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Aroma Based Vastu Remedies Made Easy!

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Aroma Product based Vastu Remedies

InstaAstro welcomes you to an exciting journey where Aroma and Vastu Shastra have come together to make our lives more peaceful and balanced. In the search for balance and harmony in our homes, we always turn to Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian tradition. This teaches us about the flow of energy in our surroundings. But did you know that fragrances or aromas can also play a big role?

These fragrances hold the power to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, helping you leave behind the worries of your busy day. So, by choosing the right scents, according to Vastu Shastra’s principles, we can transform our homes into peaceful spaces. So, today we will explore the wonderful world of aroma-based Vastu remedies and tips. Along the way, we will also discover the charm of Nirmalaya, an aroma-based brand with the perfect blend of tradition and modern practices. 

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Understanding Aroma in Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science of architecture, teaches us how to create homes that feel balanced and peaceful. According to Vastu Shastra, the energy in our homes, called “prana,” affects our happiness and success. But did you know that aroma plays an important role in this science? By using pleasant fragrances and aromas, we can make our homes feel even more welcoming and peaceful. 

For example, if you want to feel calm and peaceful in your living room, you can light scented candles or use essential oils that soothe you. This will help create a relaxing atmosphere where you can chill after a long day. But in this case, choosing aromas that make you feel good and happy is important. Each fragrance has its own effect on your emotions and well-being. By being aware of this connection between aroma and energy, you can use scents to create a home that feels balanced. 

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Common Vastu Dosh and Aroma Remedies for all your personal needs

In the world of Vastu Shastra, we come across problems called doshas that can disturb the positive energy in our homes and lives. These problems happen because things are not arranged properly or there are faults in the design. But folks, don’t worry; we have a solution using fragrances! So, without wasting any minute, let’s learn about some common doshas and how aromas can fix them.

Vastu Remedies for Negative Energies 

Imagine feeling stressed or uncomfortable in a room due to negative energies. Don’t worry; there’s a simple solution for that! Vastu Shastra suggests using aromas to cleanse the space and create a positive atmosphere. Let’s say just like how fresh air clears away bad smells, burning Nirmalaya’s Tulsi incense sticks or using Nirmalaya’s Lemongrass essential oils can cleanse the room and remove negativity. 

Vastu Remedies for Relationship Problems 

When relationships face problems and things feel stuck or tense, Vastu Shastra suggests using nice smells to bring back love into our lives and make the bond stronger. You can do this by including romantic scents like Nirmalaya’s rose or jasmine around. These smells associate with love and can make the space feel cosy and welcoming. When you have these nice smells in your home, it helps love to grow and makes you and your partner feel closer.

Vastu Remedies for Wealth and Abundance 

To bring more money and good luck into your lives, you can use nice smells that are connected to wealth and success. To attract money and good luck, you can use certain essential oils. Essential oils like patchouli or bergamot can make your home smell good and attract positive energy for money. Just add a few drops of these oils and see how you create a happy and prosperous atmosphere in your home.

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Vastu Remedies for Good Luck 

Wish we could invite good luck and fortune into your home! Well, according to Vastu Shastra, you can do just that with the help of pleasant smells. Yes, you read that right.  By using aromas like sandalwood or frankincense, which are considered lucky, you can attract positive energies and invite good fortune into your living space. Just like how a lucky charm brings good luck, these fragrances similarly affect your home. 

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Aroma-Based Vastu Tips and Remedies for your home

Let’s explore fascinating Vastu tips and remedies using aromas for each space of your home while discovering the magic of Nirmalaya, a brand that brings together tradition and modern practices. 

Welcoming Fragrances for the Entrance: 

According to Vastu Shastra, the entrance of your home is important for positive energy. Not only this, an entrance is believed to attract good luck, fortune and prosperity in our homes. Vastu Shastra believes that one should always make their entrance more welcoming.  To make it more welcoming, you can place plants or diffusers with pleasant scents like citrus or mint near the entrance. These fragrances have a refreshing aroma that attracts positive energy, good luck and fortune into your home. This Vastu remedy helps create an inviting atmosphere as soon as you enter your home.

Peace and Harmony in the Living Room 

The living room is considered a space where family and guests come together, and it plays a significant role in creating harmony and positive energy in the home. To enhance the harmonious atmosphere, it is recommended to include fragrances like rose, geranium, or frankincense in the living room. But why? These scents have a soothing and calming effect on the mind and help create a welcoming atmosphere. Nirmalaya’s scented diffusers can be used to increase positive energy and promote a sense of togetherness. By using this Vastu tip, you can create a living room that not only looks beautiful but also feels peaceful and inviting to all who enter it. 

Tulsi Incense Dhoop Sticks

Love and Peace in the Bedroom 

To create a peaceful bedroom, you can use calming fragrances like lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood. Lavender promotes deep sleep and reduces stress with its soothing scent. For this, you can use Nirmalaya’s good sleep pack of Lavender dhoop sticks. On the other hand, chamomile helps you relax, while sandalwood purifies the air and brings positive energy with its woody aroma. It’s up to you whether you want to use essential oils, candles, or incense sticks to fill your bedroom with these fragrances, creating an atmosphere that helps you disconnect and find inner peace. You can use Nirmalaya’s essential oils, incense sticks or scented candles to fill your bedroom with a pleasant aroma. 

Give flavours to your kitchen 

Don’t you think that the heart of your home is the kitchen where all the delicious flavours come to life? But do you know that you can make your cooking experience even more enjoyable by using aromas like citrus, ginger, or lemongrass in your kitchen? These aromas awaken your senses and promote your creativity while cooking. Enjoy the wonderful smells in your kitchen while cooking delicious meals. Isn’t it amazing, folks?

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Calm and relaxing bathroom 

Vastu Shastra suggests that there are certain fragrances or scents that can help in making your bedroom more calm and relaxing. You can add jasmine essential oils to make your bathroom a calm and relaxing space. Nirmalaya offers pleasant essential oils that can bring a spa-like experience to your home. Yes, that’s true! Folks, you can enjoy the lovely smells as they surround you, bringing a feeling of peace and renewal. Take a moment for yourself, enjoy your me-time, let the soothing scents pamper you, and feel your worries going away. 

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Using aroma-based Vastu remedies, we can make our homes feel more positive and balanced. We can create a peaceful and harmonious environment by choosing the right fragrances. If you’re interested in discovering calming scents, visit Nirmalaya’s website. They offer a range of aroma-based products that combine traditional and modern practices. But hey, amidst this, don’t forget to follow InstaAstro for more such amazing content! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1 . Which fragrance is best for home, as per Vastu?

As per Vastu Shastra, sandalwood is believed to create a pleasant fragrance in the house, bringing positive energy and a peaceful state of mind. Using camphor and cloves can also make the house smell good.

2. Which scent is lucky, as per Vastu?

As per Vastu Shastra, the cinnamon fragrance is popular for being lucky. Along with that, it attracts success, peace, and good fortune. Its sweet and spicy aroma increases spiritual awareness and protects wealth.

3. What is the best remedy for Vastu dosh?

For Vastu dosh, some common solutions involve rearranging furniture, including specific colours or elements, installing Vastu symbols, and performing Vastu rituals. These remedies help in creating harmony in the house, promoting positive vibes.

4. What are the three types of Vastu?

Vastu can be categorised into three types: Srishti, Chikitsa, and Vardhamana. In each type of Vastu Shastra, there is a focus on the harmonious balance between the resident and the building.

5. How can I make my house smell rich?

To make your house smell rich, try to keep it clean and fresh. You can use scented candles, diffusers, or air fresheners with fragrances like vanilla, amber, or oud.

6. Which essential oils are good for positive energy?

Some essential oils are believed to promote positive energy. For example, Nirmalaya’s Lavender incense sticks create a peaceful atmosphere with calming properties. On the other hand, citrus oils like orange or lemon are famous for their refreshing properties.

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