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Is your partner depressed? Astrologers suggest ways to help!

By June 27, 2022November 23rd, 2023No Comments
partner depressed

Battling Depression

Is your partner perpetually feeling low and tired? Do they not want to socialise or have lost interest in activities they found enjoyable earlier? If you’ve related to the statements mentioned above, your partner might suffer from depression. Depression is a mental illness that is extremely common across the world, with millions suffering from it. Suffering from depression is one thing but being in a romantic relationship with somebody battling depression is another thing altogether. If you genuinely want to help your partner through this phase of their life, keep scrolling up.

An astrologer’s guide through depression

Astrologers have suggested ways through which people suffering from depression can feel better and strive through the illness. This is a common fact in astrology that our soul and mind are primarily controlled by the Sun, the Moon and Mercury. Moreover, their position in houses like the sixth, twelfth and eighth might lead to abnormal behaviour in an individual. Furthermore, the Moon governs our sentiments and should strictly not converge paths with malefic planets like Rahu, Saturn, the Sun and Mars. Also, no other house should have it placed with them.

Remedies to fight depression for your partner

  • Seek Mental Peace

Lord Shiva is the flag bearer of inner and mental peace. Therefore, chanting ‘Om Namah Shivay’ every day 108 times and reciting the Shiv Chalisa daily can help bring peace. 

  • Wear Silver Ornaments

Wearing silver ornaments feeds the Moon with prosperity. Thus as Moon is the epitome of personality, it can help bring changes in the mood.

  • Strengthing The Fifth House

The fifth house of astrology brings intellectual and emotional abilities of an individual, thus bringing them out of depression. 

Stones to help your Partner Overcome Depression

Astrologers have also suggested stones which are proven to help with depression and come back as a thriving you.

  • Tiger’s eye

Using this gemstone will help you build stronger emotional connections that will stick with you through rough times and enable you to mend the broken ones.

  • Bronzite

This is also called the “stone of focused energy”. This helps bring back the positivity and lost hope into your life. Moreover, the stone motivates you to think positively only.

  • Yellow Quartz

Depression makes a person indecisive. Thus, this stone strengthens your decisiveness and helps bring back the lost self-esteem and confidence in an individual. This is most likely to help cure depression.

  • Amethyst

This stone helps develop all the positive intuitions. These intuitions result in mental cleansing and lead to a mindful and happy life. 

  • Pink Oval

 This is referred to as the “healer stone”. The pink oval stone removes all the traumas and makes space for good energy. Moreover, this stone also helps with overcoming all the emotional wounds. Therefore, overall this stone makes you more forgiving and also reduces anger in people.

Moreover, the most important thing is listening to your partner, understanding them and remaining patient. Depression is curable, so do not lose hope and be there for your companions!

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