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6 Crystals That Help With Menstrual Pain

By July 7, 2022November 16th, 2023No Comments
Menstural Pain

Crystals have a sense of charm that draws us to them. Their beauty and appearance make you want to have them. But did you know that there are crystals that help with menstrual pain? Menstruation is a natural process and happens every month. Moreover, this occurs once a girl hits puberty. The menstrual pain ranges from severe to mild and can be felt in the lower back and abdomen.

Some women experience mild discomfort, while some have severe pain. Moreover, some women also resort to drug usage to ease the pain. However, it can be a surprise that using crystals can help heal the pain and make you feel better. Scroll to find out!

The Right Crystals That Help With Menstrual Pain

The correct kind of crystal has the potential to reduce pain and help with the cramps that come every month due to periods. Crystals have a subtle way of working and can make the body energetic if the correct frequency is tapped through the power of entrainment. Moreover, we can very much have access to their healing power. So, let’s find out how do crystals help alleviate the pain. 


Moonstone exuberates delicate feminine energy and helps sustain hormonal balance. Moreover, it is related to menopause, female fertility and premenstrual syndrome. So, this crystal helps to attain the constant and proper flow of the female hormones.  


Blue Sapphire is pretty to look at and is considered a powerhouse of all kinds of healing energy that protects and calms the menstrual cycle down. Also, the Sapphire soothes energy, controls the temper and makes you feel relaxed. Thus, it is a great crystal that prevents emotional imbalance during PMS.  

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Rose Quartz

Used specifically for pain relief, Rose Quartz stimulates the proper functioning of the heart and circulatory system. Moreover, it is a powerful tool for fostering meditation. This helps relieve tension and stress. Thus, it supports the female reproductive system and helps alleviate sexual difficulties. 

Emerald gemstone

The Emerald gemstone can enhance and improve the intellectual, emotional and overall health of an individual. Moreover, this is also called the Fluorite crystal or Gemstone. Thus, this relieves all kinds of disturbances in brain waves and restores the chemical balance of the brain. This reduces the severe mood swings that intensify the pain.  Therefore, this become one of the best Crystals that help with menstrual pain.

Red Coral

Red Coral heals individuals miraculously. Moreover, this helps in stimulating the tissues, organs and metabolism, thus making a body healthy. If other parts and organs of the body are healthy, then the period pain can become a little bearable.


Labradorite is the best crystal for reducing stress. Moreover, it helps with lessening anxiety and stress during menstruation specifically. Moreover, it brings down high blood pressure, makes a person less sensitive to cold and heat, and acts as a pain relief for the symptoms of PMS. 


There you have it folks! This was all about the gemstones that can help women during their menstrual cycle. To know more about what is your birth gemstone or which gemstone you should wear for different life problems, talk to astrologer on InstaAstro by clicking here!

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

1. Which crystal is most beneficial in menstrual pain?

Moonstone and Rose Quartz are known to be the most beneficial in order to reduce menstrual pain.

2. How can crystals help with menstrual pain?

Crystals can help strengthen your planet, which can further reduce the amount of negative outcomes that an individual suffers from.

3. Which planet is responsible for menstruation?

According to astrology, menstruation in an individual is governed by the planets Mars and Moon.

4. Which chakra is related to menstrual pain?

The Muladhara chakra is known to be associated with menstrual pain and constipation.

5. Where to wear Labradorite gemstone?

The labradorite gemstone can be worn as a ring on your fingers. Wearing it as a ring is also considered to be the most effective and auspicious way.

6. Can SSapphire be used to reduce period pain?

Gemstones like Sapphire are commonly used by individuals to help them reduce period pain. Sapphires are said to astrological heal a person and reduce the pain.

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