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The Story of Lord Kubera

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Story of Lord Kubera

Lord Kubera or also “the God of wealth and Lord of money” blesses you with fortune and wealth. But do you know the original story behind Lord Kubera’s wealth? Which God gave him this Vardaan? What were Lord Kubera and Ravana relations? To learn more, keep reading. Also, for more exciting information related to mythology and astrology, visit the official website of InstaAstro. Moreover, you could contact our astrologers to find out Dhan Yog in your kundali.

How did Gunnidhi become “Lord Kubera”, the God of wealth?

This story is in one of the famous verses of “Shiva Purana” and is one of the most popular. Here you will read how a thief named Gunnidhi became Maharaja Kuber. 

Gold Coin In Pot

Who was Gunnidhi?

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a thief named Gunnidhi, who used to steal clothes, food and money for his livelihood. He used to do this daily to get enough food and money every day.

One day he saw a vast Lord Shiva temple under construction in the village. He regularly visited the site to check on the construction of the temple. Once the temple was constructed entirely, Gunnidhi was amazed with how big and beautiful it was. Also, he wondered to steal all the money from this temple. Moreover, by doing this he wouldn’t have to steal for the rest of his life.

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How did Gunnidhi impress Lord Shiva?

After a few months, one night, he walked towards the temple with a solid strategy to steal all the money. But to his bad luck, the strong winds lit off all the lamps as he entered the temple. However, he was also very determined and strong-minded; he again lit all the lamps and sat near a dark corner. But once again, the wind came and blew off all the lamps; he again got up and lit them one by one. The same thing happened again and again, but Gunnidhi, without a line on his forehead, went on and on to light the lamps. 

After a millionth time trying this, he gave up and thought of burning all his clothes so that wind won’t be able to blow them off quickly. And until it does, he will be gone with all the money. With his dedication and devotion, Lord Shiva was impressed and suddenly appeared in front of him. He was taken back, fell on Lord Shiva’s feet, and started crying,” I am sorry, my Lord, I won’t do this again!” To this, Lord Shiva smiled and said, “Don’t apologise, my son! You did what you had to. Although I am impressed with your determination for all this wealth, in your next life, you will be known as the “God of Wealth”, Maharaja Kuber. Tathastu” 

Lord Shiva

Lord Kubera’s life story

Many people say that Kuber is brother of ravana. However, the original Kuber God story includes kuber relation with ravana and it goes as follows: Lord Kubera was the son of Saint Vishrava and Ilavida. Later Vishrava also got married to the Asura princess, Kaikesi. From his second marriage, he had three sons, Ravana, Meghnath, and Kumbhkaran and one daughter named Surpanakha. Moreover, by this relation, Lord Kubera was the step-brother of Ravana and his siblings. Few of the scriptures also believe that the “Sone ki Lanka” initially belonged to Maharaj Kuber and later when he was banished from Lanka by Ravana. He moved someplace near to Kailash Mountains, near his Shiv Baba. 

Different Avatars of Lord Kubera and their significance

Are there, in total, nine variations in Lord Kubera’s avatar? And each of them has another importance in our day-to-day life. Let’s see each one of them separately:

  1. Pushpa Kubera– This avatar promotes love relationships and marriages in our lives.
  2. Ugra Kubera– The Ugra Roop is responsible for eliminating all the enemies and wealth from our lives.
  3. Peet Kubera– It eliminates all the delays in marriage and money matters. 
  4. Chandra Kubera- Along with money, this avatar is responsible for childbirth in your married life.
  5. Hans Kuber- Hans Kuber helps in solving litigation and financial problems.
  6. Amrit Kuber- As the name suggests, Amrit, this avatar, is also responsible for making our lives healthy and disease-free.
  7. Raag Kuber- The Raag Kuber is worshipped for growth in cultural and curricular activities.
  8. Praan Kuber- Praan Roop gives you a debt-free and financially stable life.
  9. Dhan Kubera- He is the biggest of all the Kubera versions in the list. He is responsible for resolving all the money matters and bringing immense wealth to our lives.

Lord Kubera


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The Hindu ritual of Dhanteras

Being famously known as the “God of Money”, Lord Kubera is worshipped on the auspicious festival of Dhanteras. Dhan means money, and teras means day. It is celebrated before Diwali to welcome all the goodness and purity to our homes. So, who better could be worshipped than the money god himself? Also, jewellers and business people keep a Kuber and Laxmi photo inside their bags or lockers to signify prosperity and fortune.

Moreover, it is believed that Lord Kubera and Goddess Lakshmi should be worshipped together. So, when Lord Kubera blesses us with immense wealth, it could make us self-centred. Hence, worshipping Goddess Lakshmi will give you good fortune and keep you in the right mind when you are showered with good wealth and fortune too.


How Kuber Devta was once a thief and what turned him into the “God of Money or Wealth”. This story has significance in our lives too. Anything you do should be done wholeheartedly. You must put yourself entirely into it; only you can achieve anything significant. If you want to attract wealth in your life try keeping a Kubera chakra in your house. For more such exciting tales related to Gods, mythology or astrology, you could visit the official website of InstaAstro. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

1. Who was Lord Kubera's wife?

Lord Kubera’s wife was Bhadra, also known as “Kauberi, wife of Kubera”.

2. What does Kuber and Laxmi's photo signify together?

They are put together in a frame as there is a ritual to worship them together. So, when Lord Kubera blesses us with immense wealth and money, we don’t become egoistic, and Goddess Lakshmi ji protects us by keeping us on the right track.

3. How to impress Lord Kuber?

Worshipping Lord Kubera using lotus petals as a sign of respect. Also, placing an incense stick in front of Kubera yantra and offering some supari as a blog is auspicious.

4. What was the Punar Janam name of the God of money Hindu?

The Punar Janam name for Lord Kubera was “Gunnidhi”.

5. Which animal is the chariot of Lord Kubera?

Mongoose, or Nevala, is the chariot of Lord Kubera, according to the most famous Shiv Puran Katha.

6. What is the name of Kubera Yantra?

As per the Shiv Puran kathas, Lord Kubera’s yantra was “Puspak Yantra”.

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