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Kitchen Vastu: Tips For Immense Positive Energy In Your Kitchen

By March 23, 2022November 20th, 2023No Comments
Vastu Tips For Kitchen

Incorporate Vastu Shastra in your kitchen

Vastu tips for kitchen


The kitchen is the area of the house where we prepare our daily meals. It is said to be the second most sacred place of the house after the pooja room. According to Vastu Shastra, the kitchen additionally addresses the fire component. Fire is one of the panchatatva. The food we prepare in the kitchen gives us nutrition and ensures our good health. With the correct Vastu, nutrition and good energy will enhance and further help us to lead a healthy and long life. 

It fundamentally starts with the perfect situation of the kitchen in the home. Vastu also incorporates the appropriate position and rules of the oven, gas cylinder, different machines, fridge, washbasin, etc. 

Some Important Tips

Vastu tips for kitchen


  • The best direction for the kitchen is the southeast, as it is said to be the direction of the fire element. 
  • Avoid north, north-east, or southwest direction.
  • Always keep the dustbin under the washbasin to reduce negative energy.
  • Try to place the gas cylinder, oven, and other fire machines away from the washbasin or your water purifier. 
  • Keep your kitchen storage boxes or cabinets in the southwest direction as it brings prosperity and luck.
  • Never leave the water tap dripping as it denotes that your wealth is going away.

The atmosphere of the kitchen is really important, and we should keep our kitchen clean and clutter-free. It is believed that a clean kitchen brings good health. While cooking, you should face towards the east. Also, the kitchen should be spacious because a small kitchen can have a bad impact on the women of the house.

Along with the placement and directions, colours are also very important. White is said to be the best for the walls as it represents cleanliness and purity. Ceramic tiles or marble flooring would bring positivity into the kitchen. The kitchen symbolizes purity and health, and thus its right placement should be of utmost importance.

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