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Where To Place Mirrors According To Vastu Shastra?

By May 11, 2022November 21st, 2023No Comments

The Correct Mirror Placement

A mirror is an everyday object almost everyone utilises, whether to admire oneself before going out or to make a space look spacious and airy. Placing mirrors according to Vastu Shastra is capable of doing much more than its face value- literally. It believes that mirrors, when used correctly in a home, are harbingers of positive energy and can even reject negative energy or vast flaws when placed correctly in the home. The following are some tips to place mirrors according to Vastu Shastra in your homes :

Mirror placement as per Vastu


1. The correct placement for a mirror:

According to Vastu, Mirror placement as per Vastu is extremely important for the kind of energy you want to bring into your home. It is advisable to never place two mirrors directly opposite each other as they may create a space of negative energy or vibes. Mirror placement as per Vastu is a little above the ground (4-5 feet), and placing dressing and side tables next to one’s bed is considered good luck. But make sure that the mirror next to your bed does not reflect your body while asleep, as that may be considered a sign of misfortune. 

2. Shape matters:

Vastu recommends mirrors that have four sides, i.e. ones that are rectangular or square-shaped, as it spreads positive energy evenly. Round and oval-shaped mirrors should be avoided, along with irregular shapes. There are no instructions in Vatsu that specify the correct size for a mirror. Thus that can be decided as per one’s wishes and demands.

3. What should your mirror reflect?

Living in an area with a beautiful view visible from your home, placing the mirror in a place which reflects brings positive energy into a home. A mirror placed in front of something one finds unpleasant absorbs this bad energy and, in turn, reflects the negativity, so making sure that the mirrors in your home reflect things that make you happy becomes important as well. Never place mirrors in front of the main gate.

4. Enhance your wealth using a mirror:

The core principles of Vastu Shastra say that a mirror is not only useful to make your home a positive space, but it can also increase your prosperity. People who keep lockers at home can place mirrors inside these to reflect their wealth and enhance its abundance. Make sure that the mirror shows the wealth vividly and does not distort it. A clear reflection should be formed inside the locker. 


Mirror placement as per Vastu


5. Perfect rooms for mirror placement:

Dining rooms are auspicious places for a mirror. One placed opposite the dining table that reflects the entire family enjoying their time together in the room is a sure indicator of prosperity. It increases the love and bond between the family members. Bathrooms are also another place where the placement of a mirror is important. Mirrors should be in a space that has good lighting instead of a dark corner. As it brings bad energy to the room. It is also important to note that a mirror should be on an eastern or northern wall of the house. Avoid western and southern walls.

Mirror placement as per Vastu

6. Things to keep in mind: 

A mirror should never be dirty and should be clean and spotless. Sticking adhesive material like stickers and bindis is illpractice, and maintain the area around a mirror properly. All mirrors in your home should be above the ground- preferable 4-5 feet and should not touch the floor. Use translucent glass doors and avoid transparent ones.

Placing mirrors near a study table can be distracting and discouraging. Thus result in a lack of concentration while studying. 

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