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Astrology explains, “What do dreams about hair fall mean?” 

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Hair Fall

Dreams about Hair Fall

Have you ever dreamt about huge strands of your hair falling? If yes, then you’re at the right place. Dreams are an essential part of our lives. Some dreams are happy and fairytale-like, and some are nightmares. All kinds of dreams have meanings behind them and can be interpreted in various ways. Talking about dreams of hair fall, they may hint towards a myriad of things. From future troubles to loss of valuables, it can have different meanings. Let’s see the meaning astrology explains for such dreams.

Fear of losing hair

The dreams might come from insecurities and being scared of losing your hair. A dream is a byproduct of what you think, and if there’s a genuine crisis in your life regarding hair fall, then that is the only interpretation.

Different meanings for both men and women

According to the Hindu religion, if you are a man, then your dream interpretation might be that you are on the verge of losing popularity in society. Moreover, it might mean that the glorious days of beauty might end for women. This is because hair have a close relationship with vanity and beauty. And they also hold immense importance in people’s lives, especially women. 

 Other interpretations: 

  • It is possible to have an unfortunate accident leading to death or a fight with someone you like. 
  • Dreams of hair fall are signs of tumultuous days ahead of you in personal relationships.
  • The dreams also meant that you might break a valuable item or lose a part of your prized possession.
  • Emotional disturbance and mental stress might await you if you have recurring hair fall dreams.
  • However, if you have dreams about throwing your hair away, then this might mean that you’re set to make bold choices and significant decisions in life.
  • There also might be a terrible loss of assets and personal belongings. 
  • Hairfall dreams could also mean major future health problems related to heart and other diseases. 
  • The dreams imply that some psychological disturbance awaits you and you’re in for an unpleasant experience.

On the bright side…

Do not be disheartened because dreaming about losing your hair is extremely common. Moreover, there are also some positive experiences related to such dreams about hair fall.

  • Expert astrologers state that you might be shedding old beliefs and ideas. This means you’re about to adopt an evolved and better thought process.  
  •  This might sound scary and be bizarre to think of. But this could actually be your mind’s way of alerting you for a difficult situation ahead. Thus, you can be more vigilant about your environment and avoid a possible mishap. 

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