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Guru Chandal Dosh: Know Its Causes, Effects and Remedies

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Guru Chandal Dosh

Imagine planets Jupiter and Rahu coming together and taking a rest in your kundli! If you are thinking about something good and auspicious, this is where you are wrong. Rahu, being a malefic planet, joins hands with the mighty Jupiter and forms Guru Chandal yoga in kundali. When the energies of the intelligent and gentle Jupiter and mischievous Rahu mix up, it can only be chaos and drama one can expect.

But here is the catch: astrologers believe that Guru Chandal Dosh has left behind Shrapit Dosha in the race of the most inauspicious yoga in Vedic astrology. But the luck shines for the zodiac sign, Aries, as the Guru Chandal Dosh takes an exit and enters into Pisces. So, it is time to dig deep into the topic of what is Guru Chandal Yog, its remedies, causes and effects one by one! 

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What is Guru Chandal Dosh as per Astrology? 

What is Guru Chandal yog, you may ask? In Sanskrit, the word ‘Guru’ means ‘teacher’ and ‘Chandal’ means the ‘demon’. Combine these together, and it forms Guru Chandal Dosh. However, Guru Chandal Dosh is not as simple as it sounds through the lens of astrology. Guru Chandal Dosh takes birth when the planet Jupiter (Guru) and Rahu (Chandal) take a rest in the same house. If you think that Shrapit Dosh is the most inauspicious dosh in Vedic astrology, wait for the Guru Chandal Yog to enter the picture.

It not only attracts bad luck in life, but it also messes up with the other positive aspects of someone’s kundali. Of all the twelve houses, Guru Chandal yog shows adverse results when placed in 5th, 7th, 9th and 10th houses as per astrological beliefs. The entry of Guru Chandal Dosh in your life means indirectly making space for financial crises, relationship problems and health issues. 

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Effects of Guru Chandal Yog in Kundali

What could possibly go wrong when the planets Jupiter and Rahu decide to team up in the same house of your kundali? Well, this is where the Guru Chandal Yog 2023 effects come into play. For some of you, this inauspicious yoga can bring up unexpected challenges in love life. Or, for some, things can go south in their career. Whatever challenges this dosh brings, let us break down them one by one. 

1. Health Issues 

Not only does the Guru Chandal yog bring clouds of negativity and bad luck, but it also affects the health of an individual. Basically, the Guru Chandal dosh directly attacks the liver, giving you several liver-related health problems. For instance, health issues such as jaundice, asthma, constipation and much more are common in the presence of Guru Chandal Dosh. 

2. Relationship Struggles 

Imagine a relationship that feels like a battlefield, where you have to defend yourself every time. This is what happens when Guru Chandal Yoga enters into the picture. Things like care, understanding and love take the backseat, and all that’s left are fights, arguments and disputes. In some cases, relationships between father and son are affected, leaving no space for respect and care towards each other. If this weren’t enough, Chandal yog effects on marriage also add another layer of drama and chaos in personal relationships. 

3. Education Challenges 

Isn’t it ironic that despite the presence of the planet Jupiter (known for education, knowledge and wisdom), a person struggles in education? Situations get so worse that the person has to leave his education in between. Moreover, the person gets easily distracted and finds it difficult to focus on his studies. 

4. Dishonest Behaviour 

Rahu, being a demon planet, plays with the mind of an individual and makes him do things he would never want to do. Getting involved in wrongful practices to get money or success is one such thing. Losing the path of honesty, the person gets drawn towards illegal or mischievous activities that can even land him in jail or legal disputes. Moreover, Rahu also affects his behaviour and makes him stubborn and irritable. 

5. Spiritual Confusion

Last on the list of Guru Chandal yog 2023 effects is spiritual confusion. Jupiter, being a spiritual planet, influences an individual to work towards self-growth. But wait for the cosmic clash between Rahu and Jupiter. This is exactly when Rahu plays with the mind of an individual and makes him inclined towards materialistic things and instant success. This situation makes a person doubtful and confused about the choices they should make. 

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Guru Chandal Dosh Remedies 

Have the combination of Jupiter and Rahu messed up your life, too? If yes, we might have some super simple and effective Guru Chandal Dosh remedies that can turn the tables for you! Yes, you read that right. So, let us take the help of astrology and find ways for Guru Chandal yoga cancellation! 

1. Donation of Yellow Items 

As per astrology, the colour yellow is associated with the planet of growth and expansion, Jupiter. This is why this Guru Chandal yog remedies talks about donating things that are yellow in colour. For example, donating things such as yellow clothes, pulses, honey, turmeric, yellow sweets, etc., to the needy every Thursday might help you enhance the positive energies of the planet, fading away all the negativity. 

2. Worshipping Lord Hanuman and Lord Vishnu 

As per astrological beliefs, Rahu does not bother the devotees of Lord Hanuman and blessed them with happiness and peace instead. This is why worshipping Lord Hanuman and Lord Vishnu is one of the effective Guru Chandal Dosh remedies. You can also chant the Hanuman Mantra or Hanuman Chalisa to make this remedy more effective. 

3. Give Respect to Elders 

Jupiter can be friends with you, but with one condition: only if you respect your teachers or elders in your family, especially your parents. If you pay your respect and show love to your elders, then it is believed that the negative effects of Jupiter and Rahu can come down to some extent. 

4. Wearing Rudraksha 

Wearing 8 Mukhi, 9 Mukhi, and 11 Mukhi rudraksha is also one of the ways of eliminating the negative effects of Guru Chandal Yoga from your kundali. As per the mythological beliefs, wearing rudraksha increases the positive vibrations around you as well as lowers the ill effects of the malefic planets sitting in your kundali. 

5. Chandal Yoga Nivarana Pooja 

Performing a Chandal Yoga Nivarana pooja is a one-stop solution for all the problems caused by the Rahu and Jupiter combination. Be it a financial crisis or problems in education, chandal nivarana pooja helps in reducing the harmful effects of Chandal dosh, opening doors to peace, harmony and joy in lives. Moreover, Chandal pooja is said to work wonders for people suffering from a prolonged illness. 


Well, that’s a wrap on Guru Chandal Dosh in astrology. Remember that no matter what problems or hurdles this inauspicious Guru Chandal yog brings, you can tackle them by performing effective remedies. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is the effect of Guru Chandal Dosh?

Right from health issues to relationship problems, the Guru Chandal Dosh makes sure to give an individual a tough time. Moreover, a person with Guru Chandal yog in kundli becomes inclined towards wrong practices to get fame and fortune. If this weren’t enough, he or she also struggles in education.

2. What are Guru Chandal yog effects on marriage?

One can witness several adverse Guru Chandal yog on marriage. If the planets Jupiter and Rahu are placed in the 7th house of an individual, there are strong chances that their married life will be filled with chaos and mess. The presence of Jupiter and Rahu in the 7th house increases the chances of cheating and betrayal in marriage and can even lead to divorce.

3. How to remove Guru Chandal Dosh from kundali?

According to astrology, there are several Guru Chandal yog remedies to remove the ill effects caused by both the planets Jupiter and Rahu in someone’s kundli. Worshipping Lord Hanuman and Lord Vishnu is one such way for Guru Chandal yoga cancellation.

4. What happens if Guru and Rahu are together?

As per astrological beliefs, if the planets Rahu and Guru(Jupiter) decide to team up together in a single house in an individual’s kundli, then it forms an inauspicious dosha called Guru Chandal dosh. This planetary combination attracts negativity, bad luck and problems.

5. What are Guru Chandal Yoga remedy in Lal Kitab?

One of the effective Guru Chandal yoga remedy in Lal Kitab is the donation of yellow items to the needy. These items can be yellow clothes or food items made from yellow ingredients as per the beliefs. Doing this will reduce the ill effects of the planet Jupiter from kundali.

6. What is the Guru Chandal Dosh nivarana mantra?

Chanting the Guru Chandal Dosh Nivarana mantra can fade away the clouds of bad luck and negativity from your life. As per the mythological beliefs, one must chant the Guru Mantra (Om Gran Greem Gran Sah Guruve Namah) and Rahu Mantra (Om Bhraam Bhraam Bhraum Sah Rahve Namah) daily with pure intentions and true devotion.

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