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4 Bad Habits That Can Drain Your Wealth, As Per Vastu

By March 4, 2024March 6th, 2024No Comments
4 Bad Habits That Can Drain Your Wealth

Have you been facing a sudden loss of wealth? Is saving your wealth has been a great struggle? These may be the consequences of some of your daily bad habits. Yes, according to Vastu Shastra, your daily habits can impact the flow of wealth and attract negative energies into your homes. So, if you are following these bad habits, it’s time to get rid of them. Let’s get going to know those bad habits that need to be avoided. 

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4 Bad Habits That Impact the Flow of Wealth 

Some of the common mistakes we tend to make in our daily lives impact the flow of wealth. It can be a small mistake, but it shows great consequences. So read below to learn the mistakes that lead to the wastage of money, according to Vastu Shastra. 

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1. Cutting of Nails and Hair at Night 

In Vastu and Hindu culture, it is considered inauspicious to cut nails and hair during the night as it results in a loss of wealth and a blockage of income. It is said that performing these activities at night is a sign of disrespect to Goddess Lakshmi, who is considered the provider of wealth. 

2. Keeping your home and kitchen unorganised

Your home is a place that brings peace and harmony. It is a special place for people that brings positive vibes. So, if you keep your home messy and dirty, it means that you are not welcoming the fire god, who is responsible for attracting positive energy, into your home. Make sure your kitchen is always clean and fresh. 

3. Preserving unwashed utensils or leaked pipelines

Keeping unwashed utensils in the sink overnight is a sign of attracting negative energy into your home. This can impact your financial gains and bring problems related to money. It also indicates that you are insulting the power of Annapurna Goddess (Goddess of Food). Moreover, avoiding leaked pipelines and taps, according to vastu, is not considered auspicious as it impacts your long-term flow of income. 

4. Keeping cracked mirrors or useless electronics

Avoiding repairing cracked windows, doors, and mirrors at home obstructs the regular flow of earnings and wealth. It also shakes the positive vibration of the home and makes it dull. Moreover, keeping useless electronics at home is more like collecting the burden of negativity at your home. It spreads the gloomy vibe, impacting the overall family. You might notice the sudden loss of money through unnecessary means. 

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Vastu Tips for Financial Gains and Good Wealth 

Here are the top effective tips to control the waste of money and avoid bad habits. Vastu plays a huge role in controlling the five elements (Air, water, fire, space and earth) that impact individuals’ daily lives. However, wealth and finance are some of the most important factors, so read below to know the recommendations. 

1. Kuber Yantra

The Kuber Yantra is the first and most important thing that should be placed at home to maintain financial stability. It should always be kept at the North, East or Northeast direction. 

2. Washroom in the northeast or northwest 

According to Vastu, knowing the proper construction and direction of the bathroom and toilet is a significant factor to consider. Make sure always to keep your washroom clean, fresh, and in good condition. 

3. Keep the kitchen clean and fresh 

The vastu shastra suggests that the kitchen of your home should always be in the southeast corner. The kitchen should be free from mess and avoid neglecting leaked pipes. There should always be a presence of direct sunlight that brightens up the overall environment of the home. 

4. Copper Swastik in South-East Direction 

The copper swastika on both sides of the main door in the southeast direction is considered auspicious. Sometimes, due to vastu dosha, individuals face financial difficulties. So, placing a swastika at home can keep your home safe and protected. 

5. Locker in the South-West corner 

The locker of your home, where all your belongings, money and valuable things are kept, should be placed in the southwest corner. This will lead to an increase in wealth and a good source of income. 

6. Dustbin in North, West or South-East 

To ensure positive energy flow in your home, it is important to maintain cleanliness and keep it clutter-free. In vastu, it is advised to place your dustbin in either the North, West or South-East direction. This will help ensure the flow of wealth, overall harmony, and prosperity of your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What are the bad habits that lead to the waste of money?

Some of the habits that are considered inauspicious, according to vastu, are keeping your home untidy, dirty utensils and performing activities like cutting nails and hair at night.

2. Which direction is favourable for acquiring wealth?

The southwest direction is the most significant direction for accumulating good wealth and financial stability. Therefore, this corner should always be kept clean and organised.

3. How do you attract money, according to Vastu?

The two most effective tips to attract money are placing Kuber Yantra and keeping a Copper Swastik in the southeast direction at the entrance of your home.

4. Why avoid keeping cracked mirrors at home?

You must always avoid keeping cracked mirrors and useless things at home as they block the way for the flow of money and wealth. It also leads to sudden loss of money.

5. Is keeping the kitchen clean important, according to vastu?

Keeping your kitchen clean and organised and burning incense sticks before using a gas stove is essential, according to Vastu. It directly impacts the overall environment of the home and brings good financial wealth.

6. Which vastu painting attracts money?

According to Vastu Shastra, paintings of flowing water, such as a river or waterfall, running horses and paintings of fish, are believed to attract wealth and prosperity.

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