your mother’s health too. It is believed that the combination of the planets Mangal (Mars) and Shani (Saturn) adds to giving the natives lousy health. Also, if they have already been dealing with such issues, recovery becomes hard. 

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Interrupts decision making

This planet-house combination also affects the decision-making of the native. Therefore, it is advisable for the people of Ketu in 8th house to consult a trustworthy person before taking any major decision. Because, most likely, you could impulsively take a decision and would regret it later. So, it’s better to consult in case of any confusion.

Interrupts decision making

Married life troubles

Ketu in 8th house marriage life isn’t smooth sailing either. It is believed that Ketu affects your and your partner’s health, and when in 8th house, it could lead to you having low sexual attraction towards each other. So, this could lead to fights and arguments frequently. And even after days of not talking to each other, you would continue to maintain distance. So, gradually you might lose interest in each other and seek pleasure outside your marriage. 

How Ketu in 8th house could affect your professional choices?

It is also said that the natives of Ketu in 8th house develop a strong intuition power because of the traits of this malefic planet. So, they would make great careers if they go for occult, palmistry or astrology. Moreover, any profession which includes going against nature would do great for them; it will make them utilise that energy to know future events. 

professional choices

Ketu in 8th house remedies 

Now you have seen how Ketu affects our lives if it is in the 8th house of the navamsa chart. But what are the remedies to soothe these ill effects or to avoid them from happening? So let’s take a look at a few treatments which could be done quickly if you are going through the curse of Ketu in 8th house:

  1. The first and easiest remedy is to take an equal amount of white and black sesame seeds (til ke daane) and wrap them in a cloth. Keep this mixture with you wherever you go and throw it in a river at the end of one week. Continue doing this for at least 8 weeks for visible results.
  2. Take a black and white cloth separately and add equal amounts of black and white sesame seeds per their respective colours. Now dig a hole in some barren land and put it inside that hole on a Saturday. If you have been getting a lot of delays and have tried everything else, this remedy could be a saviour.
  3. Offer overly ripe bananas in your nearest temple. This should be done every week.
  4. It is also believed that wearing gold earrings in both ears, especially by men if they have health issues like migraine, back pain, disk placement issues and more can he helpful. Moreover, it also has scientific reasons why wearing gold in your ears benefits your health.
  5. If you have a powerful Ketu, keeping a black dog in your house could also reduce its impact. It will guard your house as well as your well-being too. 

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Ketu in the 8th house is auspicious or inauspicious? What results does it have on your health? Does it bring out past life memories too? Ketu in 8th house death factors? Everything related to the malefic effects of this planet-house combination is given in this blog. So keep it until the end, and do not just jump to conclusions directly. To learn more useful astrological information, scroll down to more blogs on Rahu in 12th house or Rahu-Ketu stories. To know more about your kundali’s Ketu or Rahu Yog, contact our team astrologers. The contact details are directly given on the front page of the website. Also, subscribe and follow InstaAstro on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

1. List three celebrities with Ketu in 8th house.

Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Late Tiger Woods are the three top celebrities with Ketu in 8th house.

2. What was the original name for RahuKetu?

Rahu-Ketu was initially mentioned in one of the verses of Shiva Purana as “Svarbhanu”. Later, being punished and cut off in two halves became Rahu and Ketu.

3. Which house gives the worse result when combined with Ketu?

Ketu in the 7th house is considered the worst placement. It can never give you good results, whether in health, wealth, or career.

4. What health impacts does Rahu in the 12th house have?

As Rahu is known to bring malefic into our lives. When it is in the 12th house, it ill affects our health too.

5. Where could I get the navamsa chart readings?

InstaAstro has a team of authentic astrologers who are qualified and experienced to give correct and reliable navamsa chart readings.

6. Which Vedic texts support the origin of RahuKetu?

Rahu-Ketu as Svarbhanu is mentioned in Shiva Purana. The tale goes like when Gods were churning the Shiv Sagar to extract Amrit. This verse mention of RahuKetu as a single person. Later, these two became separate identities when it was divided in two.

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