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Find out the Most Suitable Gemstone for you!

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Most Suitable Gemstone

With immense significance in Vedic astrology, gemstones are precious stones derived from all the natural soils used for a long time to ease all the difficulties thrust upon humans by the malefic conditions of the planets.  Suitable Gemstone helps any person overcome difficulties in life and achieve success. InstaAstro has the perfect article for you to find which gemstone suits you the most!

History of Gemstones

Before the colonial era, gemstones meant everything to kings and instilled a sense of pride in them. Moreover, only people with high order used to have these stones. However, in the current times, anyone can wear these gemstones to their heart’s content. Popular belief says that gemstones have some mystical power associated with them, which benefits the wearer in terms of finances, education, personal relationships, businesses, health and more.  

The Right Gemstones

The gemstones will produce the desired outcomes only if they are one hundred per cent natural. Moreover, only after a proper and thorough study of an individual’s horoscope can it be possible the suitable gemstones for each person. Wearing the wrong kind of gemstone can lead to malefic outcomes and will do more bad than good. Thus, consulting an astrologer before wearing them is indispensable. The gemstones are:

Ruby- Sun

This is one of the most powerful and precious gemstones. As per astrology, those who benefit from the Sun should wear this gemstone. Moreover, this is an extremely powerful and suitable gemstone. It boosts self-confidence and gives a smarter personality to its wearer. Furthermore, Ruby benefits its wearer in diseases, abnormalities, health and prestige.

 Pearl- Moon

The pearl enhances the power of the moon. Moreover, it, by nature, is gentle and is representative of our minds. Also, if a woman wears pearls around her neck, then it is a form of preservation of chastity. This increases self-confidence but is also beneficial for our heart, mind and blood flow. 

 Emerald- Mercury

The powerful Mercury is best exhibited by the gemstone Emerald. This stone is green in colour and is recommended for all writers, publishers, businessmen and people dealing with scientific instruments. Moreover, this gives its wearer control over their nervous system, vocal cords, tissues and other important body parts like the liver.  

Coral- Mars

The ruling planet of Coral is Mars. Coral is a bright red-coloured suitable gemstone that helps in curing various health issues like anaemia, body pain, chicken pox, jaundice, impotency, tropical fevers, etc. 

Diamond- Venus

The ruling planet of Diamond is Venus. It is bright white in colour, and the diamond is undoubtedly the most beautiful and pristine gemstone. Moreover, it takes care of the overall happiness of the wearer and also brings financial prosperity to their life. 

Yellow Sapphire – Jupiter 

The yellow sapphire is one of the most beneficial and auspicious stones of all. This stone holds the power of the planet Jupiter. Thus, the wearer is shielded and guarded against all the negativity and evil energies surrounding them. Moreover, it also strengthens decision-making in individuals and helps them achieve success faster than the rest. 

Blue Spinel – Saturn Gemstone

Saturn transmits its energy through blue sapphires and blue spinels. Out of the two, blue spinels are more affordable. Moreover, this stone has an innate divine power that brings to its wearer mental peace and well-being.

Hessonite Garnet-Rahu Gemstone

Rahu rules the Hessonite Garnet stone. It is a honey-coloured gemstone, and this colour neutralizes all the evil effects of the malefic Rahu. Moreover, it protects its wearer from all kinds of negative energies.

Cat’s eye stone – Kethu Gemstone

The Cat’s eye stone is a gemstone representing the planet Ketu, according to Hindu astrology. This is an opaque gem and has a hot constitution. Moreover, Cat’s Eye gemstone is an extremely strong gemstone that indicates sudden and positive results for its wearer.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

1. Which gemstone is ideal for Taurus Zodiac sign natives?

Emerald is considered an auspicious gemstone for the individuals of the Taurus zodiac sign.

2. Which is the most expensive gemstone?

The blue diamond is considered to be the most expensive gemstone.

3. Which gemstone should scorpio avoid?

The natives of the Scorpio zodiac sign must avoid wearing the Emerald.

4. Which gemstone is highly auspicious?

The gemstone that is considered to be the most promising is the Amethyst gemstone.

5. Which gemstone is suitable for Sagittarius individuals?

The gemstone that is considered to be most promising for Sagittarius individuals is Turquoise.

6. Which gemstone is considered to be inauspicious to wear?

Pearls are considered to be inauspicious. They are seen to be the opposing force of the planet Moon.

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