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Your Lucky Gemstone According To Moon Sign

By October 17, 2022November 16th, 2023No Comments
Lucky Gemstone According to Moon Sign

The Moon is the most crucial planet in a horoscope. One of the practical approaches that individuals have been following is the use of gemstones centred on the moon sign or Rashi to soothe our minds and bodies while influencing our emotions. One of the simplest methods astrologers have used is to prescribe a lucky stone. Usually, the astrologer will recommend gems for the planets that belong to a specific Nakshatra (lunar mansion). 

Lucky Stones for Each Moon Sign

Lucky stones and gemstones can make a difference in an individual’s life. These stones are said to bring positive change sin the lives of people and can also help people make their dreams come true. Let us have a look at these gemstones and what do they have to tell about an individual. These lucky stones based on your Moon Sign are as follows:

Aries lucky stone

The planet Mars is the ruler of Aries, and the birthstone for Arians is the ‘Red Coral,’ which represents Mars. This gemstone is excellent for revitalizing your life energy and maintaining the wearer’s energy, enhancing their personality, and adding to their leadership skills. An Aries individual can also wear the gemstones, Ruby and Yellow Sapphire, as the former will bring them good luck and fortune in their romantic life, and the latter will bring them luck and fortune. Gold or copper jewellery is best for an Arian, so try to include more of these pieces in your collection. 

Aries lucky stone Red Coral


Taurus lucky stone

Taurus natives are steady and grounded beings, and their birthstone is the Diamond, which represents Venus. The Diamond enhances the wearer’s aura and personality as a symbol of greatness and luminance. Because of their fashionable style, they can go from bold to subtle and easily transition from practical to indulgent. A jeweler can fix the jewelry in White Gold or Platinum for maximum benefit. For those looking for a less expensive alternative to Diamond, consider an opal set in silver or white zircon placed in silver.

Taurus lucky stone

Gemini lucky stone

Because Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, the birthstone of Gemini, which represents the planet, is Green Emerald. Wearing it set in silver enhances the wearer’s personality and brings success in all areas of life. Geminis can also wear their lucky gemstone, Blue sapphire, to increase their luck and fortune. A Diamond or Opal will give the best results in one’s love life and aid a Gemini in staying secure and content in a relationship.

Gemini lucky stone Blue sapphire

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Cancer lucky stone

Cancer Moon Sign’s ruling planet is the Moon. In any case, the Moon tends to reflect our emotional aspect and affects our feelings and emotions. As the moon sign’s birthstone, the pearl represents the Moon, and having to wear it would support a Cancerian regulating their complex emotional disappointments and emotions, thus enhancing their personality. Cancerians can also accessorize themselves with a Yellow Sapphire gemstone laid in Gold. Gold to help them gain fortune and keep luck on their side. The Red Coral in Copper or Gold is the best bet for finding happiness in love because it corresponds to their moon sign.

Cancer lucky stone Red Coral in Copper

Leo lucky stone

Anyone who knows a Leo, or is a Leo themselves knows that they absolutely adore being in the spotlight. Keeping this in mind, because the Sun rules this moon sign, the birthstone is ruby, representing the Sun. Its dynamic deep pink and blood red mixed color perfectly describes the enthusiasm of a Leo, and beautifying this precious stone in Gold or copper would provide the wearer with good opportunities in business, authority, and jobs, as well as intensify their personality while increasing self-confidence.

Leo lucky stone ruby

Virgo lucky stone

Virgos are thorough and meticulous in their approaches. They are ruled by Mercury, denoted by the stones Green Emerald. It is one of the most prestigious gemstones when set in Gold or Silver. It will bring the person who wears success in the professional, intellectual, and creative fields. If they wear a Blue sapphire, their love life will be passionate and fulfilling. These metals provide them with positive energy.

Virgo lucky stone Green Emerald

Libra lucky stone

Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, and its natives are affiliated with its obsessive focus on aesthetics. The lucky gemstone for Libra is Green Emerald, which ensures that fortune never tends to leave their side. Further, Blue Sapphire is the best gemstone for love.

Libra lucky stone

Scorpio lucky stone

The Scorpio lucky stone represents this sign, which the planet Mars rules, is red coral. It would bring success in leadership positions and enhance the native’s overall persona once worn in copper or Gold. Therefore, Yellow Sapphire is the best gemstone to be fortunate in love and experience bliss in romance. Moreover, Scorpions must wear the jewel Pearl to be extremely fortunate in all aspects of life and to attract good fortune.

Scorpio Lucky Gemstone Yellow Sapphire

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Sagittarius lucky stone

The birthstone Yellow Sapphire represents the planet Jupiter. Moreover, wearing it would enhance professional success, improve willpower, and provide marital bliss when set in Gold. Therefore, the Red Coral, laid in copper or Gold, would be the ideal gemstone for healthy love life for all Sagittarians looking for love or currently in a partnership. 

Sagittarius Lucky Gemstone

Capricorn lucky stone

The planet Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, and the birthstone for this sign is the Blue Sapphire. Because of their essence, they would appreciate statement jewelry and recognize it as a valuable addition if they invested in it. Blue Sapphire, a valuable gemstone, is also considered among the strong and speediest acting gemstones, bringing the wearer riches, success, and fame when set in silver or Gold. 

Capricorn lucky stone Blue Sapphire

Aquarius lucky stone

Aquarians are true humanitarians in their own right, very original and self-sufficient, and are ruled by Mercury, represented by the jewel Blue Sapphire. Because it is one of the most lucky gemstones, it will bring the person who wears this fame and fortune in all areas. Wearing it established in Silver or Gold would undoubtedly allow the wearer to benefit from its power and energy. Have a Diamond or Opal set in white Gold or platinum for optimum results in attracting luck and fortune.

Aquarius lucky stone

Pisces lucky stone

Jupiter governs the Pisces Moon Sign, and the lucky gemstone that represents this sign is the Yellow Sapphire. The Pisces sign’s natives have characteristics of all other signs and are compassionate and caring, unworldly, affectionate, and sentimental to the core. Those who wear Yellow Sapphire in Gold will succeed in all areas, and Pearls established in silver or Gold will bring luck in love. The gemstone Red Coral arrangement in copper or Gold would provide strength, power, and anticipated benefits for attracting blessing and fortune to oneself.

Pisces lucky stone

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long does it take for gemstones to produce results?

After 10-15 days of wearing a high-grade gemstone, results can be seen. It may start producing minimal results before this time frame as well.

2. Do gemstones become less potent over time?

The properties of a gemstone are unaffected by time. As a result, as long as the gemstone is not damaged, it does not need to be replaced. Some people combine different gemstones.

3. How can I put my gemstone to the test at home?

Hold a cut stone up to the Sun, the table facing you. Because glass reflects light, and gem material refracts light, if you can see directly through it, it is a type of glass.

4. What does your Moon sign reveal about you?

Your moon sign is one of the essential parts of your astrological profile: it represents your emotional side, feelings, intuition, and memories. It also dictates your relationship with the main maternal influences in your life and how you nurture and care for others.

5. Does one's Moon sign influence your love life?

Your moon sign exposes what you require to feel genuinely at ease in your new relationship, whether with a new BFF, an imaginative collaborator, or a crush.

6. What is the lucky gemstone for Scorpio?

Scorpio moon sign people are highly sexual, with the Scorpio lucky stone being red coral, and while they can enjoy causal connections, they are not their preferred choice.

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