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Impact of Brahma Hatya Dosha in Kundli and Its Remedies

By September 30, 2023No Comments
Impact of Brahma Hatya Dosha in Kundli and Its RemediesImpact of Brahma Hatya Dosha in Kundli and Its Remedies

Do you even recognise that your every action greatly impacts your life? As normal human beings, we tend to do many things we do not usually agree with. However, according to vedic astrology, Braham Hatya Dosha in kundli may result in paying you all your good or bad deeds in your present life. There’s nothing to be surprised about because you might have heard the phrase, “A Karma return to themselves who throws upon others.” Well, let’s discuss about Brahma Hatya Dosha, its effects and how you will cancel dosha. 

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Brahma Hatya Dosha in Astrology? 

Did you know that during ancient times, Brahmins were considered the highest caste in Indian Society? This is because they were seen as a group of people who used to dedicate themselves to spiritual learning and performing religious rituals. Now, what you’ll witness in this blog will surprise you. 

Brahma Hatya refers to the word Killing of Brahim, which is considered as a sin. The word Brahma reciprocates to Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe, and Hatya means killing. So, if you’ve ever tried or killed a Brahmin, you will have to go through Brahma Hatya Dosha in your horoscope. Therefore, people who have committed this sin will have to suffer heavy consequences. Moreover, even if you’ve tried or killed any cow in your past or present life, you will have to come across the Brahma Hatya Dosha in your kundali. However, keep reading below to know more about the results, outcomes and remedies of this Dosha. 

Sins that lead to Brahma Hatya Dosha in Kundli 

There are many sins that individuals might have committed in their past and present lives that can be considered as Brahmana Hatya Dosha. So, read below to know if you’ve committed these sins, which have led to Brahma Hatya Dosha in your kundali. 

  • The first and foremost sin that can be considered a Brahma Hatya Dosha is hurting or trying to kill a Brahmin. Also, even if you have ever spoken ill about Brahmins, you might face the consequences of this Dosha that can greatly impact your life. 
  • If you’ve ever deliberately tried to defraud someone to snatch away their property or wife, then the spirit of Brahma Hatya will be there in your life. Therefore, you will suffer a lot because of the offence you’ve encountered. 
  • If, at any time in life, you have made fun of or tried to hurt someone in need or poor, then be ready to encounter the outcomes. 
  • People such as sweepers, guards, or anyone who is working as a part to contribute to society. If you have mistreated or tried to let them down or their work, you won’t be able to escape. 
  • As Brahmins were known to be spiritual trainers, therefore, trying to let down teachers and educators who give you knowledge and wisdom will also be considered a Brahma Hatya Dosha. 

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How to Know if you have Brahma Hatya Dosha? 

If you want to know whether you have Brahma Hatya Dosha in your horoscope, then remember you will lack in the given below factors in life. However, read down to know the aspects of your life that can be affected due to Brahma Hatya Dosha. 

1. Career Instability 

Brahma Hatya Dosha can greatly affect your career, bringing downfall and dissatisfaction in your life. You’ll notice that opportunities are slipping off your hands. Also, you will not be able to make valid decisions regarding your career, which can make you lack motivation in life. 

2. Financial Problems 

The financial problems in your life can greatly change your lifestyle. You cannot take up new ventures due to lack of money. Due to financial instability, you might have to compromise your needs and desires. Moreover, it can make you feel stressed and bring a sense of despair. 

3. Difficulty in Education 

The educational delays in life due to Brahma Hatya can cause you to have difficulty in meeting your academic goals. You might always feel demotivated and lose your self-esteem. Moreover, you might also tend to give up due to academic pressure. 

4. Health Issues 

You might face severe health issues leading you to feel weak and unenergetic. This can also limit your creativity and productivity in your daily life. There can be the chances of being diagnosed with extreme health problems that can negatively impact your daily lifestyle. 

5. Lack of Confidence and Clarity in Life 

Lack of confidence and Clarity in life can make individuals doubt their abilities. They might always feel stuck in life in their life, not being able to make decisions in life. They might always criticise themselves and feel stressed out all the time. 

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Brahma Hatya Dosha Remedies 

Brahma Hatya can be threatening and can greatly impact natives’ lives. Therefore, here are some remedies that can help you get rid of all the effects of this dosha. 

  • One must observe a three-day fast to remove the negative sins of this dosha. Moreover, after three days, you have to bathe in Bhrigu Kunda, which can help eliminate the deadly effects. 
  • Take a bath in all these three rivers, that is, Asmaprishtha and Niravinda mountains and Kraunchapadi. Doing this can help you purify and wash off all your impurities. 
  • Wearing the holy Rudraksha of Lord Shiva can help you ease the deadly brahmahatya dosha effects in your kundali. 
  • Offering food and performing rituals to the cow can help you defect the ill effects of Brahma Dosh. 
  • Light lamps and performing Abhishekam can also be extremely beneficial to remove the negative consequences of this dosha.  


As we wrap up with the impact of brahmahathi dosham in horoscope, remember the remedies to eliminate all your sins and purify yourselves. Remember to respect and pay gratitude to Brahmins so that you save yourself from getting afflicted by Brahma Hatya Dosh in Kundli. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What are the symptoms of Brahmahatya Dosha?

Some of the common symptoms of Brahmahatya Dosha are financial and career downfall. You will lack confidence and self-esteem in your life. Moreover, you will also go through certain health issues that can impact your overall well-being.

2. How to get rid of Brahmahatya Dosha?

Following the Brahmahatya Dosha remedies can help you get rid of all the negative effects of this dosha. Remedies like a dip in holy water can purify your body and soul. Also, you can perform brahmahathi dosha pooja at home.

3. What is the sin of Brahmahatya?

The sins of Brahmahatya include neglecting your old parents and disrespecting your educators. Moreover, letting down, misbehaving and making fun of Brahmins or trying to kill can make you face the consequences of Brahma dosh.

4. How Brahma Hatya dosha is formed in a kundli?

The Brahma Hatya Dosha is formed in your Kundali due to the conjunction of Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn. Moreover, even when the 5th and 9th houses are afflicted in your horoscope, you have to go through brahmahathi dosham.

5. What are the effects of Brahmahatya Dosha?

The effects of Bharmahatya Dosha are facing delays in your personal and professional lives. You might face regular stress and anxiety that can make you feel disturbed and lack peace of mind.

6. What is the benefit of Brahmahatys Dosha pooja?

The benefit of Brahmahatys Dosha pooja will remove all your worries and past deeds. You’ll be free from contaminants in your life; thus, it’ll serve your life with happiness, success and prosperity.

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