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Home Vastu Tips for Bedrooms You Must Know In 2022

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Vastu Tips For Bedroom

There are times when, despite our best efforts, we cannot sleep or frequently argue with our spouse. You feel troubled or unpleasant as a result. Therefore, you should recognize that there may be some Vastu dosh when issues like this persist. These Vastu suggestions for the bedroom assist decisions regarding the bed placement and color of walls. According to Vastu shastra, bedroom Vastu guidelines are crucial since they may help you address half of your issues and live a happier, stress-free life. People have used Vastu recommendations or Vastu shastra for homes for a happy and prosperous existence since the dawn of time. InstaAstro has provided you with free Vastu tips for home in this article. Read more on your Kundli here. 

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Here are Top 10 Vastu tips for Home

Position of Bed in Bedroom Vastu

The southwest corner of your home should be the master bedroom direction as per Vastu. The head should always face south, according to Vastu shastra. East and west are the following positions, but never attempt to maintain your head north. The married pair and the oldest family members should avoid the northeast bedroom. Vastu tips for bedroom for married couple should be followed for a long and prosperous marriage. 

Vastu based bedroom

Vastu for bedroom furniture

Besides bedroom in north direction, there are some simple rules one should follow for good Vastu in their house. There shouldn’t be any metal in the bed. No furniture in your bedroom should be covered in metal cladding and constructed of wood. Because metal beds disrupt sleep, your health issues worsen. In contrast, a bed made of wood keeps you warm and promotes sound sleep. Additionally, use a single queen-size mattress rather than two.

furnishings and mattress

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Your bedroom’s color according to Vastu principles

Use eye-soothing pastel hues for your bedroom walls, such as light pink, yellow, and green. Covers for the bed and pillows may also help you relax and maintain a positive atmosphere. According to bedroom Vastu’s advice, avoid painting the walls in black, grey, or brown shades.

bedroom color according to Vastu principles

Bedroom accents that promote positivity

According to Vastu, you should utilize a porcelain wind chime in your bedroom. The most fantastic scent is a lavender flower or lavender-flavored essential oil, so have them around. Keep a few indoor plants and fresh red or white flowers in the southwest or north. According to Vastu, white is the best hue for a bedroom, as it denotes a lack of negativity. White is the color of perfection and represents harmony and purity within the family. To promote warmth and affection among couples, you may also utilize colors like pale pink and orange tints.

Bedroom accents that promote positivity

What not to have in your bedroom, according to Vastu

Bedroom Vastu is a highly touchy subject. According to Vastu shastra, there shouldn’t be any waste items like damaged paintings, stop clocks, etc. Do not keep a religious image in the bedroom. Try keeping photos of a couple, such as a pair of birds, a rabbit, or a picture of a rich, green garden or forest.


Existence of a restroom

No toilet or water tank should be located over your bedroom. According to Vastu, changing your bedroom as soon as it appears is a very terrible omen. Check the bathroom direction before purchasing a pre-occupied flat to ensure it is in the proper location. According to Vastu Shastra, the toilet should be located in the room’s northwest or west. On the other hand, the southern side of the space is yet another beneficial aspect. Vastu Shastra states that the flush toilet or commode should be located so the user can face any direction, but never east. 

water tank

Attached Washrooms

According to Vastu, a bathroom with a leaking water setup is never advantageous for an associated bathroom and toilet. Therefore, whenever the tap is not in use, think about keeping it closed. But the best position is when the setting faces the bathroom’s northeast axis. Be careful not to share the bathroom wall with the kitchen or pooja wall. Vastu Shastra advocates utilizing white, pink, light yellow, or blue for bathroom or toilet walls. Even better, choose light tiles in shades of blue and white. These two hues give the bathroom a modern appearance. Avoid using dark hues like black or crimson. Additionally, a blue bucket should also be kept in the restroom. According to Vastu, a blue bucket brings happiness.


Vastu Yantra 

Sometimes, if the bedroom isn’t facing the appropriate way, breaking a wall is impossible. Even keep everything in Vastu-compliant order. All of Vastu dosh’s harmful effects are eliminated by a Vastu yantra. It spreads optimism into the house and drives out negativity. Additionally, it can also be installed while facing south or southeast. It should be hung or positioned toward the north or northeast direction. 

Vastu Yantra 

How can Vastu dosh be cured?

To fix your Vastu dosh, you should put a good amount of uncrushed sea salt at the places where the negative energy originates from. This helps in taking the bad energy out of the house. Additionally, there is an alternative to this method. You can add a little bit of sea salt to the water you use to clean your floor. This spreads the effects of salt throughout the entire house.

Items to cure Vastu dosh

Decor of the Bedroom

Incorporate built-in storage into your bedroom decor to keep it tidy and clutter-free. One’s mental condition can be influenced by images and artwork. Please make sure they are visible as soon as you enter the bedroom and choose ones with uplifting themes. Decorate with fresh flowers to enhance the bedroom’s pleasant energy.

The bedroom should have adequate lighting that is neither too bright nor too low. This may be accomplished by implementing a tiered lighting design that is the ideal fusion of accent, ambient, and task lighting.

Decor of bedroom


Creating a harmony between the five elements of nature—earth, air, water, fire, and ether—is central to the Vastu worldview. Create a serene, harmonious bedroom using these vastu principles so you can envelop yourself and get a good night’s sleep. InstaAstro aims through this article to help you create your perfect bedroom and to know more, read on your Kundli here. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What color is best for the bedroom?

White is the best colour for the bedroom.

2. Should I have a toilet attached to my bedroom?

Vastu does not favor a bathroom attached to the bedroom and says no for a toilet.

3. What colour can an attached bathroom be?

An attached color can be any light shade of blue, beige or cream.

4. What kind of decor can I use?

Incorporate built-in storage into your bedroom decor to keep it tidy and clutter-free. One’s mental condition can be influenced by images and artwork.

5. What should not be in a bedroom?

There should be no damaged goods in a bedroom.

6. Which direction should a masterbedroom be in?

The southwest corner of your home should be where your master bedroom is. South west bedroom vastu is the best for family’s happiness and longevity.

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