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How Seven Horse Painting Vastu Brings Success

By June 16, 2023December 14th, 2023No Comments
Seven Horse Painting

In any house you may go to today, you will always find a horse painting hanging on the walls. Have you ever wondered what is the significance of these paintings and why every house has them? Well, as much as these paintings are aesthetically pleasing, they are also known to have astrological benefits. Having a horse painting in the house can help you overcome financial problems along with maintaining g peace in your house. Just like these, there are more benefits of having a horse painting in the house. However, on the other hand, an individual cannot just hang any horse painting. If you want to gain benefits from your horse paintings, then you must check for some paintings that have these specific things, according to vastu. Only then will the painting give you beneficial outcomes.

If you are interested to know about the characteristics that horse painting must have and also about the benefits it can give you, then read the entire blog for the same. Moreover, if you want to read more such exciting blogs related to Vastu, then do check InstaAstro’s website or download the app for the same. There you can find many more informative yet interesting blogs according to your liking. 

Seven Horses Painting: Significance and Benefits

In today’s busy world, everyone desires to be victorious. But, at times, one cannot achieve the fruit of hard work. Although this does not mean one is putting in a lesser effort in their work. To succeed in life, one must believe in Karma and be energetic and healthy. Vastu explains energy can be positive as well as harmful. One such way is getting a seven-horse painting. Seven Horse Painting Vastu brings stability and speed to one’s life. Now, you must be wondering, why are seven running horses painted?

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The number 7 holds particular importance and is a lucky number. The rainbow has seven colours. The groom and bride take seven oaths during their marriage in Hinduism, and the seven sages (saptarishi) of prehistoric India all show the number 7. This painting holds great significance and has several benefits. In this article, we will learn about everything regarding this painting. Thus, the 7 horses meaning tends to be very auspicious.

Seven Horse Painting

Significance Of Having Horse Painting 

In Hinduism, the God Surya has a chariot with seven horses. Hence, these seven horses are up-and-coming. Therefore, the seven-horse painting’s meaning holds extraordinary importance in Vastu too. The Seven Horses painting vastu has a unique symbolic role. It represents success and power; thus, this painting brings energy and success in one’s life and wins in their profession. The picture of seven horses brings positivity to a person’s life and removes negative energy. According to Shastra, this auspicious painting forms a balance of power in one’s house, and the seven horses represent progress and success.

Along with this, in Vastu, the animal Horse tends to be associated with qualities like stability, courage, power, strength and loyalty. Thus, it is considered highly auspicious to have this painting in an individual’s house. Moreover, the painting is also said to remove negative energy from the personal space of an individual. Also, with this, the painting is said to get rid of financial problems in an individual’s life. If you are looking to get a horse painting, then the best option is to choose between a chariot or 7 horses running in water painting. 

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Benefits Of Having Horse Paintings

We have now understood the significance and importance of the 7-horse painting in Vastu.  It is now time to look at some benefits that having a horse pointing gives you. These benefits are as follows: 

  • The running horses are an indication of speed. Speed plays a significant role in this busy world where everybody wants to be triumphant. On hanging this painting, one can observe how quickly they can complete any work of their life.
  • The horses are also representative of success. So this painting ensures success in all fields of one’s life.
  • This painting direction in a home brings financial stability to a person’s life.
  • The horses symbolize courage, speed and endurance in Feng Shui. Therefore, the feng shui lucky seven horses bring fortune.
  • Along with this, the painting is said removing negative energies from a space.
  • In addition, the painting of 7 horses in a chariot with Lord Surya is esteemed to be even more auspicious and fetches good luck.

Seven Horse Painting

Where To Place It?

One should hang a fortunate painting on the East wall of a person’s house. The poster of 7 horse painting direction can be turned on the North wall too. It leads to a person’s promotion in the service sector and fetches prosperity and riches at home. These running horse painting vastu direction should be on the south side as they bring name and fame. However, due to many factors, you may not be able to put the painting on the south wall of your home; you should prefer it to be on the front of a window. This placement will face the seven horses in the painting out of the window. 


There it was, people! Now, you know all bout the benefits and significance of the horse paintings that you find in almost all houses. If you have a horse painting in your house, make sure to place it in was according to vastu. This will help you get the desired benefits from the paintings. Just like this painting, there are a lot of ways in which Vastu Shastra can help an individual in getting beneficial results in their life. So, if you want to know more about Vastu Shahtra and its benefits, then visit InstaAstro’s website or download the app for the same. Moreover, you can also talk to some of India’s Best astrologers and Vastu experts thee, who will provide you with solutions and answers to all your questions and problems. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does horse symbolise in Vastu?

In vastu, horses tend to symbolise stability, courage, power, strength and loyalty. These are the areas that get positively affected when an individual tend to place a horse painting in this house.

2. Where to place 7 horse picture in home?

The most suitable 7 horse painting vastu direction will be the East or the South wall of an individual’s home.

3. Can we place white horse painting as per vastu in house?

The paintings of horse picture for vastu is considered very auspicious for an individual’s home. Moreover, an individual can keep a white horse. White horses tend to signify peace. Thus, hanging white horse painting is said to bring peace in an individual’s life.

4. Can the Horse picture be hung in the bedroom?

Yes, an individual can hang this painting in their bedroom. This will bring good luck and will also keep negative energies or vibes away from the space.

5. Is the breaking of a horse painting auspicious?

Breaking the Painting glass is considered good, according to Vastu. It tends to denote that bad energies have been absorbed by the painting, and thus, the glass b roke. However, an individual should immediately get rid of the broken glass and painting.

6. Is single-horse painting good for a home?

Ideally, it is considered that a painting of 7 horses brings good luck and fortune to an individual’s house. However, on the other hand, the painting of a single horse is said to be auspicious as well. The painting tends to strengthen the confidence and will of an individual.

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