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Kuber Yantra Benefits: Blessings of the God of Wealth!

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Kuber Yantra

Want to bring fortune and wealth to your life? Shri Kuber Yantra might be what you are looking for. Yantras are magical tools that help us gain whatever we seek in life with the help of our deities. One such Yantra is the Kubera Yantra. By bringing this Yantra to your House, office or shop, you can seek the blessings of Kubera. He is the Hindu god of wealth and fortune. Therefore, praying to Lord Kubera is the key to immense wealth and success in life. Let us further explore how to please lord Kubera and Kuber Yantra benefits!

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What is Kubera Yantra?

There are specific tools that help us seek the blessings of various gods as well as planets in Hindu Mythology. These tools are Yantras. Shri Kuber Yantra is a powerful tool that can help us gain divine benefits. This Yantra consists of a metal or copper plate on which a geometrical design is carved.

Shri Kuber Yantra gives us various blessings from Lord Kubera. This device also has multiple symbols, such as the Shatkona, the Padma, the beej mantra and certain numbers. Variations of this mantra are drawn by hand in Southern India, which is called the Kubera Kolam. This Yantra has nine boxes and various Kubera yantra Numbers. Each row and column adds up to the Kubera Number 72, which is highly beneficial for financial gains.

Who is Kubera?

Kubera is the Hindu deity of immense wealth and fortune. He is the protector of all the wealth in the universe. Kuber is the treasurer of the divine realm because he guards the wealth and riches. Learning how to please god Kubera can give us his blessings in the form of financial boosts.

Significance of Kuber Yantra

People bring this auspicious Yantra for many reasons. It has great significance in the Hindu culture. Bringing Kubera Yantra can make signify the entrance of abundance and fortune in an individual’s life. It also signifies focus as well as stability.

Shri Kuber Yantra helps manage the flow of energy in a person’s life. If someone brings this Yantra into their lives, they will experience a balanced approach to life. This tool also signifies overcoming various hurdles and challenges.

How to Worship Shri Kuber Yantra

  • Before placing the Yantra in your home, office or shop, you need to energise it first.
  • Make sure always to buy the authentic Yantra instead of a duplicate one.
  • Take a bath and put on clean clothes. Worshipping the Yantra with a pure mind as well as body is the best way to seek Kuber’s blessings.
  • Afterwards, clean the spot where you are keeping the Yantra.
  • You can also sprinkle rose water on that area and cover it with a clean cloth.
  • Furthermore, light incense sticks and keep fresh flowers and fruits in that area.
  • Furthermore, clean the Yantra with milk and rosewater
  • Then, you can chant the Kuber Yantra Mantra or Kubera Slokam 108 times before keeping your Yantra.
  • One such mantra is “Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kuberaya Namaha.”

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Kuber Yantra Benefits

When you get a Shri Kuber Yantra, it means that Lord Kuber’s vision will be on you. He will shower you with immense abundance as well as good luck. There are countless benefits that this Yantra can give you. Therefore, let’s discuss some of the Kuber Yantra Benefits.

1. Gain of Wealth

Lord Kuber is the god of wealth and fortune in Hindu Mythology. He blesses his devotees with good fortune. Getting Shri Kuber Yantra means that you will never lack wealth. Lord Kubera will always make sure that you have whatever you need and that you lead a comfortable life.

2. Protection of Wealth

Kuber protects all the treasures of the universe. Therefore, you can keep this Yantra in a place of wealth like your locker. This is because Kuber will preserve your wealth through the Yantra. Hence, you will not experience a loss of wealth.

3. Positive energy

This auspicious Yantra can surround you with positive energy. It also is excellent for meditation. This Yantra gives you the right mindset as well as creates an atmosphere for growth. You can focus on the middle of the Yantra to meditate.

4. Regain of Wealth

If you have lost wealth in the past, this Yantra can help you gain it back. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any Financial losses from the past. Shri Kuber Yantra will bring your money back to you, and you will experience even more financial gain.

5. Effects of Jupiter

This Yantra also has the influence of the planet Jupiter over it. Therefore, it helps you get rid of the bad position of Jupiter in your Kundli. It can attract the benefits of Jupiter, which include success in a career as well as material gains.

6. Saving money

The powerful Kubera Yantra can help you save your money. It also gives you the wisdom to manage your finances better. Therefore, this Yantra helps you to make correct financial decisions. You will have the knowledge to spend your money wisely.

7. Kuber Yantra Direction

Now that we have learnt about the magical properties of this Yantra let us learn about the best places to keep it. Keeping the Shri Kuber Yantra in the correct direction can enhance the benefits of this tool.

8. Kuber Yantra Direction at Home

If you were wondering where to keep Kuber Yantra at home, the best direction to keep it is in the East direction. It will bring prosperity as well as good fortune to your house. You can also place the Yantra in your Mandir or a place of spiritual practice. Furthermore, if you have a place of work or place where you store your money in the house, you can place this Yantra there. This will maintain lord Kuber’s blessings in your home.

9. Kuber Yantra Direction at Office

Many believe that your place of work is equally essential as your place of worship. Therefore, placing Shri Kuber Yantra at your workplace can bring incredible benefits. You can keep this Yantra in the North direction of your office. You can also keep this Yantra on your desk. This will help you concentrate better, and you will surely succeed in your career.

10. Kuber Yantra Direction at Shop or Business

Keeping this Yantra in your shop or business can mean great things for you. It is the best place to keep Kubera Yantra. This is because Lord Kuber will watch over your business and make sure that you do not experience any loss of wealth. Therefore you can keep this Yantra in the North East of your Shop. You can also place the Yantra in your locker or Almirah. This will surely help your business grow and flourish.

In conclusion, you can transform your financial situation by putting this powerful Yantra in the right direction. There are many Kubera Yantra benefits like increased concentration, meditation, a gain of wealth as well as protection. By connecting with the divine, we can lead a meaningful as well as spiritual life. Therefore, we at InstaAstro encourage our readers to explore Hinduism’s rich cultural and spiritual history. This will help us stay connected to our roots and enhance our understanding of life. Do visit our website and download the app!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is laxmi ganesh kuber position?

There are variations in the positions of Laxmi, Ganesh and Kuber. This is because of the regional diversity in the countries. Some pictures observe Kuber in the middle, Laxmi on his right and Ganesh on his left. Whereas some pictures observe Laxmi in the middle, Ganesh on her right and Kuber on her left.

2. How to make kuber yantra at home?

You can make the kuber Yantra at home by drawing a grid of 9 boxes. Afterwards, you need to make Kubera Number in the boxes. Then, you can keep a flower and a coin in each box. People in southern India usually make this yantra and call it Kuber Kolam.

3. Can Kuber Yantra be gifted?

Yes! Kuber Yantra makes a wonderful gift. You can gift it to a person who is starting a new business. Or you can give it as a wish for good fortune and wealth for that person.

4. When to bring Kuber Yantra?

You can bring this Yantra on Thursdays or Fridays, as they are auspicious days for Kubera. However, Amavasya, dhanteras and Diwali are also great days to bring Kuber Yantra.

5. Can we keep Kuber Yantra in our wallet?

You can surely keep Kuber Yantra in your wallet. This will protect the money in your wallet and make sure that it increases. Furthermore, you can also keep this Yantra in a place where you store your money.

6. What is Kubera Number?

Kubera Number is 72. It is a highly auspicious number that brings you abundance as well as great benefits. In a Kuber Yantra, each row and column should add up to make the number 72.

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