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Does Success Ensure Happiness? Astrological Remedies

By July 8, 2022November 23rd, 2023No Comments
Arjit Singh

Is success everything?

The never-ending question of, “Does success ensure happiness?” prevails for a long time. A common notion says that people believe that having success will make them happier and more content in life. Unfortunately, this is a picture painted in many of our minds. However, it is the other way around. Happiness is the ultimate key to success and an attribute that fosters goal fulfilment and success. People can slip into depression if they chase success and not the process that makes them happy. 

Astrological facts about Kailash Kher’s depression

Another common but wretched notion is that celebrities and rich people are always happy because they have money and are successful in their careers. Now, this is highly untrue. Recently, Kailash Kher opened up about how at the fragile age of 21, he tried to commit suicide by jumping in the river Ganga. There definitely would be a planetary combination behind Kailash Kher’s life. Moreover, we’ve had other capable people like Deepika Padukone talk about their battles with depression and mental health. Astrology here plays a significant role in identifying the causes and malefic planetary combinations for these things to occur. Let’s find out about them!

Astrological Explanation Behind Depression

Astrology can help analyse native horoscopes by studying the placement of planets in the houses or signs. Malefic placements in the 6th, 8th and 12th House or a debilitated sign is the primary cause of depression in astrology. Taking astrological advice can alert you and make you aware of the pre-depression symptoms. Let’s find out how!

What are the planetary combination positions for depression?

The Sun, Moon and Mercury are vital in providing our minds with peace and wisdom. So, if all of these planets are in the malefic 6th, 8th and 12th houses, this can foster negative thoughts and dark thinking in people. Thus, leading to depression. 

Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Sun are inauspicious planets that have an association with the Moon through various aspects and conjunctions that tend to give depression.

Houses Responsible Depression

  • First House

 This House represents the brain and how we think, and in a horoscope is known as the ascendant.

  • Fourth House

This House represents mental peace, happiness and comfort. So, any malefic occurrences in this House instantly lead to depression. 

  • Fifth House

 The fifth House represents wisdom, and any affliction in this House can lead to depression. 

Planetary combination and its remedies

1. When Moon is placed in Evil House

  • Chanting of mantras, donating planet-related objects and wearing yantra is a remedy for when the Moon’s placement is in the evil House.
  • Wear Pearl or Moon Stone if the Moon becomes the Lord of the good House.

2. When Mercury is the Lord of Inauspicious House

  • Chanting of Mantra, wearing a yantra or donating planet-related objects is a remedy for this. 

3. When the Sun is weak and placed in the Evil House

  • Chanting Mantras, wearing yantra or donating planet-related objects are good remedies for this too.

Other than this, worship the malefic planet responsible for these changes, perform Pranayam, and meditate regularly. 

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